Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Annoying/Endearing Things We Do...and the Best Video Ever

How about that for a weird post title, right? So. My friend Erin sent me this video last night and Hank and I probably watched it a good five times, laughing until our cheeks hurt. I just watched it again and loved it just as much. I can't even get over how much this video is ME...and maybe you'll feel the same way about yourself too once you watch it. And the chips at the end? Ahhh, so perfect. And those chips got me to thinking about how we all do things that our partners find annoying (I like to call it "endearing"). Being the curious person that I am, I'd love to know what little things you do that drives your significant other (or even roommate) a little batty.

I'll start!

Okay so I definitely do a few things that Hank finds to be annoying. He does his own little irritating things too, but I think when you've been together for almost eight years like us it's all just part of a lot of funniness. Most of the time I try and make an effort to improve these little quirky habits, but sometimes I just get a kick out of doing them because I find his annoyance a little amusing. Sorry, Hank.

1. Our garage opens to our laundry room, which opens into our kitchen, and whenever I come into the house via the garage (which is 99% of the time), I kick off my shoes immediately. I don't know why I do this, I've never done it in any of the houses we've lived in before, but it's such a habit now. So when Hank walks in the same way he always notices them, and usually lets out a little sigh and moves them. I try to remember not to do it, but most of the time you can find whatever shoes I'm wearing for the day right there.

2. I don't keep the toothpaste tube neat. I mean, I don't let it get disgusting, but I don't always clean off the top of it and this is probably the thing that drives Hank the most batty. He dislikes it so much that now we even have our own toothpaste tubes.

3. This is one that my parents find to be a little silly, and I've done this ever since I was little. Rather than eat a whole cookie or cracker, I'd always just eat half, than put it back in the container. My Mom still laughs when she finds little half eaten chocolate chip cookies or crackers to this day after our visits. It's not like I eat half of all of the cookies in the container- I usually just want a bite of one, but I always go back later and finish it up.

I'm weird. But I think we all are, right? Now I'm curious to see if there's anything you do that drives your significant other or roommate crazy! Do tell!

p.s. Lauren of With Two Cats interviewed me and posted it today- I'm her Supermom of the week! So neat. Thanks again Lauren for having me.  Be sure to check out her blog too- it's one of my daily reads and really, truly fantastic. I can almost guarantee you'll love it!


  1. I showed that video to the man I live with and he (he's British) said: "Only a man in a relationship with an American girl can understand how true that is."
    Anyway, the things I do that drive him nuts are: leaving half empty coffee cups around and snoring.

  2. Hahaha I've seen that video around but haven't watched it yet! I'm guilty of so many of those.

    This makes me want to do a "what annoys us about each other" post, haha.

    I tend to leave the lights on when they don't need to be on. I also will unwrap the dog food bag and forget to wrap it back up and chip clip it. This may be TMI, but with our toilet you usually have to hold down the flush for a good 10 seconds to make sure the whole process happens, and when I pee I will hold it for about 5 and call it good!

  3. I watched that video 3 times last night when one of my girlfriends sent it to me!

    We recycle water bottles and I tend to leave them half full in the fridge. It drive my boyfriend crazy!

    Also, after my morning shower I like to wring the water out of my hair not over the tub or sink, but pretty much anywhere on the bedroom carpet. I've been busted a few times by the bf, but now I am remembering to be more sneaky ;)

  4. Yup, that video is so right on. I apparently have a bad habit of not actually shutting doors, and it drives my boyfriend batty (the dog prefers our bed and I accidentally give him easy access!). He says he's going to give me a lesson in making sure doors click shut. I tell him that I'll shut the doors when he starts to put his used dishes directly into the dishwasher, haha.

  5. I have this strange habit, though I think it's perfectly reasonable, but my husband is so annoyed by it. If we didn't make the bed that day, and we are about to go to sleep, I have to make the bed before I get in. I can only sleep if the sheets are straight, even, and pulled tightly up. If it's messy or uneven at all, I won't sleep. It drives him crazy!

  6. haha love the video. showed it to my bf and he laughed cos I did the chips thing only 5 minutes ago lol. I kick my shoes and leave them everywhere til he comes home and trips on them. I never put the cover back on after using the toothpaste which he hates aaaaand instead of cookies, I always eat half a cereal bar and leave the other half in the tin. So there ya go! we've got lots in common ;) xx

  7. This video is absolute gold. It's so reminiscent of me that my husband may as well have written it.

    I tend to let the bathroom garbage overflow with tissues dotted with makeup... It makes Chris crazy.

  8. I saw this last night, and I was crying from laughing. At first I was denying that I said any of those things, and then had one of those "Oh my gosh, do I sound like that?" moments. Thanks for sharing this :).


  9. oooh man! I am glad I am not the only one! Lets see... I hate doing the dishes more then once so I leave them all in the sink until the evening after dinner and boyfriend hates it! I also don't like to serve the end loaves of bread to people or make sandwiches out of them so I always nibble on them when I am making food then put them back until next time. I don't know why but I just do! But boyfriend has a whole handful of things that make me crazy too, so I guess were even!


