Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Slice of...Gold Coast, Australia!

30 Day Letter Challenge - Day 2

Hi, I’m Kat and I live on the Gold Coast, Australia with my fiancé Corey.  I have recently graduated and am adjusting to working full-time while also giving myself time to be creative.  I blog about everything that I knit, sew, crochet or bake at my blog Kat’s Creations.  I love the Gold Coast because yes it has the sun, sand and surf but it also has a whole other side that not a lot of people get to see.  The Gold Coast Hinterland is an amazing place so instead of showing you the beaches and theme parks which I am sure you have all seen a million times I want to show you the other side of the Gold Coast.  Some great things to do while in the Gold Coast Hinterland are:

1 – Cedar Creek Falls 

Cedar Creek Falls

Cedar Creek Falls are located in the Tamborine National Park and are absolutely stunning.  There are three main falls that you can get to by following the nature walk through the park.  It is a pretty steep walk with a lot of stairs but totally worth it to see the falls.

2 – Albert River Wines 

The Pretty Driveway

Albert River Wines is located in Canungra and is a gorgeous vineyard set on a historical farmstead.  The original Tamborine House which Mount Tamborine was named after still stands today is the venue of many weddings.  The vineyard is stunning from the gorgeous jacaranda tree lined driveway through to the historical farmsteads.  You can have lunch in their restaurant and sample the local wine before visiting their petting zoo to meet the local wildlife.

3 – See the Animals


Which brings me to the next thing you must do while visiting the Gold Coast Hinterland which is see the animals.  There are so many rainforest walks around Mount Tamborine which are home to some stunning bird life and lizards and if your lucky you might even see a kangaroo or koala.

4 – Go Camping 

Roasting Marshmallows

Thunderbird Park has a great campsite where you can stay for quite cheap.  Each site is set up with its own fire pit so you can roast marshmallows all night long.  Camping with a group of friends is a great relaxing way to spend the weekend and truly appreciate the beauty of the Gold Coast Hinterland.

5 – Watch the Sunset 

Picnic 2 View

There are many lookouts along Mount Tamborine which can give you great views of the Gold Coast but the best lookout is the one that points west because this is where you will get to see the stunning sunsets.  And if you get there at the right time of the day you might also get to see some hangliders taking a ride.


  1. Lovely photos. I visited Gold Coast last year and only had time to see the main town but can imagine it being a great place to live as there's just so much to do. x

  2. I'm off camping today and your picture got me really excited :) lovely photos.

  3. This looks like such a fantastic place to live! I would love to visit some day. :-)

  4. I was tempted to say sssshhhhhhhh... don't tell everyone about the Hinterland but hey... it's there to share. In fact it is great to see someone blogging about other parts of the Gold Coast and some of the less marketed things to do ... like camping. Jamie GCA

  5. Oh the sunset is just magical! And so is the peacock (:

  6. This post made my (too early) morning! We went to QLD in November last year, and went to a winery on Mt Tamborine for a wedding. Just magic, I can't wait to move there in a couple of years... fingers crossed.

  7. Hurray for the Australian "a little slice of" :)

  8. I live Brisbane, and have to concur with Kat that The GC Hinterland is absolutely stunning. Much like the Sunshine Coast Hinterland... check out Montville, Mapleton and Maleny - sweet little mountain villages.

    You must visit! I'll happily plan Sunshine Coast tour guide!


  9. I am so glad you all like my little slice of post. I was away in Europe when this went up so it was a nice little surprise to find when I came home. And you should all definitely come visit someday. It's a great place to see!

  10. Hello Kat, I read your post. Your pictures look so lovely. You seem to be a fun loving person. I must say Mount tambourine is a beautiful place. I am looking forward to visit Mt. Tambourine.