Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tattoo Tuesday V.100

Well, here it is, Tattoo Tuesday V.100! It's pretty neat to think that there have been 100 Tuesdays in a row (I never missed one), full of pretty artwork on beautiful people. Originally I never wanted to feature myself; I get so much enjoyment out of sharing the artwork of so many unique individuals that I didn't care to turn the spotlight back on me. But after doing so many, and having so many questions about my own tattoos I figured why not?  So here we go...

good morning!

Name: Danielle
Age: 29
Occupation: stay-at-home Mom
Age of first tattoo: 21. Kurt Vonnegut quote on my back.
Favorite tattoo: I don't know if I could pick- they're always changing and usually my newest is my favorite, but I'd have to say either my chest piece, my "Hank" tattoo, or Henry's silhouette.
Featured tattoo/location: my son Henry's silhouette on my right inner forearm
Artist/shop/location of feature tattoo: Mando Rascon at Immaculate Tattoo in Mesa, AZ

lunch at Joe's Farm Grill

1) Tell us about your featured tattoo- is there a background story about why you chose it, or maybe a special meaning? 

For years I had been fascinated with silhouettes, and before Henry was even a twinkle in my eye I knew that once I had a child I would want to get his or her silhouette tattooed on me. I had never seen a silhouette tattoo, and a year before I was pregnant I almost got Madeline's (our dog's) silhouette in the same place. haha. I ended up waiting though, and I'm glad I did. I think the one I have for Henry is just perfect. As far as the process, I just took a few profile shots of H. and brought them to Mando, and he quickly drew up the silhouette, and a couple of hours later we were done.

New Jersey Shore, Summer 2011

2) Do you have any other tattoos?  If so, what do you have and where? 

I do, and I'll talk about each one below. 

I have a Matryoshka doll on the back of my neck done by Cory Lenherr.  It's a tattoo of a doll I received as a gift (actual doll pictured below) from my dear friend Lisa, who was my mentor teacher throughout my student teaching, and someone who is very special to me.

a little closer
For James' Show and Tell at Bleubird!
this hurt more than i expected

My chest was done by Jason Kralovetz. I actually never wanted a chest piece, and to be honest I didn't like them too much when I first started getting tattooed. I did love shoulder tattoos though, so we just did the roses on my shoulders. After getting those though, I felt like I was wearing a permanent Western shirt and realized I actually did want a whole chest piece, so from there we added the heart with "heart means everything" in the middle. From there Jason went back and added the roses behind the banner, and the "Mom" and "Dad" over my shoulders. I really love how it turned out, and I feel lucky it did turn out so well because we didn't really have a plan in the beginning.


I have "HCHIII" over my sternum, which are my husband's initials. Also done by Jason when he worked at Immaculate. Some people think it's insane to get anyone's name tattooed on them but I figure if worse comes to worst I can always get it covered. HA. ;) Just kidding Hank. Also- this photo is pretty awkward but it was much better than the ones I attempted to take earlier. I don't think there's any easy way to show this tattoo so you can actually see the placement, so apologies for this strange one.

and mine...

3/4 sleeve (left arm) by Jason. On the outside is a Victorian lady in an ornate mirror. She's wearing a white heart around her neck, which is the necklace I wore all through college. Jason was a dear friend of mine, and he did this as a surprise. Crossed behind the mirror are two keys, and if you look closely there are a "D" and "H" in them. Over my elbow is a vintage fan, inside my arm is a perfume bottle. On the inside of my forearm is a heart locket with a pink bow and two white doves. On the outside of my forearm is a diamond on a red pillow with a yellow rose and my sister's name "Lauren."  There is absolutely no story or meaning to this whole huge tattoo at all, outside of my sister's name of course. I just think it's all very pretty. My wrist says "reflect" in cursive and was also done by Jason. I love this word and it's simply is there to remind me to stop, pause and reflect on the good in my life.

I love me some freshly bathed Madeline!

