Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tattoo Tuesday V.107

Name and blog name: John O'Hagan -The Golden Rule Tattoo and PhxJohn on Instagram...Closest thing I have to a blog haha.

editor's note: fun fact- John was actually the person who took me to get my first tattoo almost ten years ago! I have him to thank for "showing me the ropes," and giving great advice that resulted in me taking my time and choosing really wonderful artists. It's pretty neat to feature him here after all of these years!

Age: 29 (ugh, when did that happen?)

Occupation: Historic and Mid Century Modern Home Specialist - Twins And Company Realty: A boutique real estate brokerage.
Co-Owner - Maxwell and O'Hagan Group: We buy historic/MCM houses, and renovate them in a period appropriate style.
Co-Owner - Golden Rule Tattoo: Customer service focused tattoo shop in Downtown Phoenix AZ.

Age of first tattoo: 18

Favorite tattoo: My arms probably. I loved the look of full sleeves when I was a kid. A lot less people were tattooed back then and when I saw someone with full sleeves it was really visually impacting for me. I always wanted that look.

Artist/shop/location of featured tattoo: Severed Geisha head and snake on my left thigh. Chris Lain - Pinnacle Tattoo- Corpus Christi, TX

1) Tell us about your featured tattoo.

I was in a band in the early 2000's and we were on tour and had a date in Corpus Christi. There was a shop next to the venue we were playing so we went over to check it out. Honestly most of the time on tour you are just killing time. I saw Chris' book and was blown away. I had never heard of him before, and I'm pretty into the style of tattooing he does. I chatted with him for a while and he was super nice. I won't get tattooed by pretentious tattoo dorks no matter how good they are. I want the experience to be solid all around. Anyways, I wanted to get something quick by him but he was setting up for an appointment and couldn't squeeze me in.
I kept trying to book another trip out that way to get in with him, but life kept getting in the way. A few years later, while I was at Immaculate Tattoo getting tattooed by Coleman he said there was a guest artist coming through in a couple months whose style I would love, and it was Chris! So we started this piece on my thigh and after a couple more visits finished it up.

2) Do you have any other tattoos? If so, what do you have and where? 

I have full sleeves done by Aaron Coleman. My leg from the knee down was done by Jason K that used to work at Immaculate as well. I've been tattooed by a bunch of different people randomly here and there. Aaron is working on my torso/bodysuit right now, slowly... haha.





3) Do you plan on getting more? 

Yep. I'd like to be fully covered wrist to ankle, I'm on my way I suppose. I'm considering my hands when the timing is appropriate career-wise . But since I'm built stocky, I probably won't tattoo my neck ever.

4) How do your family and friends feel about your tattoo(s)? 

My Mom used to cry when I'd come home with a new tattoo. Now she thinks they are pretty. My Dad was always cool about it. They both just wanted to make sure I didn't get dumb tattoos that would prevent or limit me from future career choices. That was smart of them to consider, and thankfully I listened to them. In my daily career of dealing with buyers and sellers in real estate, it's nice to be able to cover up and not have to deal with reactions to my tattoos.

Have you run into any adversity or negativity because of them?

Sure. I get glared at in public sometimes, or ignored by staff at high end stores. Especially when shopping for high end fixtures for properties I'm flipping for some reason? As if I having tattoos means I don't have the money to buy nice door hardware or shower fixtures haha. But once they realize I know what I'm talking about and that my tattoos are really nice, not jailhouse garbage they relax and treat me well.
In general I try and stay covered up in public just to avoid questions and being hassled when I'm on task.
When I was a bartender it was a constant source of annoyance for me. People trying to talk to me about them, ask me how much I payed for them, telling me they don't like them or calling me "tat guy" to try and get my attention when the bar was busy.

I've been into Yoga for a couple years, and I get a lot of weird looks when I go into a new class or new school. the mat space next to me is always the last one to get filled. I've been called out by instructors in front of the class before too, on some " why would you do that to your body" type stuff. It seems to be one of the most conservative spaces for acceptance of heavily tattooed people that I've run into. Seems strange since of all the open minded hippy bullshit they spew while I'm just trying to get more flexible.

John's pet piggy, Emma! See her tribute tattoo above. :)

Do you have a significant other? Does he/she have tattoos? 

My ex wife was heavily tattooed, but wasn't when we started dating.
I've dated really heavily tattooed girls, and more recently more girls that have either no tattoos or like one small one.
I don't have a preference honestly. I like good tattoos, but bad tattoos are a turn off for me. No tattoos is fine by me. I'm not into the social side of the tattoo industry, I just simply like the aesthetic.

5) What's the most interesting experience you've ever had in regards to your tattoos? 

I mostly remember confrontations. Most of my tattooing experiences have been really pretty typical.
People touching me really doesn't work well for them. Other than that, I am fine with people staring. I don't mind a couple questions but I don't like getting sucked into weird conversations with strangers for any reason, especially not tattoo related.

6) Any advice for those interested in getting tattooed but haven't gotten one yet? 

Do your research. When I was trying to figure out who I wanted to tattoo when I was younger I read an article in a tattoo magazine and it was an interview by Chris Trevino and in it he said " Everyone gets the tattoo they deserve" and that always stuck with me. If you just walk into a random shop and get a bad tattoo, it's your bad. If you do your research and find an artist you like and are comfortable with, then you'll have a great experience. Either way, it's your experience to own and you get to/have to live with the consequences.


  1. WOW! I nice to know that even heavily tattooed people can be really successful in life.
    Oh and wouldn't mean that you do have money if you have a lot of tattoo's? I mean tattoo's aren't cheap!


