Thursday, June 16, 2011

I love my June sponsors!

Below you will find some super awesome shops and blogs to check out, as well as discount codes to use when shopping. If you have a moment, click around and I'm sure you'll find a new favorite!


Hi! I'm Sarah, a 27-year-old web designer and aerialist from metro Detroit. is where I write about my adventures, post DIY projects, answers to your design/html/nerdy questions and photos of my aerial antics. You will also find my design portfolio and info on hiring me! If you’re looking for a quick blog fix, I've just opened my Etsy shop and added a bunch of ready-made Blogger templates. So stop by and say hello!

This is Cassie from The Veda House and my little space of the internet houses all my mini adventures including the monstrous adventure of launching my own small business this month, Market203. I spend all my free time in and out of thrift/antique stores, begging the boyfriend to go on a ice cream run, or taking our golden retriever pup for a walk around the hood. I'm a lover for all things old/vintage and I strive to bring that love to life, through my blog.

Katie and Reuben are a twenty-something couple pursuing a simple, mindful, beautiful life. They like crafty thing making, yummy thing baking and picture taking. House of Humble is their journal and a celebration of the little things that make them happy.

Dear Ruby Jayne: Soon to be mum of Ruby in June. I am vegetarian with a vegan partner, all my recipes are vegetarian or vegan that i love to share on my blog. We are going to show Ruby that you can live everyday environmentally friendly & without harming animals. Soon to come designed baby clothing all hand sewn by myself.

I'm Living in a Dream: Hi there! I'm Melissa and I'm a 20-something year old girl living in Montreal, Canada. I love traveling, reading, and beautiful summer days. Above everything, my passion is music; I hope to one day work in the music industry. I'm also working on completing 101 Goals in 1,001 Days, a project that has been a ton of fun over the past year and a half. You can read about all my adventures daily on my blog!"

Dove Grey Dawn: wearable felt creations inspired by folkloric traditions, kawaii culture, the american southwest, religious kitsch, old school tattoo art & marine life. designed for those with an eye for unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. custom orders are always welcomed.

15% off discount code: SWEET15
Hello Sometimes Sweet readers! I'm really excited to be sponsoring Danielle's wonderful blog this month. My name is Danielle Letarte, and I am the creator behind Pretty Ingrid, an art, illustration and design boutique. My shop features whimsical, feminine art prints and stationery for those who love color and a bit of fun. You can also find me sharing my work, snippets of my life and everyday inspiration on the Pretty Ingrid blog.

Winter Love: A beautiful new bundle, Stella Winter has blessed my life. Exploring the multi-dimensional, unfamiliar, inspiring, challenging land of Single Motherhood.
Sharing with you the wonder and beauty of all things baby and confiding in you the ups and downs of going it alone.

Upper Metal Class is simply beautiful and classic with a modern touch. It's subtle yet makes a big statement of less is more. The small scaled sleek designs make it comfortable and easy to wear for any occasion. Visit us on Twitter and Facebook, too!

10% of any sales that are placed now until July will be donated to the ANIMAL REFUGE KANSAI: TOHOKU-PACIFIC QUAKE ANIMALS to help support the animals in the Japan Tsunami Earthquake Disaster.

All This Grace and Charm: A Chicago newlywed navigates advanced kitchen appliances and the 9 to 5, with an Irish temper.

Little Ocean is a line of unique limited-edition garments for women and kiddos made from vintage fabrics. Everything is hand-made by designer, mom, and blogger Janelle Gramling.

Use discount code SWEET20 for 20% off your online order until July 15th.

Hello, I'm Cameron of cameron+whitney and I'm a self taught artist from the city of Seattle, where my girlfriend Whitney and I share our usually uneventful adventures in cartoon watching and comic book reading. I'm very excited to introduce my newly established Etsy store to you all, featuring my bright and fun papercrafts, and afterwards you can stop by my blog to see all of my artwork, what I've been up to, and to say hello!"

Gussy Sews: Helloooo! My name is Gussy, and I sew ruffles and share my adventures of having a handmade biz on my blog. I live in Minneapolis with my husband Zack and puppy Bauer. I had never dreamt of being a small biz/indie biz owner, but clearly this is my passion. I love that I'm able to share my story of learning how to sew (which includes our story of unemployment), my story of an indie biz owner, and YOUR story of handmade goodness. Supporting other handmade shop owners is a true delight :]

Inside my shop you'll find colorful, ruffled accessories: tote, laptop and market tote bags, zipped pouches, make-up bags, wristlets, headbands -- even eReader cases. Visit my shop and check out or girlie, sassy products! xoxo

Active for Fashion: Graphic Designer/ Apparel Designer in Southern California and the author of Active for Fashion. An online collection of art, design, daily life, handmade objects that inspire me and Weddings on a Budget


  1. love!!!! gussy is the best...two favorites in one spot!!!!! XOXO

  2. i'll have to go check all these blogs out! i always find new favorite blogs through you!

  3. Great sponsors! I've been a fan of Sarah's blog for a long time, and everyone loves Gussy! :) I have to check out some of the other sites!

  4. Great sponsors!! I think gussy is the best, I love sarah's blog, thanks for sharing...

  5. The Motherhood Sharing with you the wonder and beauty of all things baby and confiding in you the ups and downs of going it alone.

  6. I always find new favorite blogs through you!