Left and right upper ribs pieces by Jason. I have "Live the life you love" on my right side and "Love the life you live" on my left. These are lyrics are taken (and shortened from "that you love/live") from my favorite Bane song. I'm not into that band at all anymore, but I still like the song and the meaning behind this tattoo.


Left rib piece by Cory Lenherr. Gypsy girl with roses and peacock feathers. I took the second one just now (hence the poor lighting) to show you that it didn't change at all through my pregnancy. I get a lot of questions about that, and here's your answer.  I even wore the same super stylish green sweatpants to keep it similar! hah.

side piece. pre and post pregnancy.

1/2 back piece by Jason Kralovetz. This was my very first tattoo! It's a quote from Kurt Vonnegut's novel Slaughterhouse Five.  The quote is originally from an illustration in the book of a tombstone. I wanted a more girly twist to it, so Jason drew it up with lotus flowers and pretty colors. 

vonnegut back piece

Right thigh piece. This is my sister tattoo with Lauren. I have "Tea for Two" and she has "Two for Tea." We grew up having tea parties all of the time, so this tattoo is perfect for us.

Teacup tattoo- session two freshly done, one session to go!

Over the knee tattoos by Mando Rascon at Immaculate Tattoo. My husband calls me "sweet darlin'" all of the time, so it was only fitting to get it tattooed somewhere!


3) Do you plan on getting more?

Yes, definitely.  For awhile I wanted to tattoo things like my hands and sides of my neck, but then I realized that even though I can't imagine it now, I may want to work as a teacher again in the future, and it would be a poor choice to limit myself in that way. I still love the way they look on other people though, but for me, I know that choice wouldn't be wise.  Even though I have a lot of tattoos it's extremely easy to cover them up, and I like that. I enjoy having the freedom to keep them to myself if I choose.  My next tattoo is a literary tattoo and will be on my left thigh. And I have one more planned in honor of my best friend. In the future I'd like to tattoo the back of my right arm and my other rib panel too. I'm unsure if I'd get any more large pieces outside of those few areas though. I like having some non-tattooed skin, too. Plus, the older I get the more I absolutely hate getting tattooed. We'll see though. Never say never, right?

my heart!
10 years of a wonderful friendship <3333

4) How do your family and friends feel about your tattoo(s)?  Have you run into any adversity or negativity because of them? Do you have a significant other? Does he/she have tattoos? 

I come from a very conservative, yet open-minded family. No one else in my family outside of my sister (immediate or extended) had tattoos when I started getting tattooed but now I have a couple cousins with them, and my sister has more than I do! Her husband is also heavily tattooed and both of them will probably be fully covered sometime in their life.

When I first got tattooed I didn't tell my parents. I went through various piercings in high school and college- nose, lips, stretched earlobes- but I knew that tattooing my body would not be cool with them at all.  One day I was in the backyard painting, and the bottom of the back of my shirt must have come untucked because I distinctly remember my Dad saying (in the scary way only my Dad can sound) "What IS that?" Oh, lord. I was 21 and so afraid of losing my Dad's approval. To make a long story short, he was very disappointed, told me I wasn't pretty anymore, and stopped talking to me for awhile. My Mom cried. In the end my Dad apologized for telling me I wasn't pretty (it was just my back I ruined, haha!), and my Mom came around. Now it's no big deal to them and my Dad often jokes about getting a 1940 Dodge PowerWagon tattooed on his arm.

When I met Hank I already had a few tattoos and so did he- his arms, chest, and legs. He obviously didn't mind that I had tattoos and I think he wouldn't care if I had none or was totally covered. Either way he loves them and we often joke about being old, wrinkly, and tattooed together.


good morning thursday

5) What's the most interesting experience you've ever had in regards to your tattoos?

The most common thing people say to me is that I don't "seem" to be someone who would have a lot of tattoos. Because I was a teacher and I covered my tattoos at work, if I'd see colleagues or students outside of the classroom they would be shocked! "You're so sweet and nice, I had no idea!" It still makes me laugh when peoples' ideas of what a tattooed person should be like is along the lines of a Sons of Anarchy character.  But as far as a singular experience, I'd have to say just any time someone finds it appropriate to grab my arm or any part of my body to get a better look. It's as if because I have tattoos my body I must be free reign for anyone to touch and examine. It's difficult to be sweet to people who invade my personal space like that, but I try and remind myself that they're just curious.


