Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Clothes for boys.

Before we found out that Henry was a indeed a Henry I had been harboring secret dreams of having a little girl.  In my mind I envisioned dressing our daughter in adorable dresses, tights and glittery shoes, one day passing down my dress collection, and sharing makeup and hair products as she got older. When the ultrasound technician informed us that my "she" was really a "he," I'll admit that even though I was beyond excited (I mean, hello, a baby is a baby!), a small part of me was sad that I'd most likely never have any of those experiences with my son.  After that appointment my family and I went to Target and I'm not proud to admit that there was a moment involving the tiniest, cutest watermelon print bathing suit and an abundance of tears. True story. But hours later as I sat alone in our house, dreaming of what our little man would be like, I realized that being the mama of a boy was what I was meant to do; that this was exactly the life I wanted, and what was meant to be.

And now I couldn't imagine life any other way. I love my sweet Henry with everything I've got, and if all of our future kiddos are boys I am positive I'll be happy and feel incredibly fulfilled.  It's funny how things change- once upon a time I was dreaming of dance classes and frilly dresses and now I find myself picking up Henry's trucks and dinosaurs off of the floor. And that's not to say that one day Henry won't want to engage in activities our society deems to be more of a female gender role (whatever makes him happy), but all I know is that I couldn't be more over the moon about my boy...and one day I'm sure we will laugh over my ridiculous watermelon-bathing-suit-moment.

With that said, at first it was a little challenging to find cute clothes for Henry amidst a sea of dresses and leggings, but with time it's become so much easier. And now, I actually prefer boys clothes over girls!

I thought I'd share a few of my favorite places to find great boys clothing with all of you! All but one of these are pretty obvious places, so if you have another site you'd like to add to the list, feel free to add it in the comments- I'd love to check it out.

1. Target

This is probably my most favorite, affordable place to shop for Henry, and pretty much the only decent shopping in our little town. Whenever we make a Target run I always check out their graphic tees- they're usually $5 and they typically have a few non-cheesy, cute ones.  More recently Target has also come out with THE BEST dark wash skinny jeans for baby boys (for just $14) and I actually like them much better than Gap or even Levis. And at half the price of those brand names you can't go wrong. Target is also a good spot to find cute sweaters for little guys (as shown up above), and some of my most favorite polo shirts of Henry's are from there as well.

2. H&M

H&M is in close running for my favorite place to buy Henry clothing, and their cardigan selection alone almost pushes them into the number one spot.  H&M is a little pricier than Target, but you can find great deals on random things, like the aforementioned basic cardigan, which runs about $8.  Right now they have a ton of cute sweaters with elbow patches and great striped long sleeves. And speaking of stripes, that's probably my favorite thing to dress Henry in, and H&M is all about the stripes. They also have a good selection of shoes and almost always have a new, fun hat every time we pop in. Too bad Henry hates hats. One day, maybe.

3. Baby Gap

A couple of my friends live and die by Baby Gap for their little boys, but I often have a hard time throwing down the money for things I know Henry will only wear for a short while. I'll usually shop here for more special items, like his shark wetsuit or a great sweater, but for the basics I'll usually stick to Target. However, when they run their amazing sales all bets are off and I don't feel too guilty buying that $40 sweater for him at 40% off.  Baby Gap is chock full of amazing items, from heavy winter coats to button ups, to cute skinny jeans and tennies. Really great, quailty stuff. A little pricier, but even if it's out of your price range it's always fun to pop in and get ideas.

4. Old Navy

This is a great place for basics, and I've had good luck finding fun things here, like the vintage looking Phoenix Suns tee shirt we can't wait for Henry to fit into. They always have great sales online, and Old Navy is a good place to find good quality items for less than you pay at normal stores. For newborns they also usually have adorable onesies and fun little outfits, and most recently I've loved their striped crew neck long sleeves and really great gray wash skinny jeans for Henry.

5. 3 Ring Circus
If you're looking for amazing vintage items for kids, this is the place! I love their selection of unusual vintage boys clothing, and I love that it's moderately priced. Three Ring Circus has everything from clip on ties to adorable jumpers. And don't even get me started on all of the amazing dresses for little girls. I'll save that for another post, maybe one day down the line.

How about you? Do you have any great places for finding little boys items? Do tell!



  1. I really think that you guys dress little Henry sooo cute!

    He is the best dressed little guy around!

    Especially that outfit at the pumpkin patch..eek! Too cute!

    Xo katie

  2. I like Old Navy as well -- I found the cutest knitted skull sweater there! I wish we had a Target -- my friend got us the CUTEST little Paul Frank fedora that I can't wait for him to grow into!

