Thursday, October 27, 2011

Shop My Closet!

These items are the things I couldn't bear to part with last time I did a Shop My Closet, but my organizing and simplifying has gotten the best of me and I edited down my closet even more.  This resulted in 100 items being listed in my "Shop My Closet" store on Goodsie!  These items are either too big, too small, or they just don't get enough use to justify a hanger. You'll find sizes XS-L and some bags too! Be sure to click on the "zoom" button to view the entire photo (especially the dresses!).

Please note I am shipping U.S. only and offering a flat $5 shipping fee for your entire cart. All items will ship out sometime next week.

Thank you so much, and happy shopping!


  1. LOL! That is more clothing than I even have in my whole closet, it's amazing your parting with so many things. You must have a big closet! :)

  2. i don't know why i did that to myself and looked through all 7 pages... i wish we were the same size! there is some really cute stuff on there...

    and that purple bag is super cute, i wish it was red!

  3. Would you recommend using that site as a store? Is it worth the little bit of money each month?
    I really don't want to sell my stuff through a random page on my blog if I don't have to. (And I want to sell stuff that I'm not able to sell on Etsy since it's not handmade or vintage. And I don't like personally selling anything on Ebay.)

  4. I wish I could have it all! It's all so cute!

  5. You have sweet taste. Would love to see a post on your personal shopping tips! (kind of like the one you just did for Henry)

  6. Thanks! I adore your taste and I found some things that should be perfect for my upcoming babymoon cruise! <3

  7. Hey. Can you please vote for my son on this? You have to Boston Photography, Wiggle Worms and his picture. Thank you sooo much!


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