Tuesday, January 24, 2012


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Obsessing over: this no-sugar thing! I LOVE IT and have never, ever felt better in my life. Sounds crazy, and I guess it is a pretty crazy thing to say, but it's true. I can't wait to share more about it in a post tomorrow.

Working on: my fitness. Remember that Fergie song? haha. But really, lately I've had such a fire burning under me to workout. I attribute this to my new way of eating, and I've also been trying out new things at the gym and I'm feeling super motivated to be the healthiest I can be. Don't you love that? Whenever I get myself going to new group classes I always feel this way. And speaking of group classes...

Thinking about: Henry and his freakout this morning at our YMCA's child watch program. About two mornings a week I meet my other Mom friends for Body Pump or random aerobics class. The classes are so hard and the best workout, and I like that Henry is able to interact with different kids and the two caregivers in the room right next to the fitness room. It's a great program and I feel really comfortable having him in there for that hour, but the past three times I've come back the ladies let me know he's been crying and won't stop. When I leave he seems like fine, today he didn't even look up when I left, but it was so upsetting to walk in today after class and see him trying to catch his breath from crying so hard. I don't know what to do- I'm thinking I should just do shorter amounts of time until he is really comfortable- maybe 15 minutes then come back in? I am open to any suggestions. I also am okay with just not going...maybe he's just not ready. But then at the same time I feel like by avoiding situations like this it only reinforces his separation anxiety. Veteran Moms, any ideas?

Anticipating: San Francisco! We are headed to visit one of our dearest friends Alex for the weekend and I'm so excited. I can't wait to be back in one of my favorite cities with some of my favorite people. I anticipate a lot of eating at fabulous restaurants, sightseeing and enjoying being in a different place for a couple of days. It's going to be a short trip but I can't wait! I also feel lucky to have great friends who house and dog sit for us too.

Listening to: Drake's Take Care. Every time I post about listening to rap on Twitter or Instagram people are always shocked. I don't know why but it's funny to me because 75% of the time that's what I'm listening to. Hank often makes fun of me saying that my readers would laugh if they knew that most of the content of Sometimes Sweet has been written to the sounds of hip hop. I remind him that I also love my folk-ish rock and country too, but I think he just gets a kick out of the fact that I know the words to so many of my tough gangsta rap songs.

Eating: Wasa crackers and almond butter. Delicious.

Wishing: That everyone I knew was on Instagram. That's a weird wish, I know, but I really, really love that app. It's probably my favorite thing about my iPhone and the internet. I think it's just so cool to be able to keep in touch with friends via photos of their day, and see what they're up too. It's fascinating.  I think it will be even more fun once Android users can get the app too. My user name on IG is danihampton, find me and say hi!

How about you? What are you up to today?


  1. Oh man... I hear you on your Instagram wish. It makes me so happy to see snapshots of everyone's day! (Those are totally my fav kinds of blog posts too!)

  2. I LOVE that you love rap/hip hop. It's probably one of my favorite things about you :) Oh...and people give me the same reaction about my love for country music, haha.

  3. Hey, sometimes a girl just needs to be funky, rap does that for me sometimes too. My hubby also finds it weird, but whatever!

    I'm totally addicted to Instagram as well and my addiction has only gotten worse with the JanPhotoADay contest, thank goodness she came up with February too, otherwise I would have been terribly sad!

  4. So funny that you love rap and hip hop. I'm a fan of country music as much as I hate to admit it and people are usually pretty shocked to hear that :)

  5. Girl I bow down to you How in the heck do you not eat sugar I have no self discipline and I hate that! How do you stay on top of that? I am gonna have to find you on insta.gram its one of my fav apps too.. also have you heard of 365 days.. its a photo a day app.. its pretty neato as well..

    It's a blizzard here!.. guess i'll get back to my projects!


  6. my son was totally cured of his stranger anxiety by me dropping him off at the ymca care while i worked out for an hour. the people watching him were super willing to work with him crying and encouraged me to keep coming in - it was hard but i am so grateful because after 2 weeks of keeping it up he stopped crying and started asking to go. i hope it can be the same for you! i also brought a favorite snack in for them to feed him mid-way though. :) hope this helps!

  7. I use to work at a daycare in a gym and it sounds like its just a phase. A lot of the time with little kids (mostly boys for some reason...) when they get around that age they go through some separation issues and hate when their moms would leave them and then a few weeks or so they would go back to having fun and wanting to stay when their moms came back to pick them up! Letting the caregivers know that they could get you when he cries would help them out bunches plus if Henry knows you are close by it might make things easier:) I hope that helps somewhat!

