Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday links to love

driving to meet Adie for breakfast // early morning cuddles from papa

Wild Iris on a Tuesday morning // pie seems like a reasonable breakfast choice

I'm going to start off with something that makes me sad, but my friend Kathryn sent me this link and asked me to share it. It's terrible and heart wrenching and very, very upsetting to read about...but if you'd like to help you can sign a petition that you can read more about after the jump. 

The very sweet Amy did a small roundup of her favorite Mommy bloggers and included me! So sweet.

Michelle's vegetarian "chicken" and broccoli pockets look so delicious. I think I'll make these for Hank next week.

I was so excited to see this link on a Cup of Jo last week and spent a good chunk of an hour reading back and laughing.

Kelly Ann always posts my favorite playlists and this past Monday was no different! So good.

Some of my favorite blogging ladies have been guest posting on Liz's blog all week while she's in Hawaii. Definitely worth a look.

I am loving this family tree embroidery pattern found via Babble. This is definitely going on my "to-make" list for an upcoming craft night.

Another day, another amazing recipe by Tracy, aka Shutterbean. She is my very/most/all-time favorite food blogger.

Mel's outfit = so good.

Sigh. These photos of Jennifer Aniston make me want to cut my hair into a cute bob like hers. Adorable.

Katie & Mandy. YES PLEASE! "I think we’re all made up of a stretchy pants/t-shirt mom with a good dose of a heels and lipstick mom. the trick is finding the balance." <--- Have I mentioned how much I adore Katie? ;)
Another good pairing: Target and Missoni. I'm very interested to see how this works out.
I really love love love Nadinoo and I really enjoyed this interview.

Click here, then click there.
I really like these simple letter charms. They remind me of the "Henry" necklace my friend Jess got me.
And speaking of Jess- pop over to her blog and say happy birthday! 
And finally, my friend Katie posted about this great blog on her Feature Friday series. So excited to have found it. 
Happy weekend everyone!

p.s. I've fixed the spacing up there about 10x, I have no idea why it keeps bunching it all together! UGH! Sorry ;)


  1. I had to look up more info on the petition and it brought me to tears. I signed the petition. But I wish we could have done something before she died. I am half incredibly sad and half raging mad. Going to hug my babies when I get home. Thanks for all the other happy links too.

  2. Thanks for sharing all of the links. The one about Baby Brianna particularly touched me. After reading the disgusting details, I felt nauseous and still do. Thank you for bringing attention to this cause.

  3. Oh Danielle, that first link was so sad! I totally echo Anastasia and Brittany's comments below. I signed the petition but just wish something could've been done to help this poor girl in the short, sad life she had. I couldn't even read all the details, it was too awful. RIP little Brianna.

  4. I didn't click the first link, only because I'm up early to celebrate a friend's birthday and don't want to go in a sad mood. I'll check it later this weekend.

    I totally agree about all of Liz's guest posts - they have been such a treat. My week has been filled with good music from you & Kelly Ann. :)

  5. Great links! Thanks for sharing mine :) It means a lot to me!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to sign the petition--how terribly sad.

    The BHLDN store makes me want to get married all over again-just, WOW. My mother-in-law is actually hosting a mini-reception for my husband and me in San Diego, since our actual wedding was far away from her family. I may buy a dress from BHLDN!

  7. Hey Danielle,

    Thank you SO much for sharing that petition. I knew I could count on you!


  8. Oh my goodness, that last link is me!! Thank you so much. Katie is so sweet. <3
    I was looking at that outfit on idee geniale a couple days ago and it's SOOO cute.
    Kala Noel.

  9. you are such a doll!
    how far is arizona from ohio again? ugh. haha

  10. do you happen to know who made your henry "h" necklace. i have been looking for one to get with my daughters initial but havent found one i like. thanks!

  11. There are no words for that first link...I clicked through to the FB page to get more complete information. What is WRONG with people?!? Going to sign the petition...even though I'm a CA resident. Hope it still counts.

  12. Love it! Thanks for sharing! You three are too cute :)