Saturday, February 25, 2012

11 Things

One of my most favorite bloggers Lauren tagged me in her 11 Things post, and unlike my typical non-participating self, I thought I would actually do this one!  Thanks, Lauren! :)

There are five rules:
1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you've tagged them.

New Jersey Shore, Summer 2011

11 Random Things:

1. I LOVE rap and hip hop. In fact most of the time I blog, workout, and drive I am listening to rap. When Henry is with me I usually try to stick to more kid-friendly things of course, but when it's just me, 75% of the time I am listening to it. Some of my favorites: Tribe, Wu-Tang, Aesop Rock, Dead Prez, Biggie, Too $hort, and stuff like Lil Wayne, Jay-Z and Drake too. I could go on and on. Many people are surprised to learn this about me.

2. I am afraid of birds. Crows are the worst and they make my stomach turn when I see them. Their oily feathers, beady eyes and pointy beak completely freak/gross me out. I attribute my fear of birds to seeing these huge turkey vultures perched on the soccer goalposts at the elementary school my Mom taught at while we were growing up. The adults always warned us to never lay down for fear the buzzards would think we were dead and swoop down and peck us! Terrifying. That, paired with a very early viewing of The Birds, has scarred me for life.

3. When I like a song I will listen to it over and over again until I finally get sick of it. It's a bad habit but I can't seem to break it. I'm sure people who follow me via Spotify are like "why is she listening to the same song, all day, everyday?"

4. If I could live anywhere in the United States I would choose Vermont. It's my most favorite vacation spot in the world, and it's just the most magical place. My Aunt and Uncle live right on Lake Champlain and every summer Hank and I fantasize about permanently extending our vacation. I love how green it is, I love the beautiful scenery, the vibe, the people...and even the insane winters. I think it makes the summers that much more enjoyable.

5. Being a stay-at-home Mom is the most fulfilling "job" I have ever had. A lot of people in my life have been really, really surprised that I chose to stay home with Henry and would love to keep on staying home, life's circumstances-permitting. I loved college and got my Bachelor's and Master's pretty quickly (both by the time I was 23) and before I became a Mom I was very into the idea of pursuing a PhD. It may sound crazy to some, but I get so much joy from staying home and taking care of my family that at this point in my life I would love to just keep doing what I'm doing for a long while.

6. I have a weird thing where I remember every word to every song. It's bizarre. I'll hear a song once, and somehow I know all the words. It used to drive Autumn crazy in college because we'd be out and literally any song that came out I would know.

7. I cry often. I am the biggest sap and I tear up at basically anything- commercials, the way Henry laughs, Hank being sweet- and I find myself getting happy emotional over something at least once a day.

8. If I could eat one sweet treat the rest of my life, it would be Cadbury Mini Eggs. Are you familiar with them? They're the little eggs with the candy shell and milk chocolate inside, in the purple bag. I don't know what it is but I love these things so much and have been obsessed since I was a kid. I never, ever buy them for our house (I have no self-control when it comes to them!), but my Mom always keeps a bag around during Easter and it's such a treat whenever we are at her house. They are beyond delicious.

9. I was born and raised in a small New Jersey town and have such NJ pride. I think it's the best, and we typically go back and visit every summer. Before Hank met me he thought all of New Jersey was like the Newark he saw from his tour van while passing through on the turnpike. He had no idea how beautiful it really is, and now he's in love with it too! We can't get enough of the boardwalk, Island Beach State park, and all of the gorgeous green forests. It's such a wonderful place.

10. I have a bad, bad addiction to reality television. Our DVR is full of my favorites: The Bachelor, ALL of The Real Housewives, Real World, Teen Mom, Bethenny (and basically every other Bravo show), Sister Wives, MTV's True Life...the list goes on. I seriously love it and love meeting people who are into my favorite shows too. It's so fun to discuss them and nerd out.

Questions from Lauren:

1. If you had to wear skirts for the rest of your life, or jeans for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
A few years ago I would have answered skirts, but now I'd definitely say jeans. Can I choose my maternity skinny jeans? So comfortable.

2. What was your favorite PBS kids show growing up? 
Reading Rainbow for sure.

3. Who is cooler? Zack Morris or Cory Matthews? 
Zack Morris. I grew up watching Saved By The Bell!

4. What is your least favorite smell in the world? 
Hmmm, I'd have to say dirty feet or shoes. Gross.

5. What's the worst injury you have ever had? 
I tore my ACL and meniscus playing soccer on my club team in high school.

6. What book have you read more than once? 
So many. The most times though? Probably The Crucible.

7. What do you take the most photos of? 
Henry, of course!

8. What is the first perfume you ever purchased/wore? 
hahah. Either Luvs Baby Soft or Sunflowers. SO junior high!

9. What is your ideal date? 
Getting take out Mexican or Thai and curling up on the couch with Hank, watching a movie. We are total homebodies.

10. Tell me your favorite thing about the state you live in. 
All of the charming small towns and beautiful scenery.

11. Most frequented website? 
right now: Pinterest!

Questions for the ladies I will be tagging:
1. If money, schooling or time was no obstacle, what career would you choose?
2. What's the one thing you look forward to every day?
3. What is your number one, all-time, favorite blog?
4. Biggest online pet peeve?
5. What is your all-time favorite book?
6. What would your "last meal" be?
7. Do you believe in love at first site?
8. What would your ideal Sunday morning consist of?
9. Why do you blog?
10. If you had to choose one color to wear forever, what would you pick?
11. What is your all-time favorite band?