  2. The team Jacob tatttoo is hilarious!

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    1. Agreed! I feel so lucky to have had him show me the ins and outs of getting tattooed so many years ago!

  4. Hey he works with our realtor Jennifer, how funny!

  5. LOVE IT!

    It's been such a pleasure to "meet" John on Instagram, and see parts of his life each day.

    Great tatts.
    Sweet dude.
    CUTE pig! :)

    1. Instagram rules! Although that pig of his scares me...

  6. You have a Team Jacob tat?!!! Lol! I wanna hear about that one....

  7. I can't believe the negative experiences at yoga! I've have quite a few teachers, one even yesterday, that are heavily tattooed. And being judgey about anything is absolutely in conflict with the yoga mindset. Boo on them!


    I am a huge fan of the 'everyone gets the tattoo they deserve' quote too, it's so true! Don't be a dummy.

    As for the yoga thing, that sucks but I always seem to find hippies the most judgemental people. Maybe I've just had bad experiences with them though.

  9. Lawd that piggy is too beautiful! I also can't believe that a yoga instructor would call someone out like that - especially in front of the class! A very good friend of mine is a yoga instructor and tattooed - she feels it adds to the "hippy vibe" that a lot of people expect - haha! But seriously, it's just so contrary to the philosophy of yoga. Anyway, your tattoos are really beautiful. And working on historical houses - especially Mid-century Modern - dude, I'd put my yoga mat next to yours any day...
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. I lost my sh*t with the Dumb and Dumber tattoo! LOVE IT!!! He seems like a really cool, stand up guy!

  11. Loved this Tattoo Tuesday and the subject! He's fabulous. Sometimes I'm jealous of men because they're expected to wear long-sleeved collared shirts to work and therefore can pretty much get tattooed anywhere. It's harder for ladies!

    Love the Dumb and Dumber tattoo and Team Jacob, hilars! Also, I've wanted a pet pig FOREVER.

  12. Maybe it's just because I'm a red-blooded American girl, but I always love when you feature a boy for Tattoo Tuesday. A boy with a pig? Well, that's just icing. :)

  13. dude i love that dumb and dumber tattoo! i am so excited to see that right now haha :p best movie ever.

  14. Never commented on a TT post as well but ahh! The whole time I was dreading reading whether he had a significant other haha. I live in Phoenix too if you're reading this John!

  15. Just found your blog and I love this feature! I have seven tattoos right now and my next seven or so already planned out. It's so interesting to read what the stories are behind people's tattoos. Whenever I encounter people with tattoos, even though I have a bunch of my own, I have to remind myself to not be one of "those people" and stare at them even though I'm really just so fascinated with their art.

  16. That team Jacob tattoo is the best!!!! I love funny tattoos like that haha

  17. I love that his tattoos are a mix of 'serious' and 'hilarious'. I feel like a lot of people that go the 'silly' route with tattoos always have tons of them and no serious ones! I rarely see people with just one or two silly ones, but I love it! (Does that even make sense?)

    And a freakin' pet pig? You've got to be kidding. I've always wanted one!

    I live in Flagstaff so it seems like all the 'hippies' have tattoos, but I do notice a HUGE difference in how 'hippies' react down in Phoenix, like when i go to a co-op or a Trader Joe's. Hippy is such a broad term (hence the quotes) so I think it's all about where you live.

  18. i LOVE emma! and john, that tribute to dumb and dumber is classic... bravo! hahaha

  19. Handsome...well spoken...loves his parents....motivated.....where can I MEET this guy?!

  20. Holy awesome occupation!!!! And if that wasn't enough, add some sweet art work and a super cute pet pig! Probably my favorite Tattoo Tuesday!

  21. i was instantly really surprised by john's thoughts on the reactions of the yoga community in phoenix. i live in austin, tx and every other yoga teacher/yogi/yogini here has a couple of tattoos, or is heavily tattooed themselves. i think it stinks that he's received such negative feedback from such a supposedly open-minded community. come to austin, john! you'll fit right in. =)

  22. Loved this post! Tattoo Tuesdays are a fav read every week.
    John's super cute and love the tattoos. Great attitude about life and dealing with the ignorant people who make assumptions about those of us tattooed. I've been fortunate that so far {knock on wood} my tattoos haven't impacted my career. If I had to I could cover them up but fortunately my work place is pretty open considering it’s a bank!  My next piece though is going to be a shoulder/quarter sleeve and I’m making sure it’s concealable for the office. My parent’s have reacted the same way as John’s, my mom gets upset and my dad thinks they’re cool! I’m determined that one day she’ll come around! Listen if my 85 year old Aunt is okay with it, I think I’m doing alright :)

    John love your art work, hope you post again as your tattoos continue :)

  23. Great post, as always love reading the Tattoo Tuesday post;) I was dying to hear more about being/how he became part owner of a tattoo shop?! I found that super interesting in addition to the real estate co.

  24. Love this post! Hehee his piggy is so so cute!


  25. What a great post! I look forward to the Tattoo Tuesday's every week :)
    Did you happen to read this article about females and tattoos??
    It's quite frustrating for us woman that have beautiful work done.

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  27. ooooh, who's that handsome fella in the pic with him at the bottom of the post? i wanna marry him! ;) okay okay...love john too...but dude, stop going to yoga classes where the teachers are more focused on your looks than your posture! haha! xo.

  28. I am an O'Hagan, too! You look just like the O'Hagan men in my family, who, of course, are devastatingly handsome!