Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Guest Post: Allie from It's a Wonderful Life

Hello Sometimes Sweet readers! My name is Allie and I'm a newly married, newly mommed gal from Savannah, Georgia. I am so excited to be writing here today, thanks for having me Danielle!

Growing up, my mom always took the time to tell us magical stories. I fondly remember refilling the silver thimble on the window's ledge with water so that the fairies would have something to drink at night. One time she handed me a glass bottle of glitter and told me it was pixie dust (I was really into Peter Pan) and I spent a good half hour in the backyard, sprinkling it on my head and jumping off rocks in hopes of flying. I was that kid who believed in Santa for an uncomfortable amount of time.

My mom was always coming up with these little stories, fun and silly things to believe in. And every time she told us a new one I believed her. This curiosity she sparked within me made life seem so....special. I mean, if there really is a fairy in the fridge who turns the light on and off then what other amazing things does this world have to offer me? With each tale, my imagination blossomed. I realized that there are greater things out there and that we are just a small part of a bigger piece. That there is so much to discover.

As my own baby grows I am even more thankful for the sense wonderment towards the unknown that my mother instilled in me. Henry's own amazement for new discoveries is more apparent to me and it's something I will never grow tired of watching. As he enters toddlerhood, I am looking forward to passing on some of the stories my mom told to us. I want him to trudge through the woods with a spy notebook and really believe he's solving a great mystery. I want him him to look up at the stars and wonder what else is out there and how he can get to it. I want Henry to believe in the impossible for as long as he can and to grow up with a profound curiosity about everything around him. Isn't childhood beautiful?


  1. How incredible! My mom was the same. My sister and I used to write notes for the fairies that lived in the huge tree in our back yard. We would then get tini-tiny notes back handwritten by the "fairies". We always left out snacks for Santa without even getting suspicious when Santa requested a glass of Coke instead of the traditional milk. Haha! God bless amazing parents!

  2. Allie is my favorite! :)

  3. My father was that way with my siblings and I. I also believed in Santa for...a lot longer than most. I do the same for my kids. It really does help feed their imagination.

  4. This is an incredible post. Thanks for writing day seems much more beautiful for having read it. <3

  5. This is completely spot on, and so beautifully written.

    Thank you for bringing some extra magic into today.

  6. allie and her family is so adorable. xxoo

  7. What a wonderful goal, and what a happy little boy he will be! I have a beautiful mental image of him "trudging through the forest with a spy notebook." It really is a wonderful life.

  8. It is great to believe in things when you are a kid. It is a special time that you never get back. I am with you in the believing-in-santa-until-a-kinda-late-age club though. I don't understand people who are like "yeah, I figured santa wasn't real when I was six". I'm just like, really? But REALLY??

  9. Allie,
    Making those magical moments for your kids brings back the magic in your own life!


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