Friday, December 2, 2011

Weekend links

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This week has been...painful. Henry decided to wean himself a couple of days ago and although I'm doing better now, I was pretty much dying for a day or two. I'll save the rest of that for a post on the topic sometime soon that I'm sure only a handful will want to read about...but guess what, handful? It'll be all for you!

I'm looking forward to this weekend though- we have a bunch of fun holiday-type things planned, including our town's big tree lighting. It's such a cute event full of festivities and I can't wait to take Henry!

Here are some links to get your weekend started:

First of all, the first issue of Gadchick, the fabulous creation of my friend Diana, is out today! I contributed to this issue, so take a peek- I think you'll love it! I already can't wait for the next one. 

Yesterday I shared our newest photo session with our friend Christina, and some of you may also remember the giveaway she did last spring where do offered up a photo session! The winner, Hayley had her session a couple of weeks ago, and you can check out the photos here and here. I also happen to really, really enjoy Hayley's blog so be sure to stop by and say hello!

I love my friend Adie, and I love whenever she blogs. I bet you'll love her too!

How great is this green bow? It would be so darling clipped onto a white blouse.

Here's one of my most favorite bloggers, Valentine, and a retrospective post I've had bookmarked since last year.  Gorgeous outfits and photos.

How great is Rachel's wreath DIY?

This gingerbread house is too pretty. Recipe included!

I really enjoy finding new vintage Etsy shops to check out, and Desert Gypsy has some fun items. Some of my favorites: one and two.

I love this idea for the 12 Dates Christmas! We may have to take Naomi's lead. 

And sticking with the number theme, I was happy to stumble upon this post about 10 Christmas gift in a jar.

Best Friends. How great is this cute little set?

Hello, December! What are some of your goals?

Speaking of December, take a look at the second half of Jess' holiday family photos. That cutie Rowan kills me!

Some of you asked about my scarf from this post. It's from H&M, but you can find a similar one here.

Wrapping paper snowflakes. Such a cute twist on a classic.

How awesome would this money clip be engraved for your Dad or Grandpa's Christmas gift?

Okay, this kind of does make me want to punch holes through a wall. I don't like Kristen Stewart as an actress one bit and think this fabulous lady would have been such a better choice!

The Art of Doing Nothing. I think we can all work on this!

To all my warm-weather friends, check out this list of the snowiest cities in the US!

A new(ish) blog to check out! She's a sweetie, so go say hello.

Have you guys ever tried making a cinemagraph? I really want to try it, especially when I see how neat Justine's are.

The best books of 2011 via Barnes and Noble.

Doesn't Liz's blog look so pretty? Loving the re-design.

Some items from my, two, and three.

And finally, a couple blogs I'm loving right now! Here and here. The second blog hasn't been updated in so long, but I thought maaaaybe if she saw this she would! ;) It's one of my most favorites and I miss Rachel's posts!

Happy weekend!


  1. Love your pics! We had Christina do ours and we are so happy with them :) They're on my blog if you'd like to see

    And I totally need to make my own wreath one of these years :)


  2. do you think maybe it's just a nursing strike? both of mine did that after their 1st b days then picked it back up again..

  3. i've made through about a third of the links and are saving the rest for saturday and sunday fun. the 12 dates of christmas idea is so adorable, and i'm definitely a new follower of hayley's blog!
    have a wonderful weekend!

  4. oh my, so much to discover!! thanks for saring, I'm sure I'll find a thing or two I'll love, cause I always do!! time to start going through the list :D

  5. Love that pic of the two of you! Thanks for the links :)

  6. Beautiful picture :) Sorry you've been in pain but on the bright side, you have some great links here! I also love when Adie blogs and I love Liz's new design.

    Have a great weekend, pretty lady!

  7. i can't believe salt lake was #13, I feel like growing up the winters were SO BRUTAL.

  8. Oh I'm loving Liz's new blog design! I always love your weekend links, I'm always finding new blogs and things from it. :)

    Petit Monstree

  9. Aww, I'm not a momma Danielle, but I'll be interested to read it. It'll sorta prepare me for my not too distant future ;)

  10. I am so curious what actually happens during weening. I'm not looking forward to it and it's one of those topics that women don't talk about. So, I'm really glad you are brave enough to go there! I'm in that handful! Two thumbs up from me!!

  11. My best friends daughter hit 1 and immediately self weaned. It was insane! It was like a switch flicked, she wasn't interested anymore. Hope you're feeling ok x

  12. Thanks for the support and extra thanks for the fertility diet. I'm Infertile Myrtle right now T__T

  13. Wonderful report. that is my own first trip to your site. Thank you for posting a great write-up.