  10. So Funny - I just saw that video on facebook this morning.

    My husband is the most patient man ever and would never admit that I do anything to annoy him but he's a total neat freak and I know he gets annoyed that I leave clutter around, don't put the dishes in the dishwasher, and shed hair in the bathroom. Of course, he drives like a grandma, never squeezes the toothpaste from the bottom, and eats those sunflower seeds that you have to spit out the shells. Gross!

  11. I love this! After watching this I'm starting to think that the "quirks" I have are never expressed by my boyfriend.

    He's so mellow (I'm high-strung, working on it!) but I think that the thing that mostly drives him batty is my OCD. He used to practically fall on the floor laughing at me in my old place because it had two light switches for EVERYTHING. One at each end of the room or stairs. I always had to have them the "correct way" (whatever that meant) and I would spend 5 minutes before bed making sure that all the light switches we in the right position for the next day when I came home.

    Wow that made me sound cookoo. haha

    Luckily we have learned to laugh at our crazy things :)

    a cup of subtle tea

  12. LOL I think I've watched that video a couple of times now and posted it on my facebook page! I had to ask my husband what I did and he said that I nag him too much. But I definitely do the "can you read this and see if it makes sense?" and "did I lock the door?". Thanks for a great video,Danielle! :)

  13. I just saw this vid on youtube yesterday! SOO funny!!
    and pretty true actually. its like, even the most unique of us ladies still says/does one of those things in that vid.

    i do this weird think where i drop all of my stuff in the doorway. i don't conciously do it- usually i'm so tired that i come in and take my shoes off, so i drop all of my stuff. and then, because i'm tired from working, i'm onto the next thing (usually food, haha) and forget to pick up my jacket/purse/scarf/etc. haha, i'm just not a mindful person at home!


  14. I'm dyyyying! I showed my boyfriend and he said I do at least one of the things in the video every day. I know he hates the "can you do me a favor?" one! I'm also not a fan of doing the dishes, so I leave that for him. He doesn't hang up his towels though, so we're even :)

  15. I'm from a farming family and my boyfriend is from one of those super-clean families so my messiness in general drives him mad. I also have a terrible memory so I tend to start things and not finish them, so I'll be in the middle of something and then see something else that needs done...xx

  16. i am with you on the toothpaste... we have our own tubes, and also our own ketchup bottles haha.
    i also only eat half of things and i just hand him the rest when i'm done with it. he does some of the things in the video like the 'can you do me a favor'.
    also... i am very guilty of the chips hahahah
    but it's definitely good to be able to laugh at the quirks cause we all have em :)

  17. I can't stop laughing. I can't wait to show this video to my husband! Also inspired to write a "what annoys us" post too ;)

  18. That video is hilarious! And yes, it is so me and pretty much every girl I know. So funny. I find all of your "annoying" habits to be incredibly endearing, and I think I might even like you a little bit more now. :)

  19. the video is hilarious!

  20. Too fun! I've watched that video 30 times, I think. My response about my annoying habits is a bit long for a comment so I blogged about it here:

  21. Oh my gosh this post made me laugh so much! Now I admit I do that my cookies too and I have no idea why. When people are baking cookies and I'm there they joke about just making half-cookies for me, hahaha! :D

  22. That video is hilarious and I thank you for showing me it. I must show it to everyone I know now!
    It's funny, because we now see how you're not always "perfect".. so many bloggers don't want people to know the little "annoyances" that they do to their significant others.
    I guess I get annoyed when my boyfriend whistles, it's so irritating. I get instantly upset if someone chews loudly, I go bonkers.
    I don't know what I do to annoy anyone else. I'm going to have to have a talk with my boyfriend and find out!
    (That probably sounds like I'm acting perfect, but I truly don't know - I promise!)

  23. HAHAHAHAH. I DO love that video. Just made my day so much better. haha.

    And, I do plenty of things to annoy Adam haha. I feel bad for that boy sometimes.

    The half eaten cookie thing! I do that all the time! My family and friends always say.. "JUST EAT THE WHOLE THING. You're gonna come back and eat it anyways!!"

  24. The habit that drives my husband crazy is me leaving half-drunken drinks around the house (I'm still drinking them, just not all at once!) Though I've just realised I've got two half full glasses on the bedside table at the moment, and I can't even use that excuse since the cat's been drinking out of them :)

  25. I LOVE this! I immediately went to see if there was an episode 2 yet. Hope it comes soon!

    I do too many of these things and hate to think what else I do. I'm sure my partner could make a list as long as the Great Wall of China!