    And i was so bummed when i switched to t-moblie (and from my iphone) and couldn't go on instagram on my new phone. So i kept my iphone and still use instagram through the wireless access:):):):)

  8. When you're in SF, you should really check out Millennium. It's a fantastic vegan restaurant that my husband and I try to visit every time we're in the area. It's truly amazing and highly recommended.

  9. I would keep going to your workouts but instead of just leaving him there the entire time go and check on him every 10-15 minutes just to see if he is fine. If he is crying then comfort him, but if he is fine then just leave. It will interrupt your workout but sometimes all babies need is some reassurance. And if that doesnt work then maybe he does need a break and try going back in a few weeks. I was part of a workout group called Stroller Strides, and my son didnt do well when we first started going. I took a few weeks off and then went back. He loved it!

  10. I would ask the caregivers to come and get you if he doesn't stop crying after 5-10 minutes. Are there different ladies? Do they hold him & comfort him when he's upset? I have heard Mommies say that this can happen out of the blue.

  11. a couple years ago i cut gluten out of my diet and i have never felt so healthy. it seriously changed my life in ways i didn't even know was possible. next month, i'm going to try cutting out dairy for a couple weeks, and now i want to do the same with sugar!

    and i know what you mean about working out...i've had so much motivation the last couple weeks, i don't know where it's coming from but i love it!

  12. Hi! I currently provide childcare for a bible study at my parents church. With another caregiver, we watch 10 kids under the age of 4 (8 of which are boys!) and we've gone through this a lot with our kids in the 15-24 month range. It can be so hard for the moms to come back and see the tears.

    Over the course of the year, the boys have grown and changed so much and they really just needed time to get used to it. They can go in waves of missing mom but week by week it gets better. Keep bringing Henry, I'm sure he'll do great!

    We even had a little boy run in the room today and turn to his mom and say, "mom go out!"


  13. You're really making me want to cut sugar out completely.. it'd be so hard for me, though.
    As far as the Henry thing, I don't have a child or anything but I think lesser time would be good. Eventually, hopefully he'll get more used to it and get better. Hope you find something that works, though!
    I'm going to get Drake's CD now thanks to you!

  14. I had really bad separation anxiety until I was about 8. My mum always made sure I had my favourite bear which basically acted like a comfort blanket, maybe try that with Henry - something that reminds him of you. Also maybe see if the workers there will try to distract him (definitely works!) and then comfort him and come and get you if he doesn't stop crying? Good luck, from my own experience I know how horrible separation anxiety can be!

  15. I love this post Danielle! So simple, but yet full of life and inspiration!! (Just wanted to tell ya) ;)

  16. I LOVE that entire fergie album.... i am just waiting and waiting for another. so glad the sugarfree life is working out for you! <3

  17. I've always heard leaving your child with something of yours to hold onto helps through the anxiety. But it sounds like just a phase. My so goes to daycare almost everyday since he was 4 months. He sees the same people everyday and he still crys when I leave. I drop him off early so I can sit with him and play. Find out what his favorite toy is there, sit with him and really get him interested in something. He will probably still cry when you leave but hopefully he can calm back down and continue playing. I imagine if you pull him out completely it will only make it worse in the future.

  18. The fact that you love rap/hip hop makes me love you and your blog even more! I listen to it pretty often myself(All I Do Is Win is one of my fave workout playlist songs). Do you like How To Love by Lil Wayne? I was totally surprised by that song coming from him & I love it a lot.

    You go girl on your no-sugar diet and exercise! That's what my plans ahead are looking like and I am so excited. Exercising gives me so much energy and I just love love love it.

    Btw I adore these kind of posts.

    Have a good rest of the day :)


  19. I'm very interested in hearing more about your no-sugar diet. Please share what you've learned!

  20. I completely feel the same way about instagram...it's hard to describe the fascination with daily photos of other's lives, but I love it.

    Also I have been meaning to tell you, I thought Henry would love this children's music group. They are the Polkadots from New Zealand (friends of mine) they have a lot of great children's music that he may love!

    Here is their youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/polkadotsnz

    Here is their blog:

  21. It is amazing how good NO sugar will make you feel :).

  22. Henry is probably just going through a phase. I'm a licensed child care provider and this happens all the time- Most of the time the kids will be totally fine, but then every so often one will go through a phase where they just cry their little faces off. I once had a little boy who was full time (five days a week, nine hours a day) who cried all day, every day for THREE MONTHS (the longest three months of my life tbh) because he'd never been away from his mom before, but then one day he was suddenly okay with daycare and basically never cried again.

