Monday, April 4, 2011

First dibs...

My little MBMJ diaper bag family

I have been going back and forth about this for awhile, but I've decided to sell my Marc by Marc Jacobs diaper bags. Why, you ask? Quite simply, I don't use them enough and lately I've been all about getting rid of things I don't use regularly to make space for either good old fashioned space...or new things. They are really darling bags though, and rare (I believe they aren't even made/sold anymore). My intention is to list them on eBay, but I thought I would mention them here first in case anyone was interested. 

I couldn't resist!

They are the "Totally Turnlock" Baby Bag and an old listing can be seen here on Nordstrom with dimension/size information.

The black bag has been used a total of 5 or so times and is in perfect condition. The camel colored bag has never been used, and still has its tags attached with wrapped hardware.

I am asking $375 for the black bag and $425 for the camel, with $15 insured shipping per bag.  I take paypal and will ship immediately upon payment.

So, let me know! I can provide more photos of course, so email me at If no one is interested here I will go ahead and list them on eBay where I'm expecting they will sell immediately.

Thanks guys!

THE perfect baby bag... 

p.s. I feel kind of odd using this blog to sell things so if you're interested, hurry up and email me before I change my mind and delete this ;)


  1. if only i had a newborn!!! ;)

  2. saddest day... i've been lusting for that bag since they came out! and of course i can't justify buying it now :(
    i'm sure they'll (quickly) find good homes!

  3. Diaper bags are so cute these days! Ah, baby gear kills me :)

    Your dress is so cute - I love the fabric!

    Good luck with the sale!

  4. Holy crap! Those bags must have cost you pretty penny retail! Hope somebody gobbles 'em up. :)

  5. i wish i had a baby to justify such a purchase. they're so perfect.

  6. I love the bags, hope I have a baby. :)

  7. i love these! your blog is so cute you should check mine out and follow if you like mine. i'm following you {;

  8. They're pretty, but my god they must have cost you a lot!

  9. Well I can't really afford the bags, but I just had to tell you that the pattern of that dress is one of my favorite that I've seen around lately! Where is it from?

  10. These bags are amazing!
    Kinda sad they will not be mine!
    But good luck anyway! ^^

    You are so cute and humble Dani! ;)


  11. Hi, how much was the black bag worth new? I'm im interested, having my first baby in sept!

  12. those alone make me want to have a baby! uhhh.

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