Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Slice of...Corpus Christi, Texas!

Hello lovelies! Let me start by giving a HUGE congratulations to Danielle and welcome to little Henry. My how long have all of us Sometimes Sweet readers been awaiting his arrival! My name is Christina from over at I am a 27 year old wife, office manager, crafter, and youth volunteer so needless to say I'm a pretty busy bee. I live in Corpus Christi Texas with my sweet husband our 2 pups Roxi and Cookie Louise and our two kitties Henrietta and Lucille.

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I moved to Corpus eight years ago in the Fall of 2002 to begin my adventure as a college student at Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi. The Island University as it is called being that it sits on it's very own island on Corpus Christi Bay. As a former Houstonian I would have never imagined that I would stay in Corpus let alone grow to love this big, small town!

After meeting my husband during my second year of college I knew he was the one and seeing as he was born and raised here in the sparkling city by the sea I knew Corpus would have to be for me. There is so much to love about this city especially if you are of the outdoors persuasion. On a perfect South Texas Saturday morning you can find Ryan and I riding our bikes to the very BEST local short order diner Prices Chef! The cinnamon rolls are to DIE for so you have to get there early before they are all scooped up! This diner has been open in Corpus since 1940 and still has the cute swivel stools at the bar in front of the griddle, what's not to love?

After breakfast just a few blocks from our home is the Corpus Christi Bay made famous by Texas Country musician Robert Earl Keen. Down on the Bay is the marina where you can go sailing, have lunch or learn to paddle surf among other things. I like to go down and watch the shrimpers bring in their haul and haggle with them over a fair price...they love to haggle! Where else in a matter of hours can you prepare a meal with FRESH gulf shrimp right off of the boat that afternoon?

I am a HUGE lover of all things historical and our sweet little city has just the place for those of you like me... Heritage Park. The historical society at one point had all of the notable homes that were first built in Corpus Christi moved downtown to the heart of the museum district and restored. There you can tour the homes, attend our annual Jazz Fest, or have your wedding!

As I was taking these pics I couldn't help but think of the women that would have been looking out of these windows waiting for their husbands fearing attacks from the local Indians! One look into Corpus during her first years is "Maria Von Blucher's Corpus Christi" in this book you can read her letters home to Germany to her mother as she experiences South Texas. I actually had my wedding at the George Blucher House B& perfect!

Another favorite pastime of mine is going antiquing with my mama on Saturday mornings. The great thing about Corpus is that pretty much all of the shops in town are consolidated to one block known as Antique Row! There you can find everything of the vintage persuasion, especially uber cute clothing.

Here in this beautiful South Texas city there is only so much shopping one can do then it's back outside for some mother nature. Did you know that Corpus Christi has the largest population of migratory birds? Well it does and we have a great bird watching sanctuary free to the public where you can spend some much needed quiet time. All you need is a pair of binoculars and a migratory bird reference book and you are all set to become an avid bird watcher!

Last but not least...the best part about living in Corpus Christi in my humble opinion...North Padre Island!! I never take for granted that I can be at the beach in half an hour. Some people go their whole lives with out setting eyes on the ocean. When you are at the beach it becomes very clear just how small we are in comparison to this wonderful world. She can be so calm yet so powerful, the waters span as far and as deep as we can imagine and then some.

Most weekends May through October you can find the locals surfing, fishing, skim boarding or just catching some rays right here on these beautiful Texas beaches. Last Memorial Day my Mister and I camped here for the first time and had a blast, there is just something to be said waking up to the sunrise on the oceans horizon.

I hope you all enjoyed this little slice of Corpus Christi, Texas! This city has a whole lot to offer so come on down and check it out. There is so much to do here in the Coastal Bend...guided offshore fishing, hunting, the Texas State Aquarium, the USS Lexington and GREAT Mexican food all with a beach town vibe.

Thank you again Danielle for letting me share South Texas with you and your wonderful readers and congrats again to you and Hank on your new bundle of joy!


  1. Thank you for letting me share a little bit about Corpus Christi, Texas! I really enjoy reading your blog, thank you for sharing your life with us...

  2. i've been to corpus a few times and it seems like a pretty neat town. i am originally from san antonio, and still visit often. the next time i do i plan on dragging every down to corpus to go to their aquarium. i mean, they have dolphins! i can't wait! and i hope to wander around the town a bit too. one of my fave things down there is their selena memorial. always neat to see.

  3. I was soooo excited to see this "A Slice of..." I'm live in Ft Worth, TX and Corpus is one of our family's favorite getaway spots. Such a beautiful place!

  4. Thanks for sharing...My husband and I are thinking of moving to Austin from California. I'm from hawaii so one of my concerns of moving to Texas was not having a cute beach town. I know its still far away from Austin, but its nice to know its there (and it looks beautiful) I think after reading this blog post I feel better about taking on this move! thank you!

  5. Soda Pup: We constanly go between Corpus and Austin so you can spend weekends at the beach no problem. It's about a 3 and a half hour drive so it's totally do-able, welcome to Texas!

  6. What gorgeous houses! I am in Central Texas, I have to see those in person sometime.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  7. Love Corpus. I haven't been a few years as my family goes to Port Aransas now but I always had fun there.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl
    Fanciful Brainstorm - Tumblr

  8. i love those houses! they are so beautiful, i really wish we had a culture of porches in the uk, i would love to sit out and watch the world go by


  9. I'm jealous - it looks like such a great city to live in. I am loving all the pictures.

  10. oh my gosh, that place looks amazing! definitely on my places to visit list!

  11. I was so very excited to see this because I actually just moved to Corpus Christi from Mesa, AZ two years ago and I have been wondering what would be fun to do around here! We actually own some businesses in Port Aransas and live there currently, but I am so excited to try these things out! Thank you so much! PS You sort of remind me of Ginnifer Goodwin. :D

  12. Just moved here from from FL and was so excited to see your adorable blog. Looking forward to checking out these places! ~L

  13. Hello,

    I landed on this page while looking for a friend. Her name is Naomi and she lives in corpus Christi. She has 3 sons.
    Any one know her?
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    Thanks you

  14. You really nailed it by focusing on all of the fun things to do in beautiful Corpus Christi Texas! Your blog is so cute and warm, thank you for sharing with us!
    Best of luck!

  15. Hi Christina,

    My wife and I are newlyweds and have been looking at moving to Corpus Christi in order to settle down somewhere a little more tranquil and start a family.

    I really enjoyed this post, it really shows how quaint Corpus Christi can be, and being only three hours away from Austin…it seems like a great place to live if you enjoy simple living.

    I especially liked the photos of the George Blucher House B&B…I hope that my wife and I will be able to find a house of that elegance to buy when we move to Corpus.

    Danielle’s blog form is visually engaging and I think that goes a long way when readers are searching for blogs. My wife and I love the beach, love to fish, and love Mexican food, so this post was perfect for us to know that Corpus Christi offers all of this.