Friday, March 25, 2011

More info/Arizona Blogger Meetup

For those not attending this event, thanks again for bearing with me through these posts. Saturday is so soon, and then you'll never have to hear "Arizona Blogger Meetup" again! (or at least until next time) haha.

First up, check out write up from the Phoenix New Times write up on the event! Awesome.

We also have quite bit of information for you-

For the daytime crowd:

-Since we're going to be outside and walking, don't forget to wear comfy shoes!

-Be prepared to purchase a light rail ticket (around $3) if the group decides to take it to shops further in downtown and midtown Phoenix.

-Don't forget to carry cash with you (IDs also!) as Aloft is suggesting we pay with cash if we buy drinks from their lounge when we are freshening up before dinner, and also it is easier for small shops in downtown to accept cash over credit/debit

Since the meet-up is happening in both Phoenix and Tempe, deciding where to park can be tricky. If you are comfortable with driving downtown, then we would suggest parking in the dirt lot by the Phoenix Public Market (Pierce and Central). After the meet-up is over we would also suggest driving to Tempe and not leaving your car in Phoenix (as it might not be so fun to ride back the light rail to Phoenix once the dinner is over).

If you feel more comfortable parking in Tempe and taking the light rail into Phoenix, we would suggest parking in the Brickyard, at a meter, or possible in one of the ASU parking lots (check the signs before you park though, as some don't allow free parking on weekends). The light rail will take you between 30 and 40 minutes to get downtown, and you will want to get off at the Van Buren stop. Once you're off, walk toward Filmore Street (you will hit the park on your right before you make it to the street though).

There is a street fair (Festival of the Arts) going on during the day in Tempe until 6pm, but parking will open up towards the evening. You can also visit this link to view all the public parking in the Mill Ave. area as well.

If you are going to be late and want to be sure you'll be able to meet up with the daytime group, or run into any problems, feel free to email Chelsea (

And, here's all of the location info for the day and evening:
1. Civic Space Park - 424 N. Central Street (Phoenix, AZ- all below are also in Phx)
2. Lola Coffee Shop - 1001 N. 3rd Avenue
2. Mercantile - 828 N. Central Avenue
3. Vintage by Misty - 818 N. Central Avenue
4. Cityscape - 1 E. Washington Street
5. Heritage Square - 6th Street and Monroe
6. The Grow-OP 902 N. 6th Street
7. Butter Toast Boutique - 908 N. 6th Street
8. Jobot Coffee - 918 N. 5th Street
9. Frances Vintage - 10 W. Camelback Road (they will be providing us with goodie bags on our stop there! So great.)
10. Aloft Hotel - 951 E. Playa Del Norte Drive (Tempe, AZ)
11. La Bocca Urban Pizzeria + Winer Bar - 699 S. Mill Avenue (Tempe, AZ)

One more thing: I was going to try and compile a list of guests and their blog names, but I didn't have everyone's information there isn't enough time to gather it all. However, we will have name tags for you to fill out at the event! As of last night, we have a total count of 48 guests attending the dinner! Very exciting. Have a great day and SEE YOU TOMORROW! Yay! xo


  1. so excited for tomorrow! i'm just sad i can't attend the entire event. i know it's going to be a blast!

  2. Wish I could join the whole thing, but excited for dinner!

  3. Thanks for planning all this out girls! Excited to meet all of you going. :)

  4. Sounds awesome and next time I'll def be there!

  5. So excited for tomorrow!
    P.S. It was lovely meeting you at the show last night :)

  6. I'm so excited (and still a little nervous) about the meetup! Can't wait to make some new friends!!!

  7. i am tempted to move back to no not move back maybe visit.. :)

  8. i linked to this post on my newest write up :) Hope you guys are having a blast and so jealous that i live so far.