  23. Yes, I'd like to hear about this no sugar thing. To me, it just seems like the hardest thing in the world to let go. Everything has sugar in it! So I'd love tips on how to make it easier!

  24. Group classes are the BEST! Have you taken a spinning class? That's my absolute favorite. I always leave lookin like a hot mess!

  25. Ha! People are so surprised when my cellphone tone goes off, or I tell them I love rap.

  26. You should do a link up with this. It is such a fun feature!

  27. I'm not a veteran mom, but I did work at a gym in the Kid's Club.

    My tips would be either shorter amounts of time and start to stretch it out slowly.

    Or, just go in there about half way through and check on him. Play with him in there and when he's distracted and happy, leave again. It might... recharge his mommy meter? I don't know how else to put it.

    There were a lot of kids who would freak out when their parents were leaving, but most didn't freak out mid-way. He may just have a lot of fun and then realize he misses you.

  28. I can't wait to read more about the no sugar diet!

    And San Fran... I spent 3 summers in a row there.... love that city! :)

    People laugh when they see me getting down to rap as well, haha

  29. I can't wait to hear more about the no-sugar diet! :)

    <a href="http://thejoyfulfox.blogspot.com</a>thejoyfulfox.blogspot.com</a>

  30. Hi friend! As a kinder teacher and mommy of two littles I suggest giving it time. I definitely DO NOT suggest going in and checking on him. Once he sees you he won't want you to leave and it's not good for the little guy to be pulled back and forth. Not to mention that is training him that you will come back if he cries long enough. Don't get me wrong I don't believe in letting my babes cry for hours but with my experience I suggest you
    1. ask if he can bring one of his favorite toys
    2. make sure to tell him that mommy will come back in just a little bit...there's actually a song to this :)
    3. Distract, distract! Just remind the ladies what he really likes to do and they should be able to distract him enough with activities instead of just coddling him and bouncing him to calm him...bounce balls, read a book, bang a toy drum, etc. Kids are so easily distracted.
    4. You're doing good by not lingering. Do the same thing every time. Kiss, hug and walk away, etc. Whatever it is you do..he'll get used to this routine.
    I promise you it will get better! Don't give up, this social time is great for him and teaches him early on that he can play on his own and mommy will always come back. I have seen this help kids tremendously throughout toddler, preschool and kinder years!

    Love you my friend, I know it seems so hard. Call if you need to talk
    (sorry for the long message)

  31. To help Henry's seperation from you during the gym, what if you left a picture of yourself for him to hold. I did this with my son.

    I cant wait to read about the details of your no sugar diet! I think I want to do it after I deliever my second son.

  32. Sooo I just wrote you a long winded comment and went to post it aaand.... bam, it was gone. So hopefully this works! This will be the shorter version....

    I love your currently post, I am thinking of doing the same. I find it fascinating to just read what people are feeling and thinking in the moment... and its a fun little way to get some conversation going!

    I love any and all of your posts on fitness - you motivate me! And I hear you with the music girl, sometimes a girls gotta get down with her bad self... :)

    When I got an iphone last year, I downloaded some of the apps you recommended on your iphone post, and fell in love with instagram. it rocks. I love the henry pics, I mean you and your hubby made one cute kid there! His flyaway hair is amazing. Im courtryan... say hello if you'd like! :)

    Back to working out (clearly I am all over the place) - what kind of sneakers do you wear for running? I am currently shopping around for a new pair and looking for some advice!

    Have a happy week!

  33. I have no parenting advice, but I can't even imagine that situation. Hope it gets better!

  34. As long as the ladies that watch Henry are ok with it... I'd keep going. It's something you really love.

    And, I love me some instagram.

  35. Hi Danielle,
    I'm a preschool teacher (2-5yr olds) and like a few others above me have already said, it is really in everyone's best interests if you don't cut your gym time short/go in and check on Henry. He will understand eventually that "mummy always comes back". If he is absolutely fine when you leave him, but is distressed when you return, I would be questioning the environment with the gym caregivers. Are there other children in there he doesn't like? Are the caregivers using sufficient distraction techniques? Are they communicating effectively with him? Not at ALL pointing the finger here, I'm sure the caregivers are lovely, but if they cannot calm a child within a 60 minute time frame then I would be a little worried.

