Friday, November 18, 2011

Weekend links

a little sneak peek of our session with our friend Christina Heaston last week! More to come.

Happy day before Henry's birthday party to me! Or, happy day of running around doing errands for me. Or even, happy day before I get to see almost all of our loved ones in one place! Either way, it's awesome. Nothing's better than a big together of family and friends who are family, and tomorrow 50-something wonderful people will be filling our house up with celebration and fun. I can't wait.

For now, here are some links to get your weekend started:

My friend Kathryn runs a doggie rescue out of Tempe, AZ called Ruff Road Rescue. I know from first hand experience what an amazing thing Ruff Road is, and they currently have an opportunity to win a web site design and some online services from a large design firm. This would help them out tremendously, so if you have a moment, could you send a vote Ruff Road Rescue's way? It's so simple and literally takes three seconds. Click here, then input your email address (they won't share or spam what you share), and then vote for Ruff Road Rescue. You can vote everyday. Thank you all so much from me, Kathryn, and the pups!

I loved this little peek into Don's creative process of creating Sometimes Sweet's new look!

Dying over Diana's home's facelift.

This poster is the best. And how true it is!

Somehow Kristine manages to make something that would look insanely crazy on me look so darn adorable. Love this little lady's blog!

This is a simple DIY with really adorable results.

Sweet potato hummus! Yum.

I've been seeing some awesome cinemagraphs around the internet lately, and this one over on Justine's blog is awesome.

I really enjoyed reading more about this wedding on one of my fave wedding blogs, The Loveliest Day- and I'm in LOVE with the tattooed lady and man photo props. And what a gorgeous couple!

Hello, beautiful couch!

I love the new look of Erin's blog, and the fact that she calls it her "family journal."

My buddy Kaelah just published her first e-book, and I'm so proud of her.

Hank got to try out Funk Off's newest espresso soap and he's pretty obsessed. Win your own bar on Michelle's blog this week.

These cookie pinwheels look delicious- and so festive!

So many pretty vintage linens!

Have you checked out Chelsey's 50 DIY Days of Christmas yet?

It might be weird to include someone else's links post in your own links post, but Carly always finds the best things! I especially loved this article she included in her round up.

A Mad Men Party? Why oh why isn't Hawaii closer?

And finally, a couple of blogs I'm loving lately: one, two and three!

p.s. The winner of the Cameron Garland portrait giveaway is Chyna Moss! Chyna, go ahead and email me at sometimessweetblog [at] gmail [dot] com to claim your prize.

Happy weekend everyone! Check back in tomorrow for some peeks at Henry's party. xoxo


  1. eep! thanks for including me danielle! ;) <3

  2. I love that wedding... and hooray for Kaelah! I'm working on my first e-book too, so I know how exciting it is!

  3. Hi my friend!! much love to you and have an amazing weekend with little H...wish I could be there!!

  4. have so much fun at the party!! the big 1 for henry, can't believe he's been here for so long already! heres to many more years :)

  5. Glad you enjoyed the Times article - I've been emailing it to everyone I know.

    Also, that couch is incredible. I want.

  6. Thanks so much for the link, lady! I'm so excited to see how Henry's party turns out. It will be amazing, I'm sure<3

  7. I'm stoked, I got 3 new blogs to follow from this link post, that's a record!

  8. The picture of your sweet family made me smile! And the buttons on your dress made me swoon!!

  9. Thanks so much for including us Dani! :)

    Katie x

  10. Just started following your blog girly, and lovin it! But i was wondering if you could give me a few poitners on how to feature other bloggers buttons so erfectly speced out in your sidebar. I tried it, but mine turned out not so greatly spaced...maybe you could take a look?

    thanks! ~xxJess

  11. even though I can only see the back of it,I'm in love with your DRESS!!!

  12. your dress is amazing in your pic! Who made it? where did you get it??

  13. Oh my. I might just need to make that sweet potato hummus recipe this weekend. Sounds delicious!

  14. Have a great day tomorrow!

  15. I just wanted to take a moment to tell you I appreciate you and your blog. You have introduced me to SO MANY charming blogs. I love opening my homepage every day and seeing tons of new blogs to read. I know the link update isn't your invention but your breadth and taste in blogs really fit my interests. You are awesome. Thank you!!!

  16. :') you just made my whole weekend! Thank you so much Danielle! <3

  17. I'm sorry to be annonymous but i didn't want to leave my name and make everyone think i was the one who wrote a mean comment to you before.
    since i read that comment on your page i have noticed a little bit that you are more partial to big blogs. i know you don't think so since you do have smaller friends too but a lot of your posts feature blogs with 500 friends or more and lots of sponsors. i love you and your blog danielle i think you are just so sweet and amazing so don't feel like i am bashing you please. you're a great person and you don't deserve that at all. but i was thinking it might be cool to see "tiny" blogs in your weekend links once in a while. people like me who only have a hundred followers or so. i think its great to use blogs for a creative outlet, just like yours is, but it always feels so much better when you get a little recognition along with it. people love you and listen to you and value your opinion. i was thinking it would even be awesome to see you use that power for good and feature a "tiny" blog each week or each month or something. i hope you'll at least consider it. and please keep doing what you do!
    -annonymous fan. (:

  18. @anonymous

    Thank you for your sweet comment. I think it's good to see it from your perspective, and I totally get where you are coming from. I think what it comes down to is that I am basically just sharing links from blogs I read on a semi-regular basis, with some fun finds thrown in here and there. I don't always have time to go seek out new blogs, even though that would be so awesome. I actually used to do a "Blog Spotlight" post every once and awhile (that reminds me I need to do a new one soon), and I often would share blogs with small followings. However, I totally agree with you and think it would be so neat to share a few "newer" or "smaller" blogs each week on this feature so I will absolutely do that, starting this Friday! Thanks again for leaving such a thoughtful comment. I appreciate you reading, whoever you are! <3

  19. Great links! I was to try that sweet potato hummus. YUMMY!

  20. Danielle- Thank you so much for sharing the RRR voting page!! <3 <3 <3

    -Kathryn Dale