Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday links to love!

loved the swings as a kid

Happy Friday! Here are some links to start your weekend off right:

First, check out this fun spring dress roundup I did on Oh So Lovely for her Spring Fling series! Be sure to check out the other posts too, they're great.

Even though Henry doesn't ride in the grocery cart without his carseat yet, this article still gave me the creeps.

Here are some of my readers' "30 photos" posts: Maria, Megan, Decoy, Tiffany, Liz, and Kelly!

I thought this "New Mom Survival Guide" was pretty awesome.

Kind of need this yellow scalloped shirt from Top Shop. Adorable!

Jess' new feature, "Papa Post," is so awesome! I'm looking forward to checking these out every month.

Another new feature I'm obsessed with: Liz's Geek Chic. Maybe if I ask nicely she'll make me a cute email signature too... ;)

Get ready to see this all over the internet- and with good reason- how cute is this look?

Another piece of clothing I NEED: this Lauren Moffat dress. Get into my closet!

This entire collection of inspiring photos made my brain hurt, but in a good way. Bookmarked and saved.

Erin's classroom looks so cozy and inviting! I want to re-enroll in elementary school just so she can be my teacher.

Personalized iPhone cases? Yes please!

I am so in love with Chelsea's Project ReStyle side table/nightstand. We've been working on our house like crazy and this was a nice bit of inspiration.

So my sweet friend Anita's daughter Lola Birdie is one of the cutest little ladies I know...and this video only makes me love her more. Bieber fever? Maybe.

This post on Marcella's blog made me happy and was a great reminder on so many levels.

Loved this month-by-month baby photo inspiration roundup. As you know we're doing a monthly series for Henry and it's just so great to see his progression.

One of my lifetime dreams is to attend this festival.

I really, really enjoyed this interview and I'm happy that LA shared this artist with all of us! So awesome.

I've loved reading all of Kelsey's posts about living more healthfully, and this one about "good fats" is a great read.

I just adore this dress.

Want to see one of the cutest babies ever? Head over to Jazmyn's blog and say hello to her daughter Alyson. So, so adorable.

Have you entered this month's giveaway yet?

How great is this cardigan embellishment tutorial? I have some old tired sweaters that could use this pick-me-up!

And finally, I am beyond excited to receive this movie in the mail via Netflix! I need to hurry and finish the book!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. hahah i love that we've posted a couple of the same things. great eyes see alike! happy weekend!

  2. OH I'm loving that 3-messy-buns look. CUTE. (And of course, just when I was thinking about choppin' my hair off too...)

  3. My boy & I watched Never Let Me Go on Wednesday night and I seriously wanted to cry for hours after finishing. Came in to work yesterday and they were having a book fair, and it was the last one there! I was excited to find a copy for $3 because I think I'd like the book a lot!

  4. I love your link posts--thanks for sharing:)

  5. Baby girl! I will totally make you a cute email sig. Email or text me<3

  6. i LOVE all your spring fling choices! especially the first modcloth dress (the little red one with the collar) and the first anthro dress, yellow and white. i actually featured the anthro dress in a post last week, saw it in the city and fell in love!

  7. Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to try that cardigan tutorial!

  8. I always love your links! I decided to do my 30 photos in installments of 10 at a time.

  9. Great links, I love that inspiring photos post. And the Topshop blouse is gorgeous. x

  10. I love that cardigan embellishment tutorial!! I might try that this weekend...

  11. cute!

    i know this is incredibly random, but have you seen this video??

    for some reason i watched it as if your boston was the star, and it was her adventure trip. haha

    just thought i'd share a link with you, on your day of links to love!

  12. Great links! I'm loving Liz's new feature too. Adeline and Cesar now have cool email signatures. Maybe that will have to be a little weekend project for myself. :) Happy Friday, Dani!

  13. danny and i watched a special on pbs a few months ago all about that balloon festival! it was so interesting, and we loved seeing all the work that goes into the preparation/travel/competitions etc of balloon flying. i would love to go there someday too! maybe we can meet up?! <3

  14. i tried the 3 buns hair style and LOVE IT! thanks so much for posting it! i wrote a post today showing the outcome and mentioning you for sharing :)

  15. ah, you're so sweet. love you!! wish I was little Henry's teacher one day. :))

  16. OOOH the balloonfestival remind me of Melissa Joan harts dad in the movie Drive me crazy! The best film ever!

    Cute dress, Get in mah belleey!

    Overall nice post, thanks! ;)

  17. Love your spring fling post. I have one going up next week.

    I loved never let me go. I bet i'd love it even more had i read the book..!

  18. Hi Danielle, this is my first time commenting, but I have been checking out your blog and I really do love reading it! I like to read a blog thinking, hmm, I think I'd really get along well with that person! Maybe because your story reminds me a bit of mine...I was an English major, now in my master's program for education, about to start student teaching at a middle school (yay!). It's interesting to me to think of how many like-minded souls there are out there...people you will probably never be friends with only because of location or circumstance...It's nice that the internet can connect these people in some small way.
    Anyways, I send good wishes your way, it seems you inspire a great number of people (me included!) through this beautiful little internet space.
    p.s. I read Never Let Me Go, and was soo super pumped to see the movie...wah-wahhh...I was very disappointed. The book's WAY better. You can't fit all those emotions into a movie, you know?
    Only movie I've ever seen that I liked as much as the book= High Fidelity. And Sense and Sensibility. Okay. I'm sure there's more. I try not to be a book snob.

  19. Aww thanks for linking! I didn't even realize it until someone had mentioned it haha! Hope you're having a great weekend!! :)

    The Sweetest Life

  20. wow! so cool of you to link our tutorial!!! i LOVE your blog! newest follower!

    ~selina {sis#1}

  21. I just finished reading Never Let Me Go which i loved! and then watched the movie a few days later. Although the book has a bit more to offer( isn't that always the case?) I think the movie does a pretty good job of conveying the same emotion of the book. Obviously, the whole thing is sad. From beginning to end, but this one is a tearjerker! I watched with my sister in law and we both had to try and contain our crying. I think i could have cried the whole day. maybe i am just a baby!
    Tell us what you thought!

  22. loved the link to your spring dress blog entry! it helped me get some inspiration for my bridesmaids! never heard of lulus before!

  23. OH MY GOSH I just watched Never Let Me go the other night, it's EXACTLY like the book. So good.

  24. Aw! Awesome :D thanks for mentioning me!