  36. Oh god I love you that much more for loving Drake's "Take Care" album. I've been listening to that album non-stop for the past few days. My favorite song of his right now is Under Ground Kings lol I think it's more of the beat than anything. I also love country music too haha! As for the daycare problem I have no idea because I've never put my daughter in daycare (although that time is fast approaching). I hope you figure something out.

    Love, Jazmyn

  37. This is amazing. Unfortunately, I am suffering from the beginning stages of a cold/fever so I am in bed right now eating chicken noodle soup and doing what I like the most: catching up on my blog loves.
    Can't wait for Instagram to come to Android. I do have an iTouch so I been on it for a while: Meowwzie. but soon I'll be able to post from my phone!

    Mary from ♥ meowwzie.blogspot.com ♥

  38. I have a blackberry and I cannot wait for the day that I can use instagram. I am so envious of ipohne owners strictly because of that app! I still have a year and a half (give or take) until my current phone contract is up, but I am very seriously concidering an iphone next time around just for instagram:)

  39. Danielle!
    Can I just say I've been LOVING your posts lately?
    they've just been so personal and honest to you and it really shows! :)
    did you decide if you're going to eat sweets in San Fransisco or no?

  40. I was just writing one of these again too :) I plan on doing it once a month. I totally agree about instagram! I posted that my favorite cardio song right now is Jay Z "N****s in Paris" + people were shocked too. I wanna booty dance every time I hear it, haha :)

  41. Love this post! You seriously have me considering cutting out the sugar in my life...well, maybe not fruit—I don't think I could do without my apple-and-almond-butter snack :)

    Have so much fun in SF! It's one of our favorite cities too (and a quick 90 minute drive from our home here in Santa Cruz). I hope that you get at least one day sunny enough to hangout in Dolores Park. So fun:)

    And I totally feel you on the IG thing. As soon as I know someone has an iPhone, I always ask: "Are you on Instagram?" Nerd alert.

  42. On Henry's separation anxiety: To start, I'm sure you're doing a great job! This is a natural phenomena in children and actually quite healthy as a display of his attachment to you! He is right at the age when it peaks. This means it'll naturally begin to disappear as he begins to comprehend the concept of leaving and coming back. A good basis to ease sep. anxiety is to start well rested with a full tummy. Some other things I've learned that a parent can do to help: bringing a comfort item from home, developing a quick goodbye routine (don't linger! I know it's hard) that also involves assurance that you'll return, and talking about your day's plan beforehand "We're going to go to the gym, and you'll spend time with your friends while Mommy goes away for a bit. Then I'll come back to get you and we'll ____." These are ways you can start to help him understand that you'll be back. The other part resides in the caregivers. Are there usually the same people working at the gyms care center? That would help greatly. Getting to know them and the environment will help him trust the situation a little more. The caregivers, of course, need to be providing plenty of comfort, meeting his needs, and engaging him in stage appropriate play during the time he spends with them.

    Emerson was exactly like this. The hardest part is that, even with adequate training, a lot of caregivers don't seem to accept that it's a natural thing. Unfortunately for us, after watching some footage of his day, it seemed that his needs were not being met in the way that he, as an individual, needed. They were also trying to engage him in play that was too advance for his developmental stage. This stressed him and made being there more difficult for him. It's so important that care centers understand that each child is different. It's one of the reasons we pulled Em from daycare he was at. Anyway, I'm ranting, but I hope this all helps! Hooray for my child development minor being useful for somethin'! I'm on a long comment roll today.

    PS: Maybe we'll run into each other in SF ;)

  43. I love hip hop. Have no shame!I see people on the train give me looks, like "Why is that weird girl in moccasins and peach glasses bumping Nicki Minaj through her headphones?" Cause it's awesome, that's why.

  44. I loved this post. I'm new to your blog, and I fell in love with this concept. I may have to use the same type of format on my own blog. BTW your entire blog is beautiful. You've gained a new follower in me! =)

  45. Came over here from The Papa Mama. Kinda love this "currently" thing. And you've intrigued me with your no-sugar thing too. I've tried countless times to go sugar-free and it never lasts longer than a day or two. Except for once when it lasted two weeks (with maybe a few cheats) because I was trying to lose the baby weight :)

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  47. I wish the world peace. this would make my appetite good and eat more. haha. it reminds me how blessed it is to live in a peaceful land.

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    This worls its amazing, people so far, that doesn't meet, with similar ideas!!!

    So nice to found you!!

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