Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Slice of...Munich, Germany

Hi there! My name is Lilly, and on my blog Panic & Punkrock mainly about my life and stuff that I like, such as style, decorating, food, crafting, parties and the little pretty things in life. I am a twenty something girl, working in a design shop, studying, and trying to make the best out of my free time.
I've been moving to Munich 5 years ago, enjoying the mix of small-town-life and the perks of a city with my friends and boyfriend, and I'd love to show you my favorite places and activities!

Even if you know little about Munich, you probably have heard about the famous Oktoberfest. This is the annual beer fest which attracts so many guests from all over the world!

No matter where you're from, every Autumn in these two weeks, you dress in traditional Bavarian costume and drink huge amounts of beer in a beer tent. There is a huge amusement park and various food stands put up, but let's be honest, it's all about the beer.


One thing I really love about Munich, is that it is relatively small and you can reach every important point by bike within half an hour. Needless to say I love bike rides in summer and spend every free minute exploring secret places of the city.

There are some small lakes and out popular river, the Isar near, where we like to spend hot days and free evenings bathing, and having picknicks and barbecues.


English Garden in winter


Another famous thing about Bavaria in the summer are the get-togethers in beer gardens. Here you can eat "Obazdn," a great cheese speciality, that is eaten with pretzels and, very likely, a mug of beer. If you are not a vegetarian, you should definitely try a "Weißwurst," which is a sausage.

A famous beer garden is located in the English Garden in the city center. This is a very huge park, where you can even do some surfing and horse riding, or simply relax and have some ice cream.

This is Obazda! A typical Bavarian Speciality we like to eat in beer gardens.

Since I am a lover of all kinds of sweets, one of my favourite places is the little cafe "Mäser & Luksch." Here I often buy the cutest of all little desserts or cakes, which are always decorated with gold foil, fresh fruit and the best chocolate on earth. You should really try to choose your favourite dessert, but let me tell you, this will take some time.

Munich has another attraction, the Tollwood Festival, that takes place twice a year. The atmosphere is pretty magical and there are so many impressions like concerts in a wood, a bazaar with handmade things and art, or food stands from all over the world – and everything is organic here!

Whenever we have a sunny day off, we take our time to drive to the wildlife park Poing near Munich. I think deer and other animals are really fascinating and I love watching and feeding them in their natural environment. My very favourites are the donkeys, by the way!

When it comes to partying, we have some nice clubs around here in Munich. My personal favourite party is the monthly Starmelt Club at the Muffatcafé, another one I like is 59to1 and of course, I have to mention the Atomic Café where there are great clubnights and small concerts of unknown bands, just like the know, back then.

Now I hope you have an impression of my city, and feel like spending some time here! Of course I have a lot of more tips, that I present on my blog or to each one personally!

Thank you so much for reading!


  1. Wow, Germany seems so amazing! My dad was in the army & was stationed in Germany. He always told me how beautiful it was there. I want to go more so now ♥

  2. Very cool pictures!! I have never heard of "Obazda"..but I have heard of beer gardens and i know I like those..:)

    Delighted Momma

  3. This was awesome! How exciting to see Germany in this setting!

  4. What great pictures! I went to Munich last summer and had a really fun few days in the city :) x

  5. Ace! I've been to Germany a few times and love it... but never Munich. *adds to travel wishlist*

  6. Ooh I ove Munich! The English garden is so beautiful. My husband had so much fun surfing on the wave in the river there. I can't wait to visit Munich again one day!

  7. omg, those pictures are amazing.. wish I was there one day...

  8. I'm an expat from the US currently living in Munich, so seeing this feature made me extremely happy! Munich is a gorgeous city with so many amazing things to do, places to see, etc. :)

  9. 'tho I'm German, I've never been to Munich! Shame on me.
    But if I go one day, I won't buy a travel guide, I'll explore Munich with the help of Lilly's recommendations...

    I love Lilly's blog for a long time... She's great!


  10. Excellent post. I've been to Munich before and I loved it. In September, I will be going to Vienna to study for 9 months - Excited. Love all things German.

  11. Division of Laura Lee!! So good...

  12. Awwwww! I was born in Germany. Such an amazing country.

  13. I love Munich! My family is from/lives there! It's an amazing place, highly suggested <3

  14. My husband studied in Munich one summer during college, and we visited a few years ago. It's a fantastic city! Englischer Garten was one of my favorite places. So beautiful! Thank you for reminding me just how much I like Munich! :)

  15. Great photos! My brother-in-law and his wife live in Munich, but I think they are trying to move into Austria.

    I'm hoping to visit them one day. :)

  16. just to tell you that I really like your blog!
    I got here through circle of moms!!

  17. Awesome! Going to check out her blog now! I just went to Munich last week so it was fun to see some places I visited! And Obazda? Deeeellicious!! :)

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