Monday, October 31, 2011

this past week via Instagram

This past week...

I wore a lot of fall colors,

took Henry to our public library's storytime,

played games and sang Halloween songs with him,

treated myself to a delicious breakfast,

visited baby Zelia and her proud parents (mama Mary not pictured),

made up my own concoction of sea-salt dark chocolate raspberries,

laughed at my toothy, goofy boy and took a lot of walks in the cool mornings,

went to a dinner party at The Molines...

enjoyed homemade soup,

got in some Adie time,

Hank cooked us a delicious vegan meal,

we snapped lots of family photos,

enjoyed the gorgeous fall days,

had an apple slice dipping bar + Hocus Pocus night at our house,

and we bought our Christmas tree! Although we won't be putting it up quite yet!

How about you? Did you do anything fun this past week?


  1. Oh how I love this post, and Instagram! Beautiful pictures, and sounds like a good time!

  2. That last picture is so sixties. I enjoy it.

  3. It sounds like you've had a week full of living and loving! My best part of the week was visiting with great friends from far away who were in town visiting!

  4. Love that picture of Henry and Adie! And that soup was positively delish. Gorgeous pictures and lovely memories, as always!

  5. Love the family picture in front of the fire place, absolutely adorable!

  6. Chicka chicka boom boom! The librarian as the coconut tree is a GREAT idea!!! My oldest is in love with that book!

  7. apple slice dipping bar? yum!!!
    these are some great pics! looks like a pretty cute lil weekend!

    xo katie

  8. i love that red dress on you! you are glowing!

    in the first story time picture, i was a little confused as to why the kid in the background had a cone on his head. then in the next picture i realized they were dressed up. :)

    i was following your blog this time last year, and we had the exact same due date. i can't believe our babies are about to be one!!

  9. such a fun busy week!!! i can't believe you got a xmas tree :) although i've been secretly dreaming about getting out our decorations. haha.

  10. Your instgram photos always make my day a little bit brighter!

  11. I love that you're wearing fall colors :) My favorite season!

  12. Saw your name on another friend's blogroll and stopped by to check you out. I love your orange Halloween dress and the fact that you dress your son like a nerd for library storytime! (Cardigans can still be considered nerdy, right? I hope so.)

  13. What a beautiful family! It looks like you had a wonderful time, I'm glad!

  14. The dress in your family picture is adorable!

  15. Great photos! I am inspired to have an apple dipping party of my own. Looks delish!

  16. ohhhh i love the new look to your blog! also, where did you get your "D" necklace? happy halloween!

  17. Um, I could that raspberry right off your finger!

  18. Those raspberries!!! My gosh!

    I love Henry's feathery hair. So cute!

  19. You and your new son are beyond adorable and I love seeing all of your sweet pictures! :)

  20. Cute! Love all your pictures- Henry at library time= what a little dream boat!!
    Sea salt raspberries sound so delicious right now. Totally going on a fruit bender once I get all this candy junk out of my house. And you and Hank are as cute as ever :)
    Even though I see a lot of my favorite bloggers' pictures via twitter it's really fun getting to see them all laid out like that.

    LOVE your new blog layout - so perfect! I just had mine done for the first time and it was published last night, so fun having a fresh look!

  21. those apples look delicious! i'm going to have to try that.

    also, where is that orange dress with the brown belt from? i love it

  22. Holy moly, new layout! Lookin' good!
    As does all of that yummmmmy food you posted.


  23. Love your new blog design!! So much fun to have a fresh new look :)

  24. Love your family pics!!
    You are such a cute family

  25. your clothes are so wonderful!!! i want them all!

    and those apples look divine. yummm. & yay for vegan meals!

  26. I think I just licked the screen upon seeing that chocolate rasberry! HMMMM!

  27. hello what a beautiful fotoss!!!!!!!


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