Vermont, Summer 2011

6) Any advice for those interested in getting tattooed but haven't gotten one yet?

After 100 of these posts I feel like there's not much I can add, but the main thing is to really think it through. I know a lot of people, half of my friends and my husband included, are more of the impulsive, fun tattoo kind of people...but that's definitely not me. I have to think about my tattoos for a long time and make sure I really want them. Even though a lot of my tattoos don't have any meaning other than just being pretty things I love, I've thought about each one carefully and really committed.  I can be a bit of a second-guesser, so I have to be this way. And luckily I don't have a single tattoo I really dislike or regret. A few other pieces of advice: eat before and after your appointment, drink water, and bring healthy snacks for halfway through.  Tip your artist like your would a server at a restaurant, and more if they hook you up or if you're really excited about what they've done. If you get your legs tattooed wear athletic shorts under a dress- I find that to be the most comfortable combination. Bring a hoodie if you're in for a long session. There were times I was tattooed for four hours with my head resting on a paper towel roll. Not comfy. If you bring a hoodie you can always roll it up under your head, hip, or wherever to get comfortable. Don't be afraid to ask questions or speak your mind. If you don't like something, or want something in the drawing tweaked, just say so. Don't wait until you're already getting tattooed to mention it, or worse after- when you can't do anything about it.  Spell and grammar check with multiple people. Don't get a tattoo in a foreign language unless a native speaker helps you translate. Most of all though, my main advice would be that if you are thinking about getting tattooed, get a few non-visible ones first to be sure you want to make the leap into the world of the visibly tattooed. Trust me when I say it changes everything. Get some hidden ones first and then make your decision. They will be there forever, so it's really no rush!

New Jersey Shore, Summer 2011

Happy 100th Tattoo Tuesday everyone! Thank you so much for reading along with this feature for almost two years. Here's to a 100 more!



  1. Man, I think you being featured for the 100th post was awesome and I loved seeing some of your work closer and with detail. I love each piece and I think they look amazing!

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    Xoxo, Mary from ♥ meowwzie.blogspot.com ♥

  7. This is awesome, it is nice to get to have a proper look at your tattoos! (I am also someone who tends to get/want a lot of roses tattoo'd on me all over the place).
    Also- unrelated- you have the most gorgeous skin!

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    It's a great feature and I hope to submit my tattoos & stories some day in the near future.

    Have a wonderful holiday season, blessed Christmas and peaceful new year.

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  20. Nice! I'm a tattoo artist and what you said about speaking up about the drawings/designs is so true. I give my clients a starting off point... I want their input back so we have a place to go from if they don't have their exact idea in their head. I don't know If they think it's rude to tell me what they want changed? But you need to tell the artist haha!
    Anyway.. I love your tea tattoo... I think my next one is going to be three teacups and a teapot :)
    Do people submit to be on your tattoo Tuesday feature, or do you invite them?
    And one last thing... I sometimes warn people getting their first tattoo that randoms will now think its ok to approach them and touch their tattoos

  21. i look forward to this feature every tuesday! it's my favorite out of all the blogs i read! and it really helps to look into other peoples experiences with getting and being tattooed. so, thank you!

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    This was fun to read, I might feature myself on my own blog too sometime! Tat bros.

  26. i have been reading your blog for about a year now, and "Tattoo Tuesday" is my favorite feature! Keep up the good work! Also, I am about to begin my student teaching, and get a lot of questions about "how am I going to hide all my tattoos..." so i find you to be very inspiring!

  27. I love that you featured yourself today Danielle!

    I didn't realize you got your first tattoo at 21- I'm only 22 and feel like I'm already getting too old to start getting some, but you look so awesome with yours you've completely re-inspired me :)

    I LOVE your silhouette tattoo, I think that is just adorable!!

