Monday, July 18, 2011

Guest Post: Katie from Katie's Pencil Box

hi friends! this is katie, from katie's pencil box.
thank you so much to danielle for inviting me over!

i thought we could get serious for a second and talk about something that concerns us all. 
red lipstick.

summer is my favorite time for red lips!
although finding a good shade is a bit tricky...especially if you're a ginger like me.
i get asked a lot what brand and color of red i go i thought i would share with you my tried and true go-to's!

although, be forewarned...i'm not really the best gal to get makeup advice from.
truth be told, i'm cheap. i've been known to add water to my mascara to get a little more life out of it. i also am the girl that uses a q-tip and tweezers to get to the bottom of her foundation bottle. i love getting dolled up and indulging my inner girly girl...but i'm just not too fussy about it. i make do...i'm a macgyver with my makeup bag.
and sadly, more times then not, i have lipstick on my teeth...and it's usually pointed out to me when i'm talking about something serious or giving guff to someone. it's my comeuppances!
 oh dear.
that said, my 3 favorite reds right now are all by revlon. so far i've found their reds don't turn magenta on me and they feel simple and light.

this orangey-red coral lipstick is my new favorite! it looks amazing when wearing yellows or blues.
it's just regular old tube lipstick and i think that's one of the things i love about it. there's something so ladylike and classic about carrying around tubes of lipstick.

the fire and ice is a creme lipstick and a bit more red than the coral. i have a pair of old red-tipped shoes that it matches to a t. it's a perfect bridge between a coral and a deep red.

the colorburst lipgloss in fire is the one i wear the most often!
it's such a beautiful and true red! and it covers well without feeling too heavy.

so what's your favorite red lipstick?
i'm still on the hunt for a good color-stay red that doesn't make my lips look crazy and dry. ack!
if anyone has a suggestion please send it my way!
my guys at home with stained lip marks on their cheeks and mouths will thank you!

happy summer, everyone!
i just looked in the mirror and i have lipstick on my chin.

macgyver of my makeup bag.

happy summer, everyone!


  1. Anytime a fellow ginger posts about makeup I get super excited! I feel like sometimes we are neglected by the beauty industry, so I love reading tips.

    You look gorgeous in all three colors. I love how you keep everything else very natural and let the lips steal the show. :)

    I got my first Revlon Colorburst last month and am really impressed by it.

    My go-to longwearing red has to be MAC's Russian Red. It stays on forever.

  2. Sadly I don't have any lipstick tips BUT enjoyed reading yours! :) thanks for posting while Danielle is away!

  3. I'm only 18 and every time I try out red lips I feel as if it looks all wrong on me. Maybe some people are not meant to don red lips? However, I do like that you've posted a variety of shades (that all look equally amazing on you). I'm now more motivated than ever to find my right shade of red. There is something totally classy and 'adult' about carrying a tube of lipstick! <3

  4. This is the most perfect post ever!! I'm a follower of both of your blogs and I've actually always wanted to ask Katie what brands/colors of lipstick she wears! I've been looking for a good coral color for a while now and am SO excited that Katie's beautiful color isn't super expensive! I'm running out today to pick it up! Thanks to both of you ladies!!


  5. My favorite red lipstick is "Dare You," by Mac.

    A good red lipstick is such a confidence booster. I never leave the house without it. In fact, I recently made my husband grab my lipstick before taking me to the ER to get stitches. Ahem.

  6. I have tried SOOO many different red lipsticks and I feel like a clown each and every time! I hate it because I think its sooo pretty... so classy.. I'm jealous! I love your shades!!!

  7. You look beautiful! I'd love to try red lipstick, but {like you} I'm cheap.

  8. I've been relying on lipstains (I've only tried the CoverGirl brand..but Revlon makes one too...) for bold color that won't smudge when I drink my coffee, or migrate to my teeth or chin! I did a post on my coral lipstain over on my blog last week. Granted, my coral was a bit more pinky-orange than red-orange...but the lipstain i used didn't budge. I'll link you in case you'd like to see the color:)

    Good luck on your search for a long wear:)

  9. What a fun guest post!! YOU are rockin the red lips...I have always been a little hesitant to try this bc I am not sure I can pull it off but your motivating me to stop being a baby and just do it

  10. i love that you love makeup without a super fuss. I'm the same way! Not to mention, I'm pretty cheap with it too and adore my red lips ;)
    thanks Katie!

