Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday links to love!

view from our lounging spot

{photo I took in Central Park two summers ago while visiting Emily. I miss it, and her!}

Hi all and happy Friday! I am so excited about this weekend because we don't have too much going on.  We are kind of a go-go-go kind of family, so when we don't make plans and allow our weekends to happen pretty organically it feels like such a treat!  The only definite things we have planned are Henry's first swim class tomorrow morning, and hang outs with my wonderful sister in law and Hank's Grandma on Sunday.  Oh, and lots of Sons of Anarchy.

With all of the birthday and anniversary excitement I missed sharing links last week, so this week is a little mix of this week and last. Enjoy!

This week Jamie featured me in her "Big Dream" series! Check it out.

And Danielle featured me in her Style Files!

I LOVE THIS HAIRSTYLE. And I can't wait to try it. There's also a plethora of other braidy, twisty dos on that site, so have fun clicking around!

My friend Kristin is living and volunteering in India, and posts like these really bring a lot of perspective into my life.

Happy birthday to one of my favorite bloggers, who just happens to have adopted a hedgehog (named Petunia Pearl, of course).

This lovely blog has a lovely new home, and look too!

Super sandwich combinations, approved by Alex. Definitely a must-click if you're a sandwich fan like me!

I love this super positive (and free) download-able print.

Ever have a poisonous pal? Ever wondered how to get rid of them?

I've fallen in love with Carynn's silverware DIY! How great do they look?

Vegan banana bread.

This is my inspiration for future outdoor dining. So fabulous!

Having a little bouquet making party is the most adorable wedding idea.

2011's six coolest nail polish trends. I personally love the nude colors.

Summer ain't summer without lots of popsicles. How about lemonade stand popsicles?

A super inspiring and healthy shopping list, from one of my very favorite blogs.

Land's End, I had NO idea you could be so cute.

And speaking of cute, Mandi's Ascot Bow tutorial is all sorts of adorable.

Do you think if I ask nicely Don and Rachel will take me on vacation with them next time?

I really love seeing our town through other people's eyes, and Ashley's trip to Prescott looked like so much fun. I really love her blog.

Adie is blogging again!

And finally, read this article. Then tell me what you think!

Have a great weekend!

oh, and p.s. today you can find me over on Moorea's blog and Ivelisse's blog too!


  1. I absolutely love link filled posts so I can discover new things and blogs...yippeee! I hope you have a lovely weekend!

    Liesl :)

  2. Oooh, thanks for the lovely links!

    Sons of Anarchy, my boy and I just finished watching it all, so highly addictive! Can't wait til september and the new season!

  3. That last link was perfection. Not because I believe it's entirely true, but about 50% of the time I feel like that article. Thanks for posting that link, it brought me a ton of perspective.

  4. that facebook post is one of the reasons i deleted my account.

  5. I loved the story of the little boy with the cleft palate, how awesome is it that he was able to get such a life-changing surgery. Also that hairstyle at the top is gorgeous, makes me wish I had long hair.

  6. Thanks for sharing the link to Hair Romance! I've never seen that site- I need cute hair inspiration in a bad way!

  7. a few months ago i deleted my facebook account because i realized it was making me feel not so great. i missed living in the city and there were too many pictures of my old stomping ground! and while i was super, super excited to be a mama...i was way jealous of friends who worked for npr or were on tour with their band. it was making me miss the awesomeness of my own life.

    i think i should was something that i was doing to myself. people are just being positive and sharing the things that make them happy. i mean it's what i do on my blog! of course i didn't snap a picture of the dog vomiting on the other dog while the baby ripped his diaper off and threw it. who wants to see that??

    SO, i can see how social networking can make you feel isolated but all you need to do is either change your perspective (this is only a portion of their life) or get yourself out of there!

  8. No-plans weekends are always the best for my little family, too. Great links--thanks for sharing :)

  9. I think the article brings up a good point, but I think that I find the feelings described more prevalent when I'm looking at blogs than on Facebook, where people seem to share the good and the bad equally. Most people tend to keep their blogs very positive, because honestly, who wants to read a Debbie Downer blog all day? I thought it was really refreshing when Bleubird Vintage recently shared pictures of her messy house because she was way behind. I think as a blogger I should remember that I don't always have to present the sunny side.