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    I am in love with the photo of your chest but focuses on your necklace. (But I don't mean I'm in love with your chest, ha ha)

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    I've also been told that I don't look like a person with tattoos, and the first think I think about is SOA.

    I'm a fairly new follower and I love your Tuesday posts!


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  40. finally I get to see them. sorry, didn't mean to sound creepy.

    they're all so lovely, especially Henry's silhouette.

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  44. I am so glad you posted this! I've always wondered about your tattoos. I also adore silhouettes and I think Henry's is perfect! "Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt" is my absolutely favorite quote of all time. I've debated getting it tattooed myself, in fact...although I don't think I will.

  45. YAY!!! I was really hoping this was going to be about yours! what an amazing post! I actually gasped at some of your tattoos because they are so incredibly beautiful! the work you have done is *literally* stunning. i'm so in love with the gypsy on your torso! and the detailing on the teacups? AMAZING. they all are so amazing! thank you so much for sharing this!


  46. Thanks for doing the Tattoo Tuesdays! I really liked this volume:) I'm thinking of getting a tattoo but am being patient about it because I change my mind too much lol. Reading your posts every Tuesday has been a real eye opener-thanks! and you have beautiful tattoos:)

  47. Love your artwork!

    Random question though....Where does Jason work at now? He did my calf piece about 4-5 years ago and I've been wanting to get more added to it but have no idea where he works now! Would greatly appreciate it if you could forward me his shop info!

  48. Yay! I'm so glad you did this one about your tattoos. I'm a fairly new reader and I was searching for a post like this, thinking you must have done one already. And now here it is. Your tattoos are gorgeous!

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  52. Lovely post...the sternum tattoo is something I've thought about but it sort of makes me squirm. Was it as bad as the ribs? By the way, I love that you made sure to include the spell/grammar/language check! My artist always tries to drill this into his clients (he's an admittedly bad speller) and, unfortunately, a mutual friend didn't do her check and he didn't catch the misspell on her 1/2 back piece!

    Incidentally, I was a childhood spelling bee champ. ;) lol.

  53. Love it! I've loved loved loved Tattoo Tuesday and have wanted to know more about yours. Thanks so much for being number 100! Awesome idea :D

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  55. I really love all of your tattoos. I think it's funny how people have this image in their mind of how a tattooed person is supposed to 'be' (gangsta, Hell's Angels biker, etc.), and I think you totally break that stereotype. You dress extremely feminine, and take your time to think our what exactly you are going to get.

  56. I think you are the prettiest tattooed lady ever!

  57. All of your tattoos are wonderful. I was so excited to read the 100th Tattoo Tuesday. Last week I kept thinking,"I wonder what Danielle has up her sleeve for next week's TT. It's gonna be the 100th one!" So I was glad to see it was you. I like your yellow roses. :)

  58. I love and look forward to TT and I must say THIS IS THE BEST ONE EVER! Your artwork is beautful, pretty, femnine and so inspiring. You are such a wonderful role model for women in all areas of your life.


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  60. AWESOME!
    All I can say is that it was worth the wait.
    Your pieces are so beautiful, and they all have stories behind, which I find pretty neat!
    Congrats on the lovely pieces and the great post.


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    Congratulations and well done.


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    and you and your little family....so sweet!


  65. Oh wow! I had no idea the Tea for Two tattoo belonged to you! I've loved the colors in it since the first time I saw it.

  66. your tattoos are beautiful, just like you! i think i'm going to get our last name and the names of my boys (henry and ezra) next. i can only hope that i pull them off even half as amazingly as you do :)

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    Thank you for your insight, and your tattoos are positively beautiful! :D

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    Marja <3

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  73. All your tattoos are beautiful. I love how bright and colourful they are. I love the idea of having a pair of tattoos like yours and your sister's.
    It's weird how people have an image of what a "tattooed person" would be like...I have a quite a few piercings which always shock people as apparently I don't seem likes someone who would have them. I'm planning on getting a tattoo one day so at least I'm prepared to the reactions I'll get to it! x

  74. Definitely my favorite tattoo tuesday hands down from my favorite girl out there.
    You're precious.

  75. I love the piece you wrote on hello giggles! And as a high school student I think it's cool that (in a sense) you have two identities where one you have body art and live free and another professional lifestyle still!

