Saturday, September 10, 2011

Weekend links!

photo from our walk through our neighborhood yesterday morning

My Friday links have yet again become Saturday links (and from now on will now just be called Weekend Links!) because I just couldn't bear to spend too much time on the computer yesterday. It was the most beautiful day up here in the mountains, and it truly felt like fall. Henry and I started our day with the earliest walk, and ended up being out for almost two hours- the weather was just that perfect. Dark skies, clouds overhead, and the feeling like it's going to start raining at any moment. My favorite. Later in the day we ran some errands (Target, Micheal's) and then spent the afternoon with Adie, girl talking and having the best time. Then Hank, Henry and I headed downtown to enjoy a walk in the cool air and some hot coconut tea at our favorite coffee shop. I ended the evening in bed, talking for hours on the phone to my best girlfriend. All in all it was a perfect Friday. And the perfect day to not spend online.

Today though is a little different. Although it's a Saturday, Hank's playing in a golf tournament so it's a little quiet around these parts. Henry just went down for his first nap so I thought I would use a portion of it to share some of my favorite links from the past week! Enjoy, and happy weekend!

I contributed a post on my pal Katie's blog yesterday, to conclude her "Friday is for Friends" series. I talked all about making your weekend extraordinary!

Very excited that my sweet friend James is contributing to Lucky Kids this month! Yay James!  Here's this week's post.

DIY paint swatch chandelier. So pretty, so rad.

Have you ever heard of "the curse of the crying boy"? Weird!

Aren't these earrings gorgeous? They'd really spice up a simple dress or outfit.

A great read on CNN about what teachers really want to tell parents. I loved this from both a former teacher's and a parent's point of view.

I love getting ideas for new books to read. 

Do you like green tea? Moorea talks about making the perfect cup.

A have a handful of gluten-free friends, and I think they'd love this banana bread recipe!

Does this come in my size?

I share a deep love for Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. Totally on the same page as you, Katie!

"Portrait: The Sequel." What an amazingly beautiful look into one family's everyday.

I am absolutely making these this week. SO cute and they look so easy!

Ugh. I want all of this. So, so, so perfect for fall.

I love Liz's Lust List!

These are my new pair of shoes for my upcoming girls' trip to Vegas! So incredibly comfortable and super cute on.

I adore this idea for a bouquet. Our wedding colors were mustard yellow and gray, and I can only imagine how great it would be to have your bouquet on display forever!

Do you follow the Big Buddha blog already?

I want to live in this wedding. Seriously one of the most beautiful weddings I've seen.

I love this idea - mini caprese bites!

"That Time We Ate Our Way Through Spain." Doesn't that title just begged to be clicked? Yum.

Okay I kind of love that Henry can wear a bib that matches our much-loved duvet cover!

Here's a little deal for my readers - Bluepea is offering 15% off this month (code: MGTSEPT11). There are some cute things in there!

And finally, this week I've been loving these blogs: one (dying over her adorable vacation photos), two (one of my favorite wedding blogs!), and three (isn't Harper the cutest?!)

Have a great Saturday!


  1. I always love your links, especially because your baby boy is only a few months ahead of mine so everything is always very relatable!
    Smoking Crayolas Blogspot

  2. thanks! so inspiratinal to browse through all the links every week! enjoy your weekend, Paula :)

  3. yay! these are great as always. Especially loved the Spain post:)

  4. I love that CNN article about teachers and parents. I'm a high school English teacher and those really are the things I'd like to say to parents. Great links! Happy weekend!

  5. you would look amazingly adorable in that Madeline costume!! Great links this week!

  6. I love getting links. So fun! XO, Rae

  7. As a teacher, I LOVED reading the CNN article written by Ron Clark. So awesome, and so true!

  8. What an increadible picture, the weather most have been so georgeous!

    sounds like a wonderful saturday :)


  9. Thank you for sharing the CNN link! As my son has just started preschool, I can't help but think what an important, big role his teacher has on his life! I want to make sure I make a good impression on her! I can't understand why people aren't more respectful to teachers, it is a shame we are loosing many due to crazy parents!

  10. thanks for sharing these. that portrait series was touching. those fall clothes are to die for. totally trying the lasagna cups!

  11. Thanks so much for the link, sweet friend<3

  12. oh thank you so much for your sweet link! Lovely blog you have here x

  13. i like your post. very nice sharing.

  14. I am going to eat the daylights out of that gluten-free banana bread and those mini-caprese bites. I love caprese but it can be kind of hard to eat...such a perfect idea!

  15. Thank you so much for the link lovely Danielle! <3

    Katie x

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