Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wonderful Weekend (image heavy)

Oh, Sunday. Today is one of my most favorite days of the week and this one was definitely a good one. The entire weekend was actually pretty perfect, and I needed it, as I've been feeling a little off these past few days. My friend Adie always says that life has an ebb and a flow to it, and she's totally right- and a lot of the time my ebb and flow is a little too up and down for my taste, but I guess that's life. I've just felt a little down lately, a little sad, and a little "something" I can't quite put my finger on. I think this can be attributed to Henry's new wakeful period he's been going through, and rather than sleeping through the night like he has for months, he's been waking up a few times during the night. I'm thinking this is from teething, and I hope the poor little guy settles down soon, I feel terrible for him. And as for me, I'm tired, and that just kind of snowballs as each sleepless night goes by. Part of the problem was that I was going to bed at midnight or 1am, sleeping fitfully right along with Henry (waking to feed him), and then ultimately getting up around 6:30am. That is not conducive to a happy mama! So now, I'm forcing myself to go to bed at 10pm, and that way, at least I get a lot more sleep collectively. I already feel better so I think it's helping. I'm definitely going to continue the 10pm bedtime this week.

So other than my weird moods, things are really, really good. In my mind spring is short- summer is already on its way in and I can't wait. This weekend sure felt like summer up here in Prescott, and the weather was absolutely beautiful last night during our evening downtown. My parents were in town, so we did our normal dinner routine: Bill's pizza for salads and pizza, and a nice stroll around the square. The temperature was in the 70s and Henry was the happiest baby- he loves being outside. We also celebrated an early Easter, and my Mom made Henry the sweetest basket. Holidays are just so much fun with kiddos around!

This morning we woke up and went to brunch at the Dinner Bell, then came home and relaxed for awhile. Later in the day I went to the gym, and a combination of being outside and some hard cardio seemed to snap me out of the funk I've been in. I'm looking forward to having a really positive week and getting a lot accomplished. Some of the things I'm looking forward to: our new family room curtains arriving from Anthro, a hair appointment with Rhonda, and spending some time with some lovely ladies. So- here's to a great week!

Here are some photos from the past few days:

I mentioned before that Erin and her son Kyler came up Thursday. We had the best night hanging out, talking, and laughing. I've talked about Erin a lot on this blog, but we've been close friends since college where we met in our freshman dorm, and then ended up rushing the same sorority. We've had a lifetime of memories made together (11 years of friendship!), and when we got pregnant two months apart it was amazing to go through that experience together. She's the best!

cheers to 11 years of friendship!

Henry and Kyler
Henry and Kyler

Henry and Kyler

Saturday, celebrating Easter early with Grandma and Grandpa...dying over his ears!
the little Easter bunny

later that evening, downtown after dinner (I wore the same thing on Thursday and Saturday, oh wellll!)

Mom and me



brunch this morning

bathtime tonight- I love how Henry's just lounging! haha.

and a collection of instagram photos from this weekend, too!

 handsome boy

Henry and Kyler, hanging out.

homemade salsa to go with Hank's enchiladas! SO good.

Henry and Auntie Erin.


homemade guacamole

making the salsa!

the boys the next morning

 my Mom and me at dinner- Bill's Pizza!

 Dad and Hank

large cheese pizza with Bill's sauce (half tomato/half pesto). So good.
 downtown strolling!

brunch this morning- delicious!

my new Cathrineholm bowl, THANK YOU MOM! :)

Hank cooking dinner tonight- he made the most amazing homemade sauce chock full of fresh veggies, accompanied with "chicken" and spaghetti. He is such an amazing chef and I so wish he would just start blogging all of the vegan meals he creates. Maybe one day!

Have a great weekend everyone! xo


  1. your tattoos are perdy!

    [eeeek! this is my first time commenting.]

    looks like you had a super fun weekend. cheers to a good nights rest for you. xoxo

  2. awww!

    Thank you, 1st time comments are fun and exciting :).

    I'm off to check out your blog now too <3.

  3. I would read a blog on homemade vegie recipes, sounds so yummy!

  4. Aw, what a fun weekend! I love how Henry looks so intrigued by the book in your Mama's lap, so cute!

  5. Sundays are my favorite, too!
    I love the photos of the two handsome baby boys together!! So sweet.

    ps: green with envy over your green catherineholm bowl!! You should display it, for sure. xo

  6. This post is so good, love the photos! Sorry I have been a quiet reader for a while. I actually showed you blog to one of my closest friends a long time ago because the two of you were due to have little babes at the same time. This is turning into a ramble fest but I love the honesty and beautifulness of your posts. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Glad you had an uplifting weekend after our email convo! Luckily I did too.. some family and friend time is always good for the soul ;o)
    Love the dress you wore to brunch.. very cute and you looked beautiful!

    p.s. Ro has the same duck bath <3

  8. what a happy post!! the photo of henry &his big grin made me smile. i realllly love that catherine holm bowl! your mom has great taste! ;)

  9. henry is quite posssibly the cutest baby in the blogging world! he has the sweetest little grin, i just love his little smile to pieces!

    lots of xo's. :)

  10. I love how Henry looks SO smart ALL the time! What a little genius =]

  11. I love the photo of you downtown with the city/mountain behind you. It's very real and beautiful.

  12. Wow Dani!!! Your photos captured our beautiful downtown amazingly!! Looks like an awesome weekend. Insure do hope we can get together soon. You're great!!!

