Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy weekend! (a little update and links)

Photo on 2011-10-07 at 12.02 #8
Friday afternoon, just hanging out with the original Hampton baby

This week fall really arrived up here in the mountains. It's beautiful. Every night it's been getting darker a little earlier, and the chill in the air has got me beyond excited for the season. And speaking of beyond excited, can I tell you how happy I am that the weekend is here? We've just been so busy the past month, and after this weekend the "busy" picks up again, so we are really going to kick back and enjoy a rare family weekend with no obligations. Earlier this morning I took Henry to the high school for the Homecoming Pep Assembly and we had a great time seeing old students and my teacher friends. He was all smiles and especially liked watching the dancers. It was surreal to think that one year ago I attended that very same assembly, but I was 9 months pregnant! Crazy to think how much changes in a year. And then tonight is date night in our house! My two boys are taking me out for dinner followed by a stroll downtown. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll get treated to some coconut tea too!

Tomorrow morning we are heading the pumpkin patch for some good old-fashioned hay-riding and pumpkin-picking! And then the rest of the day is for odds and ends around the house. I want to organize the household randomness above the washer and dryer into some bins, go through Henry's closet and store his 9-12 month clothing that's too small, and finish decorating for fall! I'm sure you wanted to know those details. haha.

I hope whatever you do, you have a fantastic weekend. Happy Friday!


First things first. One of my old school friends way back from junior high and high school was diagnosed with testicular cancer and is undergoing financial hardship trying to pay for everything sans insurance.  Will's girlfriend, Kate, is actually the lady behind For Me, For You (small world, ain't it), and she is doing a fundraiser of sorts that I'd love for you to check out. Both Kate and Will are artists, so they are selling prints to raise money. If you have a moment, please head over their way. Thank you guys so much.

Happy birthday
to one of the sweetest babies ever!

This is absolutely magical.

My girl Diana is starting a new online magazine. Definitely check this out.

Need some seasonal mantel inspiration? Loving Lauren's round-up.

Got a second and want to vote for a cute couple to win a fabulous wedding?

Sarah's blog always makes me smile, and often it's her simple posts that do it the most.

I love all of this- the fall outfits, the kiddos, the bonfire!

Don and Rachel are two of my favorite people in the internet, and I really liked this post about their identity and being a parent.

Loving these camera bags...and stay tuned for something special from them next week! ;)

Gatsby night?  Really? What a cute idea.  Love it.

My current favorite necklace from my favorite Etsy shop. So happy to have discovered these ladies. Adorable and affordable.

Kyla's October inspiration has got me inspired!

Sweet potato hummus. Yes please.

I love Katie's adorable hair bow!

Curious about eating clean but don't know where to start? This book is a good place to begin.

And finally, here's a blog I'm loving this week!



  1. Relaxing weekends are always the best!

    Thanks again for throwing our link in there, Danielle! I've been stalking the blog all morning in anticipation! You really are the sweetest!

  2. I always love your Friday links. I'm definitely bookmarking that hairbow post. x

  3. dani, why are you the nicest person ever? also, your dog? SO CUTE!

    and--my word verification is 'swalibb', that makes it a great day, just say it out-loud, you'll be glad you did.

  4. that picture is so cute!

  5. Adorable picture :) And sounds like a great weekend. Have a blast! <3

    Sorry to hear about your friend with cancer, hope he gets better quick!

  6. Have a great weekend. I'm relaxing too. Much needed! xo, rv

  7. Hope you have a great weekend, sounds like you will. :) I love the chill in the air and the sooner is begins to get dark out, there's something calming and inspiring about that. :)

  8. have an excellent weekend! we're doing some relaxing ourselves :)

  9. Pumpkin patch time here too.

    Sorry for your friend. :( Cancer sucks.

  10. Sorry for your friends. thanks for the links~

  11. Those pictures are too cute! Your baby boy is so beautiful :) I really love your blog!