Friday, July 8, 2011

Odds & Ends

Hellllooo! I have a bunch of random things to share so I thought I would share a few photos and a some odds and ends as well.

First of all, I've been having such a great time the past couple of days. Last night was extra-great because Hank took over on Daddy duty once Henry went to sleep and I got to enjoy a night out with friends. Amber and I started the evening off at The Raven up on the outdoor patio, then Adie came out and met us and we continued our night downtown. It was a great time (minus that Lone Star beer I tried in honor of Amber's visit from Texas. Yuck!).

Then today Amber, Henry and I headed down to Phoenix for the day so she could get more work done on her thigh piece. The wonderful fellow who tattoos us is a good friend of mine, so it was awesome to spend the day with him and his daughter, laughing and being ridiculous. All in all, awesome. And tomorrow night I'm having a girl's sleepover at my house. Can't wait for yummy food, dancing via Amber's new Michael Jackson game for the Wii, and going out for awhile too. Sleeping bags in the living room? Yes, please! Maybe we'll even play truth or dare. Obviously we're getting crazy.

Here are a couple blog-related things as well:

1) I've been getting tons of questions about the jalapeƱo mustard I talked about in this post!  Believe it or not, I got it at Walmart! Yes! And although I really don't like Walmart very much, I do like that they carry this mustard, so if you have been looking for it, check there. It's in the condiments aisle, with all of the regular (see also: less delicious) mustards.

2) Yes, Journal Day is continuing. I'm trying to get away from weekly features (I don't like feeling obligated to blog about something specific when I'm not feeling it- and journaling has to really be "felt," in my opinion), but I will be doing it at least 2x a month. The next one will be next week!

3) Recently I've been getting lots of questions about my camera. Lately I've been using my Nikon D60 more than ever, along with my brand new 35mm lens (birthday present from Hank).  I love it, and I've been having fun experimenting and trying out new things.

4) Yes, it's true. "Slice of" posts are coming to an end. I have about 5 or 6 more to share and that's it. It's been fun but to be honest I'm excited to wrap it up. The last few I have to share are awesome though, so yay for going out on a positive note! So to answer a very common question- no, I'm not taking anymore submissions.

5) I wanted to thank each of you for all of your support regarding Hello Giggles! I've been having so much fun being a part of their team and writing for them, and it's so neat to see your comments over there as well. I just wanted all of you to know how much I appreciate it, and you!

Have a great weekend! xoxo


  1. i love the idea of a journal post, can't wait to read your next one :)


  2. You know what. You rock. :) And yay for Journal Day any day it comes :D If life worked out totally differently I think you would have been my favourite English teacher :) :) That was my very favourite class in high school ^_^ As it was, my English teacher was awesome. He always made me think, was very funny and made me love reading more than I already did! Too bad I failed to retain any of the grammar I was supposed to learn in Junior High!

    Thank you for being you :)

  3. We'd better hear about the sleepover!! :P

    Sea Marie

  4. Do you get tattooed by Cory Lenherr? He also does my work and just thought it was cool that there is someone out there in the blog world that also gets tattoed by him!

  5. I follow you on Instagram and all this time I thought it was you getting a thigh piece and I was so excited for you to blog about it haha. But congratulations to Amber! I'm such a fan of thigh pieces :)

  6. I'm excited for the journal "series." I hear you on how bothersome weekly features can be... it's why I can never stick to a real blogging routine. I don't like writing about something I don't feel in the mood to write about! Plus, I feel like it really diminishes the quality of my writing/purpose of my blog when I'm posting things I don't want to post for readers... because really (for me) blogging started as a personal goal and it doesn't matter how much readers i have or don't have - I want it to remain personal.

  7. Please don't base your taste of Texas beer on Lone Star! If you ever get a chance, I highly recommend Fireman's is delicious and doesn't taste like the river. :)

  8. I hear you on the weekly feature issue...sometimes it can be a great way to motivate me but other times it can just be unnecessarily stressful. I love the journal series, excited to see more of it...and glad you like the 35mm lens, it's my favorite!

  9. i found the mustard at Target too!! (for those of you wanting to avoid wal-mart)