  13. Looks like fun, and what adorable baby boys! I love the cellophane on the handle of the easter basket too, it looks so cool!

  14. You look like you had such a lovely time. I love seeing all your photos. I am glad you are feeling much better. I get in a funk sometimes too.

    Henry looks adorable with those bunny ears one.

  15. What a fabulous weekend glad to hear you are getting out of your funk loss of sleep and teething babies can have that effect.

    Also Im a total outfit repeater if I know I will be with different people the next day (and sometimes I even do it with the same people) oh well some outfits are just too cute you need to wear them twice!

  16. i love how completely happy your parents look. they are the proudest parents/grandparents ever!

  17. Loved all the pictures and the post, always fun to see your weekend posts!

    But, just kind of confused a little. I know that you have previously said you guys dont have any religious standings, etc.
    But then why celebrate or take part in easter festivites when the holiday itself was/is supposed to be christian/biblically based?

    Just kind of confused, even though I know a lot of people celebrate the holiday without even knowing/caring what the real reason should be for the holiday..
    Even though the one that we celebrate isn't the true biblical/christian reason and the way that we celebrate isn't how it is supposed to be, since our holidays [USA] are all pagan based... Just saying..

  18. hahaha I got the same exact bunny ears for Brigsby and I legitimately thought Alex (and my dad and father in law) were going to throw up when I put them on him. They made fun of me all. day. long.

    And then Alex started saying that that they had to come off because 'they were going to ruin his head shape.'

    Henry totally rocks them though ;)

  19. Those babies are just adorable! Great photos!

  20. is henry going to be enjoying some sour patch kids? ;-)

  21. Oh, I wish Hank would start blogging all of his vegan creations too! I love vegan food inspiration! I'd definitely be a regular at that blog! :)

    msred5 at yahoo dot com

  22. @anonymous: We celebrate Easter for the same reason we celebrate Christmas, Halloween, you name it...the tradition and fun of it. That's it! :)

  23. Such a cute weekend! I love the pics of Henry & Kyler, they're so stinkin cute together. I most def love the pic of Henry looking so complexed in your mom's lap.

    Hope you have a great week! =]

  24. The dress you wore for brunch is fantastic! And, the bowl your mom got you is totally gorgeous.


    All This Grace and Charm

  25. I love your grey dress! & I concur! Hank should share some of those vegan meals. While I'm not vegan [just a pescatarian], I'm always up for trying out new recipes. Vegan are always my favorite!

  26. Oh I love your grey dress! It looks so, so pretty on you. <3 It looks like you guys had a super fun weekend. :]

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  28. Too many thoughts so I will number them haha.

    1. Your parents' joy over Henry really shows through the photos! It's so adorable.

    2. I love your brunch dress!

    3. Henry + Kyler = cutest bffs.

    4. The bunny ears and duck bath.... Cuteness overload.

    5. Homemade guac and salsa are my FAV! I could use a salsa recipe... care to share?!

    6. You have such a lovely family. The end.

  29. I can relate to your moods-as well as the little ones. My DD is in the same boat-she has been sleeping through the nights and now is back down to 5 hrs-maybe it's the change of seasons (and teething :)

    Thank you for sharing your photos-looks like a perfect weekend! And reminding me that exercise helps-thinking yoga tonight! Enjoy the week!

  30. I LOVE that picture of Erin and Henry! She looks so beautiful and he looks so happy!!

  31. I just recently began vegan :) Tell Hank I would really love it if he would blog his vegan recipes too!

  32. oh danielle, i wish i would have seen this post before i tweeted you about henry not sleeping until he was 9+ months old. don't let that discourage you, haha it was totally my fault that he wasn't sleeping well until then. once we got it all figured out he was sleeping SO MUCH (and i was too, yay!) and i know it could have happened much earlier had i just been stronger and more aware. live and learn though, right? blah. anyway i've read that babies sleep less when they're getting ready to hit a new milestone. i bet henry will be sleeping better within a few days, hang in there though. god i remember how those sleepless nights make you feel. it's like you can swing it when they are super young and new but then around the 4-5 month mark it all catches up with you and becomes almost too much to bare. you suddenly can't see the end of the tunnel and think, "is he EVER going to sleep through the night?!?"

    sorry for the long comment, beautiful pictures as always!

  33. How fun! Definitely making some kind of pizza for dinner after seeing those pictures! Bill's sauce sounds amazing! Every time I see your dinnertime instagram photos I drool! You have got to convince Hank to share at least 1 or 2 [or 8 :)] of his favorite recipes!

    Glad you're feeling better - I was in such a horrible funk this weekend too! Maybe it was in the stars :)
    Whenever I don't feel like dragging my behind to the gym I always think back to your blog + fitness suggestions, make a new playlist, try to turn my attitude around and head out for a good sweat!

    Happy Monday :)

  34. What an amazing weekend!! I love all of the pictures. What cute little boys.

    I wear the same outfits often! It's so easy to just throw it back on!
    That shirt is adorable.

  35. Henry is seriously one of the cutest little boys I've ever seen.

    Glad you had such a nice weekend! I'm jealous of all the shorts and dresses. It's freeeeeezing up here in Montana today.

  36. aww dani! it looks like so much fun! glad you have nice weather! we just have rain here :(

  37. @danielle: from previous anonymous commenter: no hate! just seriously curious! I think it is great to still have fun traditions. love your blog! no hate girl : )

  38. Wow looks like such a fun day!!! Family and friend time is always great! Henry and Kyler are too cute together haha!!!