  10. Enjoying the links a lot today!

    p.s. UO sucks!


  11. I just deleted my Facebook (hopefully for good haha) It is scary how addicting it can be..and how you get instant gratification when someone "likes" your picture...I will just stick with blogging :)

  12. I find the opposite with Facebook; there are too many people on mine who use it purely as a place to whine and vent. Do I think they have more fun than me? No. I'm starting to think they don't have any fun at all!

  13. Your link posts are some of my favorites. I always open a tab for every link and then spend time checking them all out! Thanks Danielle! :)

  14. There are some fantastic links in there, thanks!

  15. I love getting new links to check out :) Enjoy your relaxing weekend, it's always nice to have one that's not, go-go-go!

  16. Thanks for sharing my link and being apart of The Style Files.

  17. As always, I loved every one of your links. Here is my take on the article. Of course people are mostly going to put up happy moments to share...but people also share when they have a cold...or post pic's after they gain 80 lbs (that'd be me...I just started my workout program :0). Bottom line: FB and social media in general allows me to feel connected to friends that live far away...and even friends I've gained from the blogging community. I've posted about my new workout program and received so much virtual'll help me excel. I use it for positivity and don't compare myself to other women. I am the only me that exists..and I'm a different me than four years ago..or even last year. By comparing myself to others it only sets me up to be catty or jealous. I'd rather look at my friends and and so looked great at that birthday party...rock on so and so! :) gotta be in a place of confidence in order to use social media and feel good about it. I am not about to let mass media tell me what to look like and what to think...I wouldn't let social media do it either. Great post...and I really enjoyed the food for thought. Your the best Hearts, Janna Lynn

  18. I loved that social networking article, it's SO true. Thanks for posting it, I feel 33% better :)

  19. i love link posts! i can't wait to sit down and go through all of them and love new things!

    have a lovely weekend!
    xo.anna marie

  20. What a lovely blog you have! It's my first time here and I'm really enjoying it :) I am married too so it's always nice to find other married bloggers! xx

  21. Thanks for the link love! Love your blog xx

  22. So many good links Danielle! I adore the guest post you did about dreaming. "I just wanna be happy" just about killed me. Perfect.

    I love that braided do, and that site! awesome.

    And thank you for the birthday shout out! :]]
    You are the sweetest.

    Happy Friday love!

  23. the social networking article could not have rang more true. I think sometimes we can get lost in the "beauty" of other people lives whether it's thru facebook or blogs and it can be hard to snap back into reality and realize that all lives aren't perfect.
    Reading articles like this always make me take a second look at what I choose to post on my blog.

  24. Thank you for all of these links! I'm going to have to try that vegan banana bread! I came here because of your post on Moorea's blog.. love Hunger Games & that you love books so much!

  25. As far as the "isolated" essay goes: I can definitely see that being true. I don't think I have that problem with Facebook, because I find that Facebook actually makes peoples lives look boring and sometimes pathetic in comparison to what real life is really like. Maybe that IS me thinking their lives are better, but not better than mine - better than how they seem based on the internet. Thinking less about the Facebook thing & more about blogging, I've experienced some serious blogger envy thinking that other bloggers get followers + fellow bloggin' friends easily. Fit into the "cool kids" clique easily. Whatever - it can definitely be a bit demoralizing if you're sitting at home wondering why people don't like you (which is also pretty lame, but let's be real and say most people have those days/nights every once and awhile). BUT I don't think it's really all that different from real life - you can feel those same things about real people, it's just that people on the internet really can hide their faults (consciously or unconsciously) easier than real people can.

  26. I absolutely LOVE the links you post in your entries, Danielle! My favorites this time are the Super Sandwich Combinations (yum!), the downloadable and inspiring poster (so cute), and 2011 nail polish trends (I've been searching for a good nude color, and this gives me options!). Love you blog!<3