Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday links to love

 Henry playing, making baby food (sweet potatoes), finally watched Blue Valentine, Lauren at brunch, working out, Adie and Henry at her house, my morning view, downtown family strolls, happy baby, delicious vegan food, Grandpa feeding H. dinner, sweet potatoes all over,  trampolining with Sarah, my tired baby boy, finding treasures in Adie's jewelery studio, a delicious surprise from my sister, shopping for summer dresses, planting flowers at home, Henry and his old man hat, Uncle Abe.

This week our little world has been chock full of fun- best friend hang outs, planning a fun girl's trips to Vegas, Mirah, Britney and Nicki Minaj, and so much wonderful family time. The past 7 days have been beyond rad and luckily there's only exciting times ahead. I love summer so much!

Here are some links to kick start your Friday-

First, happiest birthday to the sweet Kelly Ann! She just so happens to be one of my favorite ladies, and is also the gal behind my blog design!

Michelle totally got inside my head on this one. And it's by far my most favorite post of the past week. Super inspiring and I left her blog feeling really at peace with myself. Awesome.

Healthy ice cream?! That's bananas! I can't wait to try this.

I love summer. And I love 100 things about summer too.

Sarah's blogging and making jam! This calls for a celebration!

This is one of my favorite posts, ever.

I love this idea- a month of Instax photos!

Hope is the coolest little girl in the entire world.

Jess' family walk makes me want to pack up and head to Hawaii.

Have you checked out the Little Ocean shop? Such cute things for little ones. Henry just received the most adorable outfit in the mail and I can't wait for him to wear it!

Okay. I absolutely love these shirts by the fabulous Angela. Family reunion anyone?

This list of "Ten Good Things Right Now" is quite inspiring. I may make my own next week.

Summer reading lists are always awesome, and Melissa's is super detailed and chock full of great picks! I've already added some to my "must-read" list.

These photos make me want to take a walk in the woods.

Busy Bee Lauren tried the raw, vegan cheesecake recipe I sent her...and it looks so.good.

I really love it when Hank blogs. Here's his iPad2 review.

I'd love to be a guest at this lovely party.

And finally, I've been particularly loving a couple blogs in particular this week- one and two.

Happy Friday!


  1. I love reading lists and following links....thanks for sharing yours!

  2. Yay! Awesome links again! I really liked Michelle's post, thanks for sharing it, and all of these :)

  3. Thanks for the shout out! And I love all the links, as usual :)

  4. I didn't know you followed my blog! Thanks for the link love.

    Seriously, that banana ice cream is ah-maz-ing.

    Love your blog!

  5. alright im officially in love with your blog :)

  6. your friday links to love feature is my favorite! I have found so many of my favorite posts/sites from your blog!
    I always get super excited when I see your blog come up on my google reader!
    you are truly an inspiration, so thank you. :)


  7. I love your "Friday links to love" posts. I've found some great additions to my list of daily reads this way! Keep em coming!!

  8. You are such a sweet friend, thank you for the birthday love! :)

    Henry in his old man hat is the CUTEST thing. <3

  9. Thank you so much for the shout out! You are such a sweetheart.

    Much love from Australia,
    Katie x

  10. Thanks for sharing the one with the mason jars. I'm planning on using them in a (hopefully soon) big event. I'm looking for as much inspiration as possible.

  11. thanks so much for sharing my reunion shirts! you really are the best.