Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Check out my double guest post on this fine day!

Good morning everyone!  Today I'm over at two different blogs participating in a very special project. On Ashley's blog I'm talking about being a mama, and on Casey's I'm sharing a personal story from my past. Both of these girls are such amazing, inspiring women, and I'm so happy to be a part of their blogs for the day! Thanks again for having me ladies- I adore both of you so, so much.

Here's a little more about their project from their blogs -

Creating, sharing, and inspiring connects us all together. Every day we are drawn to blogs that make us feel something, and we take a little piece of it with us. Behind every one of our favorite blogs, there's a person. A person with real emotions, fears, goals, and weird quirks that we never really get to experience first hand. We've brought together your favorite bloggers to give you a more intimate take on their lives, so you can catch the little details that make them who they are. Every Wednesday, we'll be capturing the lives of the people behind your daily reads in a way that you won't experience anywhere else.

Each week on Casey's blog, you will hear a more personal story about one of your favorite bloggers.... why they are the way they are, stories on loss or happiness, struggles or triumphs...we want to have them share the happiest moment of their life, or a time that they grew stronger because of an enormous trial placed in their path.

On Ashley's blog, they will be sharing any advice they have for you readers. It can be about fashion, being a mom or wife, how to grow your blog, how to start your own business, etc. Whatever their niche is, you will hear their expert advice!

Check out my post on Ashley's blog here and Casey's here!


  1. I read both of your guest posts earlier today! You are such an inspiration. I love what you mentioned on Ashley's blog and how you were able to realize that you shouldn't let moments pass you by. I always look forward to your posts and reading your insights :)

  2. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your post on Casey Weigand's blog today. That one really hits home with me, especially the part about the influence our behaviors have on our children.

    I have a 9-year-old daughter and a couple years ago I walked in on her squeezing the skin around her stomach in front of the mirror. I was horrified b/c I knew instantly who she picked that up from. The sad part is, both of us are tiny. I was ashamed. I knew right then I needed to change the way I thought about myself, even if only for Lex's benefit.

    Now we run together and cook together and I can only hope that when she's 13, or however old you are when your body image starts being skewed, that she remembers what I'm trying to teach her (and myself) now.

    Sorry for the novel. ;o) I should have just said, I agree. and left it at that. Ha!

  3. commenting here b/c both of the others have theirs turned off. both of your posts were beautiful, but the one on Ashley's blog really hit home. I'm pregnant now & what a good reminder. It was lovely, thank you for sharing it.

  4. that post on ashley's blog hit me hard. thank you. :)

  5. I checked out both your posts and especially loved your advice on focusing on the here and now. It was very timely for me and may have even been responsible for me realising that I need to step back, so thankyou. I am also a highschool English teacher and head of curriculum and was struggling with the fact that I have to let go next year. (I am due in March with Bub #1.) I'm not saying I'm there yet, but I'm working on letting go of all that I currently do, so i can shift my focus to what will likely be the most important 'job' I will ever have. Thank you.

  6. i loved loved loved your guest post on ashley's blog. i've been thinking a lot about that lately and you put it into words so well! off to read your other :)

  7. Loved your guest posts today! Both of them hit me so hard. I have a little 18 month old son and I find myself trying to multi-task all the time and probably not giving him the attention he needs at this moment. It just really hit me how I really do need to SLOW DOWN and cherish him more. This blogging stuff and internships will probably be over before I know it. But will I look back and appreciate the moments where I was connecting with others or the moments that I took time to enjoy my family and take my son to the park? You made me realize that I honestly have better priorities that I need to remember.

    And your post on Casey's blog felt like it was speaking to me as well!! (You got me twice!) Since having my son I have had SO many issues with my body image. To the point where I just won't eat anything all day hoping that it will cancel out the cookies or ice cream I ate the day before. I hated when I heard people say how they fit in their jeans after their baby and I couldn't. I got to a really bad place and STILL have struggles with it everyday. Your post really helped remind me what I want to teach my children and that I should always be positive instead of put myself down.

    Thank you so much for your wonderful inspiration! It truly means so much

    (And so sorry for this novel of a comment :) )

  8. I love your post about taking time to really suck in this whole motherhood thing. I have been realizing lately that I need to slow down also. Thanks for the reminder