Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tattoo Tuesday V.101

Name and blog name: Abi at Vanilla & Lace and Josh
Age: Abi- 21 Josh- 28
Occupation: Abi: Fashion designer/dressmaker for my shop, Josh: Musician and author
Age of first tattoo: Abi- 16 and Josh- 18
Favorite and featured tattoo: Abi- typewriter, Josh- chestpiece
Artist/shop/location of feature tattoo: Abi: Silje Røe Hagland at Scapegoat in Portland, OR (she has a Tattoo Tuesday of her own!). Josh: Chris Anderson at California tattoo in Savannah GA

1) Tell us about your featured tattoo- is there a background story or special meaning? Why did you choose this particular piece of art?

Abi: The typewriter represents that talented husband of mine and his love for writing. It's the start of a half sleeve dedicated to him and us.

Josh: I had this romantic idea to get a tattoo for my wife even though (at the time) I had no wife or girlfriend. I used this to get Abi to marry me, lest my tattoo be silly.

2) Do you have any other tattoos? If so, what do you have and where? 

Abi: I also have the sleepwalker boy from Sigur Ros album art and the MAC cosmetics logo

Josh: I've lost count. I have a full sleeve and a half-sleeve, pieces on my legs, back, hands, neck, ears and feet. These include, but are not limited to: Gregor Samsa from Kafka's "The Metamorphosis," Jason Voorhees, the Agnus Dei, flies, a baby mummy and Calvin and Hobbes.

3) Do you plan on getting more? 

Abi: Of course!
Josh: Yes.

4) How do your family and friends feel about your tattoo(s)? Have you run into any adversity or negativity because of them? 

Abi: For the most part people are accepting and open to the ones I have.. but I'm not heavily tattooed so that could change quick! Even so, I get all the regular questions/comments like "You'll regret that when you're old!" or "I thought you didn't want to be a trashy mom".. those are always nice.

Josh: I grew up in an impossibly small town in southeast-Georgia. To have many tattoos in said town ten years ago was a bit unconventional; I was banned from the church I had grown up in and still receive the occasional sneer when I visit home. As a missionary for a decade, folks have been surprisingly accepting of a heavily tattooed fellow.

5) Any advice for those interested in getting tattooed but haven't gotten one yet?

Abi: It's been said a million times but I'll say it again.. Don't get tattooed by just anyone. Do your research, good tattoos are worth the extra money. And don't take the advice from my husband below.

Josh: Go to a tattoo shop, close your eyes, spin around in a circle with your index finger extended and have whatever you land on tattooed on your throat. If this is too much, I recommend a strawberry with wings or a monkey surfing a banana.


  1. aw they're so cute!

  2. Her husband played for showbread ya? I remember taking a friend to go see them:) this is one of my fav tattoo tuesdays :)

  3. Aww Abi! She's so sweet...glad you featured them...they are awesome! :)

  4. I think it's so funny that so many people comment, "You'll regret getting that when you're old," yet so many of us in our generation have tattoos. When we're old, there will be a TON of tatted up old people!

  5. Lovely tattoos! I hate how people judge you on having tattoos! There just amazing artwork!

    Marja <3

  6. I love albi, she is just adorable and I love her blog :-)

  7. Awee this is so cute :)
    I love his advice on getting a tattoo - definitely made me giggle! Hehehe


  8. I agree with what Emily said about there being so many old people with tattoos when we're old! I think I know more people with at least ONE than those without any.
    I love the pictures that are shared on Tattoo Tuesdays!

  9. aww they are too cute, and i love her blog. her dress line is adorable!

    and i love his advice on getting tattoos....heehee!!

  10. I was a CRAZY big Showbread fan in high school! So sweet to see Abi and Josh in present day :)

  11. Oh I just recently found her blog a few weeks ago and they are such an amazing couple!

    Love, Jazmyn

  12. This was an awesome tattoo tuesday!


  13. haha, they are too cute.

    her typewriter is adorable. can't wait to see the entire sleeve.

    that jumping picture of Abi is kinda creepy! i like it! LOL

  14. I love Showbread, I've seen them 6 times! they are very genuine people, and very creative as well.

  15. Love this! I have been a big Showbread fan for years now! And totally adore Abi's blog; always an inspiration! So fun to see them featured on here! Love Josh's tattoo advice by the way lol. ;)

  16. i love this post and your blog overall! so glad i found it! i have a tattoo of 4 stars on my right foot and i have been thinking about a new one for a while, maybe it will happen next year! great photos!

  17. Awe, a couple post. I love this. aND HOW CUTE IS SHE!

    Xoxo, Mary from ♥ meowwzie.blogspot.com ♥

  18. Brilliant, I live just south of Savannah and have been tentatively researching tattoo places...will probably not go for the banana surfing monkey tho.

  19. oh how fun was this interview..love your blog lady!

  20. An enjoyable article.
    Thank you guys and Josh and Abi.

    K, bye

  21. They are completely adorable. I love the under water photo the most.

  22. that typewriter tat is amazing!!! such a cute couple!

    ps, there is a head band give a way over on my blog!
    Check it out!

    merry christmas!