Tuesday, April 5, 2011

blog loving on Bloglovin'

today, spring
{beautiful spring day- photo from our walk this morning}

I just wanted to let you guys know that I (finally) officially "claimed" Sometimes Sweet as my own via Bloglovin', and I encourage all of you to head there and make an account if you don't already have one! It's a great tool for following blogs in an organized, neat manner and I really love it. I think you will, too. Plus, I just got the app for my iPhone and it looks pretty great!


  1. I love bloglovin! Glad you signed up :)

  2. I'm already following you through bloglovin' but I didn't know they had an App for it. I wonder if Android has one too...

    The Sweetest Life

  3. i only signed up for bloglovin' at the weekend! you are the first blog i am following!


  4. We were just talking about Bloglovin on twitter! ;)

  5. I claimed my blog a few days ago, and I havent had much time to go throught it yet, but it does look very organized. Thanks for giving me the Umpf.. to wanna do so.

    have a great day.

    I tagged you in a 10 things I love post. Just thougth I would throw that in there!

  6. Love the app! It is so easy! I can use it on my Ipod touch too!

  7. thanks danielle! i just made one... yay for better organization!


  8. i love bloglovin' already a follower of you there ;)

    Stacey @ Maple Bacon & Beavertails

  9. i got one a little while ago

  10. I just signed up for bloglovin' not too long ago! I've been enjoying your blog for a couple of weeks and I'm excited to follow you there! You and your writing are lovely, Danielle!
    xo Shannon

  11. Wow! This pic is amazing! It looks like lavender trees! Loved it.

    Well Dani, yours is the only blog I read, haha! So, it's pretty easy to keep track of it. ;)

    So glad to know you're doing well.


  12. I really like bloglovin' too. It's so user friendly and pretty! :)

  13. best way to follow everyone! glad youve officially joined... i was already a follower :)


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