Monday, April 18, 2011

April Small Sponsor Highlight

Below are my small sponsors for the month of April. There are some AMAZING shops and blogs down there, and who knows, you may find a new favorite! (I find some of my most favorite new blogs via my sponsors!) If you have a moment, be sure to stop by each link and say hello! Happy browsing, and have a wonderful Monday.

What Would An Indie Girl Wear? is an indie, whimsical and of-the-moment blog which regularly delves into the important: fresh fashion and lifestyle ideas, inspirations and happy delights, and the things she feels like wearing. Less of a trend-follower and more of a 'favourite, perfect pair of socks' kind of girl, B intends to make new friends and share many thoughts regarding fashion and the like. Do drop round for a visit!

My name is Elizabeth and I'm the face behind Yellow Finch Designs and The Vintage Letter. I'm a mom, wife, runner, reader, wine drinker, latte lover, vintage finder and jewelry maker who loves to write and take pictures.

Sentimental Heart is a glance into my life as a university student and fashion enthusiast. You'll find food reviews, thrifting adventures, and everyday sentiments. I love having new visitors, so stop by and say hello! I am a soon to be 29 year old girl living, working, and crfating in Burbank, CA with my handsome boyfriend Lance and my sweet doggy Emma. My blog Tera Sue is a daily diary of sorts that will take you through my adventures in crafting, sewing, baking, fashion, art, and anything else I'm inspired to post about. I love meeting like minded people through my blog and Etsy site so stop by and say hello!  Also feel free to check out my Etsy shop.

Yes Ma'am Sweets From The Kitchen is a home based bakery that specializes in entertaining others sweet tooth needs for cupcakes, cakes, cookies, macarons, and much more. Everything is made to order from scratch with artistic thought and care. Yes Ma'am is all about enjoying the sweet life.

I'm Haley, and I'm the dreaming type.  A laid back girl from the south who loves photography, the city and a good pair of jeans.  Recently, I married my high school sweetheart and jumped into the pool as we exited our wedding!  Come on over and learn more about our story, our dreams and our new life in Boston.

PussyCat Vintage was born a year ago in May from two tattooed mamas from Indiana with an urge to create something out of their love for vintage. There is something for everyone and every place in your home! Our selection is always changing and fresh. You never know what you might find!


  1. Ooh, I can't wait to visit these new lovelies <3

  2. going to check out these lovely blogs! :)

  3. i just bought those gorgeous shoes! will blog about them in a 'what i wore' post all the way from bristol uk :)

  4. ah can't get over the wedding attire and the pool! i'll have to check out these links. :)