Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday links

a bit of pretty sunlight on an evening run with Henry this past week.

Hello and happy Monday! I'm excited about this post because I have SO many fun things to show you today. It's already been a great day and after a long organizing session last night I feel really good about getting a lot checked off of my list. It was a fun weekend and I finally got to see Breaking Dawn. I wouldn't say I'm a die-hard Twilight fan- I'm more of an Anne Rice vampire kinda gal- but at the base of Stephenie Meyer's just-okay writing lies such a great story that I can't help but love the series. The movie was good too, and I found myself totally riveted and only giggled out loud a few times. ;) Some other great things this weekend: a 6-mile hike Saturday morning, a visit from our friend Paco, and making homemade vegan "chicken" pot pie (I'll share that recipe later this week).

And now somehow, it's Monday! I took a little break over the long weekend so my typical Friday links post was moved to today. I hope you enjoy them! Let me know which one you loved best. xo!


First of all, did you know that you can now turn your Instagrams into canvases?! Yet another fabulous IG add-on. And right now, Canvas Pop is offering a great deal too- a 12x12 for $29.95 and a 20x20 for $59.95. Awesome, right? Thanks to my friend Alana for sharing this with me via Mashable.

Angela reminded me that I really need to take a hot air balloon ride sometime this year- it's absolutely one of my "must-do" things in life.

After following this couple's journey to adopting their daughter, this video pretty much made my day.

Does a perfect childhood make you soft? I really, really enjoyed this article.

Confessions of a Hipster Mom- too funny! Have you done this before? Love this post on one of my fave blogs.

There aren't many male bloggers around these parts, but Steven Andrew sure holds his own. Go say hi!

Rachel's tips on creating a cheap meal plan are spot on. Super inspiring.

This post was a great reminder to "date my husband."

This stop-motion wedding video is way too cute!

Here's Lesley's second part to her "Surviving the Holidays" series. It's all about managing stress, something most of us can relate to I'm sure!

Interesting post about "eating yourself fertile."

How adorable is this print? It makes me want to bundle up for a winter walk with Hank.

This family's story broke my heart. I can't even imagine how this would feel...sending as much love as I can their way.

Oh, I love the vintage library baby shower ideas in this post.

WHOA. You can receive all three of my favorite magazines for $20?!

Have I mentioned how much I love Amber? This post totally made me smile.

I didn't make these sweet potato and marshmallow biscuits this year, but I've bookmarked them for next!

And finally, a few blogs I've been loving: one and two.

Have a good week!


  1. ooh, i just scooped up that magazine deal! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Isn't Amber adorable? And that adoption story made me so wishes to them.

  3. I seriously need to get on the Instagram band wagon. There are so many amazing deals with prints and I need to have them.
    I want to take a hot hot balloon ride so bad!
    Thank you for the mention, definitely made my day better! :)

  4. so many great things to check out! I loved the article about a perfect childhood. looking back, I'd say my childhood came pretty close to perfect and I can't thank my parents enough for it :)

  5. Wonderful links (as usual)!

    The adoption of Rinah is a story I have been folowing for some time now. It's glorious to watch that homecoming!

    But that other family who lost their intended baby.... heartbreaking. We went through the same thing in October and there is nothing good about it. I'm praying for them!

  6. Eeep! I feel so honored that I'm one of the blogs you've been loving :) I love all the other links too!


  7. RINAH! That video made me cry, I'm so happy for their family!

  8. I used to read Alicia Paulson's blog a while ago but stopped for a bit (just so many to read!) so I didn't know they were going through this. Their story is utterly heartbreaking.

  9. Thanks for the shout out about my vintage library baby shower!! :) Love this blog! :)

  10. Hey Danielle! Thanks for sharing my link :) I love all of these other links too, so much fun to browse.

  11. I loved the stop motion wedding video, that was amazing!