  26. Such a good post haha!
    I don't know if it bothers him really, but whenever I'm making hot chocolate or heating anything up in the microwave I always race to press the top button at the 1 second mark, before it starts beeping at me obnoxiously. We have a little game now where he tries to stop me every time, it usually ends in a hug, so I mean I guess I can put up with the annoying beeping sounds if I get a hug at least. :3


  27. This is hilarious and now Im gonna have to show it to everyone!
    -andrea lynne rose

  28. Love it! So hilarious. I'm posting this on my FB.

  29. Hahahh I love it. I've seen this video so many times and I just keep thinking to myself "Oh my gosh... I do this!"

    My boyfriend and I have been dating on and off for 7 years (since I was 13 eep!) and I know things that drive him wild.

    When I used to have my septum pierced, I would always play around with it with my tongue and he'd get so grossed out.
    I wipe crumbs on the floor and it drives him insane. But I vacuum. It's my excuse.

    xo kristen

  30. first thing first, this is me [also]

    second thing [obviously] second

    1. he can't stand the sound of my nails scratching his clothing [t-shirts, jeans, sweaters]

    2. i smack my gum, my food, and gulp when i drink... who knew

    3. i enjoy talking in a sing song voice, apparently life is not a musical!

  31. Saw this yesterday and watched it about 3 times. It's just so good! And fairly accurate, too. I definitely do some of these & I know other women who do them too. Hilarious!

    1) Apparently I speak too quietly a lot of the time. Personally I think SOMEONE needs a hearing check. ;)
    2) I don't always squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom.
    3) I'm finicky about being neat, and cleanliness. So his mess bug me and my incessant need for him to clean it up bug him. :p

  32. My boyfriend gets annoyed because I fidget alot in bed and pull his bed sheets up and he's so fussy about his bed sheets!
    And also whenever I get in from anywhere I immediately take off my socks because I just hate wearing socks in the house ha!

  33. LOL, that video was great.

    Things I do that annoy my boyfriend:

    1) Fidget in bed. I get really itchy/squirmy when it's time to sleep.

    2) Pee all the time. I have a little bladder, so I pee a lot. And use all the toilet paper.

    3) Not shave. I don't like shaving, and I rarely wear clothing that requires me to shave so...

    4) Talk too much. I can't help it, I was a communication major!

  34. Saw this on Facebook the other day and loved it!

    Things I do...
    Try to warm up my ice cold feet under my husbands legs while we sleep. He hates it.

    He also hates that when I'm done eating or snacking, I don't immediately put my plate in the sink.

    Things he does...
    He squeezes all 2 liters when he drinks out of them so when he puts them back in the fridge the plastic makes these loud popping sounds that scare the shit out of me.

    He also never cleans the sink out after shaving/teeth brushing. Ahhh so annoying.

  35. HAHHAHAHA i love this post. hilarious. and that video is too funny. i have a feeling it might just be a girl thing cuz like 85% of what that person said in the video i say like everyday of my life! haha.

    my boyfriend gets annoyed because i'm really slow at doing everything.. like getting my shoes on, getting something from my purse, etc.

    oh and this is a funny one.. everytime i'll get him something to drink, i don't know why i do this (my friends have commented on it too) but i never fill up the entire glass.. ill always grab a huge glass (instead of a small one) and only fill it up like half way. LOL not sure why i do that.


  36. So funny you posted that. One of my facebook friends posted it yesterday and it was too funny.

    I showed it to my husband and he said that the "Can you do me a favor??" is totally me. And I always do that "Can you not do that, please?" Oh man. Seriously so good.

  37. I can't give my boyfriend a straight answer about what sort of hot drink I would like: "Maybe... hot chocolate? Maybe... chai? I don't know. Something hot."

  38. Love this post! My coffee cup travels with me around the house each morning and never ends up in the dishwasher or sink--it usually ends up on the bedroom dresser, bathroom sink or on an end table in the living room. It always drives my husband nuts when he finds them everywhere. I always hear a 'UGH!' and that usually means he's found my mug from that morning. I also kick off my shoes at the door and my husband usually ends up picking them up when comes through the door and putting them in the closet.

  39. Danielle, oh my god, i'm so glad someone else laughed as much at that video as I did! My favourite is the "first of all EW" and the face she (he) does at the phone. Your bad habits don't sound too bad at all, my boy moans all the time because I pick things up... walk round with them... put them down and then spend an hour looking for them while moaning loudly - your a much better wife than I', ever guna be! fab post xxx

  40. I leave the water running while I brush my teeth, leave lights on when I go to bed, and leave the milk out. Yep. My husband gets annoyed. But he leaves his dirty socks everywhere, doesnt close the drawers on his dresser, and drys off outside of the shower instead of in it, which drives me crazy cuz it gets water everywhere!

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  42. :D it always amuses me to hear the lil funnies that other men and women deal with on a daily basis... you already know, no one is perfect! thanks for sharing!

  43. I'm SO glad I'm not the only person who does the half-drunk drinks thing. It used to drive my ex crazy but I'M STILL DRINKING IT, OKAY? Otherwise, I'll saran wrap the cup and put it in the fridge for later. It's not that big a deal. I have so many horrible quirks though, that's probably why I'm single lol