  3. I know exactly what you mean... except for me... it was the other way around LOL I wanted a boy so bad. But now that I have my little girl, I wouldn't want it any other way. And it is so much fun to dress her up! But I agree, before we found out she was a girl, I was having a hard time finding cute boy clothes too, but had no trouble at all finding baby girl clothes all wrapped up in cuteness. These are all great places to shop! Old Navy is one of my favs. (I admit, I still check out the boys clothes and get lost in my daydreams of one day having a boy) LOL

    Visiting from http://prettylilpieces.blogspot.com/

  4. Target ALLLLLLLLL the way. Cutest and still not ridiculously cheap clothes for my little man.

    Try Toys R Us! They are a toy store but have alllll kinds of clothes. (Also they almost always have sales on their clearance. Like ridiculously awesome sales.)


  5. Love target and h&m. Also like amy cole's line at Babies R Us. I had a similar moment like you after hearing I was having a 3rd boy, but now I couldn't imagine it any other way

  6. Agree with #1-4 (never hear of #5)...

    I was having such a hard time finding stuff that didn't say "Mom's Tough Guy" or something along those lines. Target has been great lately...most of the stuff that is super adorable there seems to start at 12 months but my chunkster will be there soon :)

  7. I just did a post on this topic myself - I'm so much not a fan of most boy clothes which has been hard with my son, but H&M is one of my favs now that we have it in Dallas (as well as Gap on mega-sale). Old Navy is always a trusty standby for when we need something in a flash. And, believe it or not, Walmart has good plain sweatpants which I love for crawling around the house.

    When there's a great sale, or I have a generous Grandparent around, I love Peek.


  8. I love Target and always wish there was one closer to our house. Those sweaters are adorable & I especially love the jeans!

  9. I melt when I walk by the kid's section in H&M! There clothes are so adorable!

    I love that robot sweater! Ah!

  10. I think Henry dresses really cute :)

    I know how you feel, I have a feeling when it comes time to have babies I'll be slightly disappointed if I have a boy only due to the cute girl clothing! :) but like you said, a baby is a baby!

    Amanda | http://notsocountry.blogspot.com/

  11. Surprisingly JCPenny's has some good finds for little boys. I am not a fan of their clothes for me but we have found some cute shirts there for our little man & little girl. Also if you are ever down in Phoenix I don't know if you have ever tried Hissyfits Consignment on 7th st & Glendale. They have lots of designer stuff for kids for pretty darn cheap!

  12. H&M is by far my favorite but their sizes seem to run a bit big, at least for boys (or maybe my boy is just a shrimp). Noah fit into the 12-18 months well into 2 years and now at nearly-3 is wearing the 1-2 or 2-3 size. The advantage to that when he was still wearing infant sizes were the lower price points.

    The Mini Social is by far my favorite "sale of the week" online shop (contending with zuilly and ideeli). I have found so many small designers with really unique (but pricey) items at discount prices. They also regularly feature sales for American Apparel and Petite Bateau which are awesome brands for high quality basics that I just can't bring myself to pay full price for.

    I also love Zara and now that they ship to the US, I've indulged in a few of their pieces. I can't wait until the end of the season when they have a sale and I can really splurge on my little guy.

  13. Aww! This post is too sweet. And I love how you say mentioned gender roles and "whatever makes him happy!" So cool that our society is moving in that direction. :) I would gladly wear some of the clothes you put Henry in, that is one stylin' child!

  14. don't worry, Dani..I teared up a bit when I found out Logan was a boy. I thought for sure he was a she. But like you said, once they're here your every breath revolves around them and you wouldn't have it any other way.
    Honestly, the best place I find kiddie clothes is the second hand store or thrift stores. I too cannot handle spending money on things I know they won't wear for long. Not to mention you always find some cool vintage finds in the mix. Another great resource is friends!! I have gotten bags of things from friends that they no longer need or not for a year or two anyway. I label it all and happily have my dudes strutting around town. Moms, dads even kids can have great style for practically nothing. It just takes a bit of creativity!

  15. i was the exact same way! sad at first to hear i was having a girl but now i wouldn't trade it for the world. having a baby boy is the best!

  16. I can totally relate! I badly wanted a little girl. But I'm so glad I have a boy and I love all the stores you listed.

  17. I was so happy when I found out that our little peanut was a boy, but I do feel your pain on how cute (and accessible) girls clothes seem.

    My little man will be here in February. Thanks for all of the advice on places to shop!

  18. We finally got target here a month ago so that's where I go now. Before it was walmart

  19. holy cute! I love 3 ring circus, I shop at all the shops you have listed, but I also thrift, allot and we are lucky to have amazing thrift stores here in Northern VA, I was actually able to score this amazing vintage vest for Judah before he was born


    I think its from the 70s :-)
    ps boys are more fun to dress than girls :-)i

  20. Little boy clothes are really really cute!! I love when little guys look like tiny gentlemen!

    I just bought a few things from 3 ring circus for my sister who is due in November. So excited!