  11. I love Katie's blog & I love this post. Red lipstick/stains are marvelous once you learn the proper way to apply it. Thanks for sharing Katie!

  12. Great post!

    A great tip for finding what shade suits you best, is put two pieces of white paper next to your face. The white will bring out the tones of your face.

    Fair skin tones are best suited to red lipsticks with blue undertones. A girl at the MAC counter taught me this. It was a great tip!

    I have a pinkish red color from MAC that I love, love, love.

  13. I'm surprised that I didn't see Ruby Woo or Russian Red by MAC on the list. Both are staples every girl must try.

  14. You look great with red lipstick! I always wonder what colours bloggers are wearing, thanks so much for sharing it! I have Fire and Ice- you've inspired me to try it again tomorrow :)

  15. i love wearing lipstick! it instantly makes me feel dolled up. but it always ends up on my teeth. ooh the things we do... :)

  16. yay! I love that you wear drug store brands!
    off to shop....
    xx, elsie

  17. I always have trouble with reds turning a shade of magenta-- the only one that hasn't is Lady Bug by Mac. Also-- the new Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Rebelle is a beautiful orange-red.

  18. Love the bottom picture. You're awesome, Katie. Love your blog. =]

  19. I don't think I'll ever dare to wear red lipstick. It's so bold. It stains. And it attracting attention. Eek :D

  20. I used to manage to get lipstick on my teeth until my Grandma gave me an awesone tip. After applying, stick your finger in your mouth, purse your lips around your finger & drag the finger out of your mouth. Anything that might have smeared on your teeth ends up on your finger! Grandma also told me Not to do this in front of a gentleman, "you'll look like a tart". Thanks Grandma!

  21. I've been searching for the perfect red for a long time! Those colours all look beautiful on you! Great job!

  22. I was just researching the perfect red lipstick for redheads yesterday, and I really didn't find anything too helpful... this post came at the perfect time. ;) Thanks, lovely!

  23. I've only really ever used MAC since I bought it for my wedding and have been too lazy to try other things since then. I like the color but it is super dry! So I will have to try one of these, I love the middle one! You are the loveliest red-lipped lady I know for sure!

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  25. I'm not a red head, but I do have a love of lipstick, and also had issues with the dry old lady lips you sometimes get.
    A friend of mine told me that if you exfoliate your lips the night before, preferably after a shower when the skin is soft, (you can use a toothbrush) then put your face cream or a moisturising lip balm on over night, when you wake the next day your lips will be soft and smooth for paint application :)
    Using lip balm at night also helps to rehydrate after a tough day of looking good ;)

  26. Thanks for the lipstick info, now please share what eyeliner you use. Whatever it is I love it.

  27. thank you so much for that guestpost!!!
    i love love love that coral-red-lipstick!!!
    red is magic...i love that color...

    liebgruss from germany

  28. Lady Bug - Mac. I know the Mac-red-to-have is supposed to be Russian Red, but this one is a little less heavy. Much nicer! Love this post x x x

  29. I tend not to wear any lipstick, but when I do (even if its just around our apartment) I put on the red. It usually last for an hour before it all ends up on my teeth or in my stomach. ;) I've used red stains before, and they tend to stay in place, but often gather in the creases of my lips. :/

  30. i'm suddenly encouraged to find a red that actually looks good on me. this is going to sound totally weird but i can't stand the way lipstick feels on my lips & so, i've never ever worn it. but recently i've discovered that i can tolerate lip stains really well.

  31. I use Ruby Woo from Mac w/ Cherry lipliner. In my 20's I was in love with Mac Diva. Now in my 30s, I'm so down with Ruby Woo. =)
    But my ultimate favorite are Nars Red Lizard & Scarlet Empress, along with Velvet Matte Lip pencils - Dragon Girl and Cruella also by Nars.