Saturday, January 14, 2012

Weekend Links

Hi everyone! I sure hope you're having a great Saturday. It's been a good one for us. We went out this morning and ran some errands, and then I spent the afternoon at the gym while Henry napped.  We just put him back down for the night, so I thought I'd take a moment and finish this post up- I'm also working on something about my visit to the naturopath yesterday (I loved her!), so look for that soon too.

Here are some links to check out. Happy weekend!


I can't even tell you how excited Hank and I are for that movie right up there! Yes!

What an inspiring read! I'm still sad I missed the deadline to submit...but maybe she'll do it again sometime! ;)

I've been enjoying reading back through this blog. Its just really interesting and a great read. I linked to you to a particular post I just read, but be sure to visit the whole thing too.

Oh, Meryl!

If you are a mama, read this post! What an amazing (and time-consuming) project to do for your child. The finished product is just too cool.

I love Kate's post about creating the perfect care package!

This is great- a tutorial on how to make your own personalized board book for kiddos. Henry would love it.

One of my lovely sponsors Dejavu, is offering Sometimes Sweet readers 30% off their super cute clothing and accessories this month. Simply use the code "sometimessweet." Thanks Dejavu!

What a pretty video, all about books.

I loved Krista's round up of organizational inspiration! Awesome.

Henry needs a teepee, and the one Jen made for her little Rowan is just great.

Homemade beauty treatments rule and Jess' looks like something I'd want to try.'

This wallpaper! Amazing! Thank you Adriana.

What a beautiful film.

I really adore Jess and her little family. I think you will too!

Loving this knit cowl, this ring, and all of Justine's photography on her blog . Don't I have some talented ladies as sponsors this month? Blows me away.

43 pizza recipes via the one and only Martha! Need I say more?

We've been meal-planning like crazy and I love to read other bloggers' adventures with it too.  And check out that cute meal-planning pad. I need it!

And finally, some blogs I've been enjoying: one, two and three!


  1. Wonderful post! I really love the care package post!!! I think receiving (and sending!) little boxes in the mail is such fun! Especially when you have interesting and wonderful bloggy buddies like I do. :D

  2. Jess & her fam are lovely indeed. Great links, as always!

  3. I love these posts! You always have great links and recommendations :)

  4. I am SO excited about Moonrise Kingdom. I love Wes!

  5. you always post the best links! i especially loved the link about walking and working out. can't wait to read more from that blog.

  6. Love the link list, and I am super exicted for Moonrise Kingdom too! The trailer looks amazing.

  7. Thanks for the photography love! I would love to quit my job as nurse and do it full time. I have 2 people interested in weddings already this year. Fingers crossed!

  8. So beyond excited for Moonrise Kingdom! Wes Anderson is the coolest.

    Have a sweet Sunday, my friend! <3

  9. I love your weekend links. I always find new and exciting blogs to read. Thank-you x Kel

  10. Thanks for linking to my board book! It was great fun to make--hope the tutorial is helpful to someone out there! Your blog is great fun. Glad to have discovered it!

  11. A new Wes Anderson movie!? How did I miss this? So stoked - thanks for posting the trailer.

  12. Thanks for this wonderful post and amazing reads! I really enjoy these posts as much as the rest of your blog!! :)

  13. We are so excited for the new Wes Anderson as well! :)