  21. I wish I could help you, but my wife and I don't have any children and on top of that, I've never even BEEN around children! :(

    However, I'm commenting to say...

    Thank you for this:

    "And that's not to say that one day Henry won't want to engage in activities our society deems to be more of a female gender role (whatever makes him happy)"

    More mama's and well, more people in general, need to think this way!

  22. I don't know if you have a Tesco over in America? It's a supermarket but they do clothes aswell called Florence & Fred, maybe they just have it here in England, google time!
    Yeah anyway I'm digressing, they do really cute kids clothes too and not too expensive either!! :)

  23. http://store.urbanbabyrunway.com/index.html - cute stuff for boys, but a little pricey! It's always nice when I want to splurge a bit. Otherwise, I am also in LOVE with Target!

  24. I just got the sweetest vintage pajamas here! http://www.etsy.com/shop/FawnVintage01. Also LOVE Target...and crazy enough...Kmart!

  25. Henry is (much) better dressed than most the men I know! He is TOO cute!! I always pass the kids' section on my way to the shoes at Target and the clothing for little dudes is just too stinking adorable! LOVED his little cardigan picture you had from the pumpkin patch photos!

  26. My absolute favorite for my son is Tea brand! Well made and stylin stuff for boys.
    And Henry always look adorable!

  27. I don't know if it is just a Canadian store but I have bought my nephews lots of adorable clothes from Please Mum.

  28. I hear you on the girl front, I secretly hoped that my second son was a girl at the beginning of my pregnancy, but when I heard the tech say "it's a boy" all that melted away and I can honestly say I am 100% fulfilled being a mama to two amazing little boys!!!

    But I'll confess, I HATE my town for shopping. All we have is Baby Gap and Walmart. I'll buy the main things {t-shirts, etc} from Walmart, as well as the "play outfits". Baby Gap is where I go for the big things, jackets, sweaters, dress clothes etc. I wish we had H&M in town, but we don't. Sometimes Sears has good stuff too.

    I'm just waiting for Target to come to Ontario!

  29. As a mother of two boys you named all my favorite shops! I do like to hit some boutique shops for unique pieces, but like you don't like spending the money! Tea Collection also has great cloths and of course I love marshalls and Tjmaxx!

  30. Consignment, consignment, consignment! Here in Portland, there are a couple in every neighborhood, so I buy so little new. Seriously, so little. Maybe basic onesies and perfect cardigans every now and then. And don't be afraid to dress your boys in color. No color is off limits for my 9 month old little guy, and it's quite easy to pare all colors of the rainbow with something perfectly "boy" if you're worried that people may mistake your he-baby for a she-baby. Once you commit to being creative and not enforcing any rules on your babycakes' wardrobe, it will all fall into place, I gurantee it.

  31. I have dreams of dressing my little man in Crewcuts from JCrew, but one outfit would definitely break the bank. Target does have great clothes for boys. Some of my favorite outfits for my son have come from Target. Old Navy is also a favorite to pick up clothes for him. They have great play clothes that are comfy and still cute without being cheesy or plastered with characters. I just had a girl and I've been having more fun that I thought doing DIY projects (mostly accessories for now) for her than I have had doing actual shopping--although, shopping for her is super fun :)

  32. 77 kids (www.77kids.com) i american eagles line for boys and the clothes are absolutely adorable and they have great sales.

    Japanese monkey pansts are also a favorite of mine for boy selcetions.

  33. I have a baby girl and love dressing her up, but if I had a little boy and (money) I would be buying all the cute outfits on the ZARA website. I think their boy collection is cutter than the girls honestly.

    By the way, LOVE your blog!


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  35. A good choice for Gap is the outlet, I used to hit up the one in Anthem for baby clothes because I had a hard time paying full price as well!

  36. Funny thing is I thought/ felt the same for a boy even though I'm definitely a girl's girl. I deeply thought I was having a boy till we found out it was a girl.

    I actually have so much better luck finding cheaper things at baby gap than I do at target and more durable to boot.. Although I love love love target for myself.

  37. Thank you so much for admitting the whole boy/girl story. I'm expecting my first baby this February, and although I'm super excited to be having a boy, I'm a little scared that a girl may never be in my future... I felt so guilty thinking that, so I appreciate you voicing it for me! Now I feel more normal having those thoughts.

    But you're right - I've been thoroughly enjoying the Target boy's section. I was hoping that the Harajuku mini collection would have boy's clothing (esp seeing as Gwen Stefani has boys!) but so far I've only seen hints of little girl stuff... sad!

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