  76. When I read about your father finding out I laughed because I had a similar experience with my dad. My lower back is fully covered, one day I was bending over and my shirt lifted up, of course my dad walks into the room and says, "That better be a rub off!" He then slammed the door and didn't speak to me for a week. My mom to this day still rubs my back in hopes that my tattoos will magical come off. I think the stories about how parents find out are just as fun as getting the actual tattoo.

    Your work is beautiful.

  77. after seeing all your beautiful tattoos, i'm curious as to how much your body costs. :) i don't expect you to answer. that was just the thought that went through my mind.

  78. Wow, I adore all of your tattoos! I just have one so far, on the top of my right foot. It's an anchor with a flower vine in place of a rope wrapped down it, for my grandpa who was a recreational sailor. We were like two peas in a pod; he sadly passed away from brain cancer when I was 11 years old (12 years ago!) I definitely want more. The money is holding me back currently. I live in Austin, TX so being tattooed isn't necessarily taboo or odd here in the least. It seems everyone here has at least one, which is one of the reasons I love this city so much.

    It's funny; a friend of mine, Michelle, has that same Slaughterhouse Five quote tattooed on her ankles. "Everything was beautiful" is on one, and "and nothing hurt" is on the other. I've always really liked that quote. I was thinking of getting a different Vonnegut quote tattooed on my forearm- "and so it goes."

    I read your latest column on HelloGiggles tonight and enjoyed it so much I decided to check out your personal blog, and I realized I've been reading it for the past hour and a half! You and I are very similar. I've always been attracted to silhouettes as well. My next tattoo (when I can afford it) is going to be an antique cameo on my right bicep. My anchor is in color, so I was thinking of keeping this one all black. I find something classically beautiful and alluring about the color black, for whatever reason.

    Your relationship with your husband reminds me of my own with my boyfriend Jason. We've been together for a little over two years now, and he's the cream of the crop in my eyes. He has tattoos as well, which was actually one of the reasons i was originally attracted to him.

    Anyway, thank you for the one and a half hours of entertainment! I've bookmarked your blog, and I plan to visit daily. You're adorable and have such a great outlook on life. It's very uplifting and refreshing! I have a blog as well called 'A Kitchen Conversation' since my last name is Kitchen...get it? ha! Thanks again.

  79. I'm glad you were finally featured Danielle! I've been around since the beginning of TT. Hope to see 100 more!

  80. i love all your tattoos! so pretty. hank's tattoo is so sweet and romantic. and the background on your sleeve is so perfect. you're gorgeous and so are your tattoos! remember when that lady said she liked your "voodoo doll" on your neck? baha. i have a fish on my ankle and someone said to me, "i like your sunflower." some people. and if someone grabbed me to take a look, i'd probably slap them.

  81. It really drives me crazy when people say oh you look to nice to have tattoos or something along those lines. I only have one small tattoo behind my ear but when I tell people they are SHOCKED!

    I loved your advice for someone who wants to get a tattoo for the first time. It really does change everything! I have heard people make comments about it being trashy to have visible tattoos or so many tattoos and I feel that clouds someones judgement!

    I have met so many people or seen so many amazing pictures of people who are covered in tattoos and they are BEAUTIFUL! Yours included!

  82. Your tattoos look beautiful and you are too.I really like your tattoos,it'snot just some random design but as I have viewed your pictures I found out that it has meanings..And oh by the way,I just want to share this really cool shopping app called "Should I buy it?", http://bit.ly/sibifm33 for fellow online shoppers which you can download at iTunes that allows you to get instant feedback from your Facebook friends on whether you should buy something or not (either for yourself or as a gift).I have tried it and it is really amazing..:D

  83. Yay, Danielle! I'm sooo happy that you decided to feature yourself! (100 Tuesday's in a row is super impressive! You're awesome.)

