Friday, September 30, 2011

Weekend links, odds & ends, and a giveaway winner!

Henry wanted to try his hand at web-chatting on his own! ;)

Today I head off to Las Vegas, but before I hit the road with Anita, I thought I'd share a couple of odds and ends, and some links!  I'm super excited about this weekend and I can't wait to spend some good quality girl time with Anita, Andy, Brittney and Vanessa! I adore these gals and I envision tons of fun over the next couple of days! Feel free to follow along via Twitter or instagram (danihampton) for fun updates.

A couple quick blog-related items:

This is just a note for any of my upcoming sponsors- because I'll be away on the 1st, your ad will go up the evening of Sunday the 2nd. I'll leave them up one extra day next month to make up the difference.

The winner of the Handmade Colectibles $45 shop credit is Jessica West Judkins! Jessica, go ahead and email me at sometimessweetblog @ gmail to claim your prize. Congratulations, and thanks again to all who entered!

Bright Starts was kind enough to send Henry a toy to check out, and although I was under no obligation to blog about it, I really wanted to share how much he loves it!  We got it about a month ago, and at first he wasn't sure what to do with the little pop-ups, but now he totally understands to push them down, then pop them back up again. He loves it. I also think the airplane noises it makes are pretty awesome and I'd highly recommend checking out this toy if you're in the market for a fun cause/effect toy for your child, or as a gift for a little one around Henry's age. Their website is great too, and definitely worth a look.

And now, some links!  I hope all of you have the best weekend - thank of me this weekend as I'm out and about in Vegas. I may pull a slot machine or two, so send me good luck vibes too! ;)


James' "Bits and Pieces" feature makes me so happy. I love all of the fun glimpses into her family's everyday.

I am loving this video- giving old books new life! I immediately thought of one of my favorite literary friends, Diana!

Live in the Phoenix area? Doesn't this restaurant sound good? It's definitely on our list of must-gos.

Totally enjoyed reading Kelly Ann's 10 things. I think I may do this next week!

Okay, how neat is this?! I think it would be so useful.

Jumpsuit Friday? Where do I sign up? I think these women are adorable.

More babies in blog world! I am just tickled pink for this soon to be mama!

This is a great idea for a cheap update in your home. And a great idea for renters.

Peter Pan collars. For everything you own!

Liz's post has me wanting to pack up and take a little weekend trip to Pinetop, AZ.

I am such a sucker for English Muffins (and butter, yum), that I am absolutely trying out this recipe soon.

Seriously loving all of the details in this baby shower.

If you fall, and you love food...then I promise, you'll love this post.

The prettiest ring for a cool $9. Awesome.

Greige and sherbet...I think this may just be my new favorite color combination.

I really enjoy reading all of my Journal Day submissions. This week, I found Liz's post to be extraordinarily raw (and so brave). 

I always admire all of Jen's outfits, but this one really stands out. The fall colors are so inspiring!

This post makes me want to head to the nearest fair immediately! I simply love all of Emily's photos.

And finally, a couple blogs I've been extra-loving lately: one, two and three.

I also want to end with my girl Adele's new video. I just LOVE her!


  1. Danielle, I always enjoy the links you post!
    Have so much fun in Vegas!! Can't wait to see pics!!

    Thanks so much for your support!

    Katie :)

  2. You always have the best links. I also really enjoyed Liz's journal entry - extremely intense and, as you said, raw. Thanks for sharing all of these and have a fabulous weekend!

  3. Ahh! Pomegranate is not too far from our house! It's next to the TJ's we shop at and we talk about wanting to go all the time! A little bakery, Something Sweet (which I totally mistook for Sometimes Sweet at first,) just opened up down the way from it too. :)

    Also, Emerson said he wanted to play with Henry & pet Madeline after watching Henry's little vid :)

  4. I always love your links. That Henry is so stinking cute! My daughter was standing next to me when I was watching and said, "I want that, but a sister"

    Have fun in Vegas! I'm headed to Prescott for a Bachelorette party in a month! I need to ask you about restaurants. I'll email you soon ;)

  5. Thanks for the shout out Danielle! Anyone can join in- the more the merrier! All you need is a jumpsuit of your own :)

  6. Pomegranate is awesome. I make it a point to eat there whenever I'm home from Chicago visiting my family. My favorite is the Buddha bowl--I get it every time I go :)

  7. i love aaaal the links!
    thank you!

  8. Okay, for real, why haven't H and K gotten together for a play date yet?! She would LOVE him. :)

  9. Hey, girl. If you're gonna try to make english muffs don't worry about buying the molds... just use mason jar lids, but be sure to grease the heck out of 'em! Here's where I saw it...

    Thanks for all the awesome posts!

  10. Made my little heart skip a beat when I saw my blog pop up from that link! You sweetiepie! Hope you're having an amazing time this weekend! x

  11. I really enjoy all of the great links you post and that video of Henry is adorable! Have fun in Vegas!! :)

  12. Ugh! I am so behind. I still wanna participate in this last journal topic! ACK!

  13. thanks so much! it's fun to have other people excited with me :) and of course i love and appreciate the example of awesome mommas out there like you who are such an example to me!

  14. Little Henry's video is precious and I love Madeline's cameo, haha.

    Ok, I can't NOT share that library vid! Must! Thanks for sharing (and thinking of me!!) <33