Saturday, December 10, 2011

Weekend links

sisters 1
flashback Friday! Two Christmases ago with my sister! :)

Happy Friday (technically Saturday), everyone! I'm extra excited about this weekend for a few reasons, one of them being the Christmas party Natalie and I are hosting tomorrow night. Hank and Henry are heading down to my parents' for the weekend, and ten of my girlfriends will be coming over and having a big, old-fashioned sleepover at our house. I can't wait. Everyone is bringing a dish to share and an ornament to exchange, and we're hoping to start a new tradition and making this the first of many parties for years to come. I feel lucky to have a lot of amazing girls in my life, and tomorrow night a good chunk of them will all be in one place. Pretty awesome.

Tonight was also a local tradition in our little town- The Acker Musical Showcase. Basically all of the shops, galleries, and restaurants have a different band or musician playing inside, and you go from place to place checking out the music, drinking hot drinks, and getting into the holiday spirit. It's so, so much fun and one of my most favorite things about where we live.  We had a great time tonight, even though it was a little too cold for Henry, but we did make our way around for a little over an hour before we headed home.

I hope you had a great Friday! Like I said up there it's technically Saturday here at half past 12am, but here are some links to start your weekend off!


Here I am wearing one of the Shine shirts that my pal Ashley sent me! It's actually a lot more than a tee shirt- proceeds from the tee actually help fund The Shine Project, and send Phoenix-area high school students to college. Really, really awesome, right? If you want to help out a great cause and get a cute t-shirt in the process, then hop over to Ashley's blog and read more about it. She's incredibly inspiring and making a real difference in her community. Thanks again Ashley for being such an inspiration!

And speaking of inspiration, I really enjoyed these 10 images of vintage style.

Little Lola Birdie was featured on Modern Kiddo!

If you are a mother, you'll want to read this post. What a great reminder.

These banana streusel muffins from Kyla's blog look so, so good. They had me at banana, and won me over at streusel. Yum.

Another Fosters' Christmas greeting card video! My favorite.

Did you celebrate Bestie Day this year?

I am positively in love with this post on one of my favorite food blogs- from the granola recipe to the healthy holiday gift guide! So many ideas in one place.

How cute are these shoes for little boys? 

I have a certain friend who would just love this vintage leopard top.

Wow! Megan's anniversary portrait session with her adorable boyfriend are seriously great. Isn't she a beauty?

Did you see that the 2012 Year in Yes calendar is out?

And speaking of the new year, I loved Krista's post on focusing on one word instead of a bunch of resolutions!

How to attend your high school reunion. Being that my 10-year was last year, I kind of loved this! 

Some Etsy sponsor love: here and here!

Aileen's wedding was just darling - I adore all of the details.

Don is one of my very favorite blogs, and his daughter Addy is pretty much the cutest thing in the world. Go watch these videos and just try not to smile.

Apple cider doughnuts. Oh man.

Salted caramel chocolate chunk cookies. Another oh man.

Isn't this the prettiest gold bow you ever did see? Simple and gorgeous.

I'm loving Liz's winter cosmetics round up.

And finally, one of my dearest blogging friend's best friend made a blog! I knew I'd love her just by association, but I read her first post, and really, really do love her. Meet Joanna. I bet you'll love her too!

Happy weekend! xo


  1. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Another good one: MODG is coordinating a help-people-in-need for Christmas thing. People are commenting that they are in need of groceries, clothes, or a toy or two for their kids, or resumes looked at, or job connections, all kinds of stuff.

    And then other commenters - and complete strangers- are offering to send used clothes and toys or grocery giftcards or target giftcards, just anything they can do to help out people having a really rough year.

    Please check it out - I cried like a baby reading through it and am trying to help as many people as I possibly can.

    Its - the second post down - operation WANA: we are not assholes


  3. Great post! Love all the links! Those shoes are adorable! Wish I had seen them when my little man was little enough to wear them!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. heading over to check everyone out ;)

    and you look great in yellow!

  5. YOU! are so sweet! I love what you wrote about joanna and your comment to her. Isn't she such an amazing person?? I feel so blessed to have her in my life.
    Love you lady.

  6. Danielle,
    Thank you so much for your kind words! Amber has mentioned you many times before and has said nothing but wonderful things about you. She loves you a whole lot, but then again, how could she not?! I look forward to getting to know you better :))

  7. hey i love your blog... but i have a question.. do you have in your blog somewhere where you your tattoos show?? i would like to see them.. they look so pretty!

  8. thanks so much for sharing these, I always find the best things through this feature, yay!

  9. your blog is so lovely by the ways and very inspiring, i will be visiting again very soon hehe :)


  10. Oh my lord, that shirt has got to be the most perfect thing ever. I love the color and then the inspiration on it, love love! c:

    I'm also leaving this post *extremely* hungry thanks to the muffins, doughnuts, and cookies; I think I'll have to try and make at least one of them! :D

  11. A big ol sleepover? LOVE! My husband and I are in the process of buying our 1st house, so I hope to do this same thing next holiday season!!

    And that shirt?! EEK!! The same exact one I plan to buy soon when I can budget it in!!!! <3