    All of your tattoos are SO beautiful! My favorites are the back of your neck and "sweet darlin'". Your advice is also really great!

    My boyfriend and I decided that for our one year dating anniversary (the 28th of this month!!), we're going to go get tattoos together. Not like matching or anything, I already have a tattoo for myself in mind and have been wanting to do it for about a year now. I'm very excited and nervous to get my first one, but it'll be pretty small and hidden! Hopefully I can take the pain! =]

  84. Im so glad you posted this. I LOVED seeing ALL of your tattoos! The one you and your sister had done may be my favorite.

  85. Oh my gosh. You really do have a lot of them, but as I tell people if it makes you happy than so be it. If your loved ones don't judge you why should anyone else. Good for you to be free spirited and do what your heart tells you to. I have one on my lower back and still today after 12 years my mom judges me. But I don't care anymore. I did, but not anymore. I now want another one on the back of my neck but I want something about Halloween, since I was married on that day. Do you have any suggestions? I would love your input.
    TFS your own personal tattoos.

  86. this is just fantastic. i enjoyed this blog very much every wording. here i am having my first birthday in germany turning 22 && i wanted to get a tattoo. i was just googling && came across this blog. im even more psyched && pumped. im going to take your advice when it comes to getting a tattoo.

  87. Thank you so much for sharing! I looove the tea for two tattoo :)

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  89. I'm just catching up on blog reading and I'm so glad I didn't mark "all as read". I'm so happy you made yourself #100!!
    I'm especially impressed with the dedication of this series. Happy to be a part of it!

  90. Hi there! I'm so excited to have found this! I am working on a large piece for rib area starting on back wrapping around to front. I am 29 and my husband and I are planning on having a baby in the next year or so....I've been so worried to continue the art, thinking that it would stretch (i'm 5'2" 103lbs) ... yours looks amazing!!! did you do anything special? creams?

  91. LOVE all of your tattoos. Favorites are Henry and Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt because I adore Vonnegut.

    They are all just beautiful though. Tattoos are such a lovely form of self expression -- keepsakes of everything you hold dear.


  92. I'm studying to become a teacher as well! I'm almost 20 years old and still have 2 more years to go, but one day, I will be a teacher! :D I really like your tattoos, especially the Matryoshka doll and the ones on your ribs. I really want tattoos myself but I still live at home and my mom says it's not happening as long as I live with her. So I'll have to wait a couple of years I guess. But your tattoo Thursday posts make the waiting even harder! So many nice tattoos!!!

  93. I am so glad this came up on my good search "side torso tattoos after pregnancy". It's fate I tell you :) I just got some work done there and I am paranoid it will stretch whenever #2 comes around. My tattoo artist said I would be fine, especially since with violet, I have no stretch marks and I am back to 100% my normal size. still paranoid. I am going to have to keep this little picture in iPhoto as a reminder. gahhhh! xoxo kathleen

  94. Love this! I totally agree with getting tattoos you can hide first - I have 2 small tattoos (one on the back of my neck, one on my arm) that can be easily covered up. I agree that you have to get used to people getting in your personal space. I've been carrying around an idea for a bigger, more visible piece. Hopefully soon!

  95. Hi Dani--

    I follow you on IG and I decided to check out your blog. Thank you so much for doing this post. I have two tattoos now and I love them but my parents don't know and I feel the same way you did about telling them. I think you're such a lovely person and I love following your life on IG! :)


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  104. Love your tattoos! Being an SLP with tattoos is kind of strange to people, but I love it, and children are always amazed...

    XOXO from Croatia :)


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  108. I absolutely love the tattoo that says "tea for two"

  109. I love all your tattoos especially how they look on your wedding day with your dress :)

  110. I know this is from a long time ago but I absolutely love all your tattoos especially on your wedding day the combination of the tattoos with the dress is awesome :)