And finally, I tag: Amber Joy, JessJames, Mandy, Jen, Kaelah, Melissa, Katie, and Katie...and ANYONE who wants to participate (link me so I can check out your answers too!).


  1. same here, I can listen to the one same song for weeks every day, then I get rid of it and stop listening it.. then I find it months later and can listening to it for hours again

    I love this kind of posts, its always cool to learn something new about bloggers :)

  2. I also do that with songs... I worry my neighbours will hear and think I am weird... but to be fair I kinda am.

  3. That's amazing that you got your masters by the age of 23! I'm working my way through mine now. About to have my first baby whilst studying so it should be interesting.

    I hope I am as content as you are raising your little boy.

  4. Hey, Danielle. I decided to participate in eleven things. It was fun to read what you and Lauren came up with, answering random questions and making up my own. Here is the link to mine:

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  5. Luvs Baby Soft is totally the perfume my mom has always used. She'll be 52 in a couple weeks. :)

  6. I totally forgot to add this to my last comment! My first perfume was Debbie Gibson's Electric Youth - it smelled sooooo delicious. After I couldn't find it anymore, my parents let me get a Love's Fragrance pack (it had Baby Soft, Fresh Lemon, and Rain Scent). I finally graduated up to Clinique Happy once I got into high school. :)


  7. We lived in Cape May, NJ for awhile and I love it. 100% different than the Jersey most people know!

  8. I did it too! I'm in Tucson, AZ, and faithfully read!

  9. I was born in small town NJ and spent a little of my childhood there before moving to Vermont!! I love NJ too and think it's a shame (or perhaps a well kept secret) about how beautiful it really is. Regarding Vermont, it is simply a beautiful and amazing place to live for oh so many reasons :)

  10. I love Cadbury Mini Eggs,too. I. Can't. Stop. eating them around Easter! :)

  11. Oh I just love you!!!

    I told my counselor the story about the seagulls attacking Judah and i at the beach and she told me in a few months when I can really "laugh about the incident" to watch birds. I've never seen the movie.

    I love reality TV, I even managed to get my husband to watch most of the shows with me. I love seeing him get all fired up about the bachelor. He now dislikes ben even more since you posted that video on twitter! He is such a dog. (ben not my husband)

    I was just thinking this week how I loved reading rainbow and how I can't wait for Judah to watch some of the old shows. They have to have them listed somewhere (hulu/netflix/youtube).

    I love rap music (this shocks most people to) but my maiden name was west (west-side...yes I used to throw up gang signs to my high school students I used to teach) and my brother grew up thinking he must have been Jay-Z's brother. Rap is in our blood. Ha

  12. I love Bethenny and Rh of OC / Rh of BH. I even buy the episodes on iTunes if I don't get catch them on Bravo!

  13. We're so different... Hhahahah!
    But you're such an inspiration for me. :)
    So intelligent, kind, funny, well tasted and pretty.
    Thanks for this blog and congratulations for putting yourself out there, we all know that can be quite hard sometimes.


  14. Wow we have a lot in common! This also made me think of and laugh at my first perfume.... Electric Youth! Debbie Gibson scent all the way.

  15. Mini eggs! I can eat a whole bag in a matter of seconds. Even the most disciplined of people cannot resist them!

  16. Ahh I loved reading this, so fun. I never agree to do these things either but I loved reading yours so much I am going to do it! Here are a few notes on your 11 things...
    1. I am obsessed with rap music. When I work out or clean I have to listen to it. Nothing gets you through a work out like some good beats. haha.
    2. Yes! Please move to VT. Then you will be closer to me.
    3. I am a cryer as well
    4. Mmmm cadbury eggs are heaven.

    Thanks for tagging me sweet girl.

  17. well...i kinda messed it up a bit and answered the same questions as you:)...just noticed now. darn- cuz i actually really like your questions! oh well...i did play along, though...and linked back to you, mama!

    great post-- enjoyed reading a little more about you!



  18. I love that you listen to rap and that you like all of those reality shows. It's definitely a surprise!

    I wrote up a post:

  19. this was fun, I participated! :) I am also addicted to the 1st season gals from Teen Mom. I only watch when it's Maci and the crew, but still!

    Thanks for sharing this lil meme!

  20. I loved reading your answers! Those little Cadbury Eggs are my absolute favorite, too. I could eat a whole bag by myself, which is obviously both terrible and wonderful at the same time. I will be participating in this as well! Happy Sunday.

  21. HEY!!! We live in Vermont, right on Lake Champlain!! We gave up most of our possessions and moved here from the desert a year and a half ago... it is AWESOME! I document our life here at:

    Maybe we will see you on the lake on of these summers ;-)

  22. i did it!

  23. that's such an adorable picture of you and Henry!<3

  24. Cadbury Mini Eggs, yes! I can't find any yet but I've been looking. :p

    I'm going to do the questions, too, but I noticed you're missing #11. :)


  25. I did it too-Cadbury Eggs- OMG. Luv them.

  26. I love those Cadbury eggs too they are truly addicting

  27. I cry often too. And Rob's best friend is legit ornithophobic (phobia of birds)...he was attacked by a flock of magpies as a kid and now he can't stand them. Like, running and screaming scared. And this guy is a combat vet! haha. Anyway this was fun to read :) Have a great rest of your Sunday.

  28. How fun was that?!

  29. Loved this idea! you have been tagged. =)

  30. You cured my writer's block :) Here is mine,

    I used to LOVE cadbury eggs, but I totally overdid them at one Easter gathering and haven't been able to eat them since! :)

  31. I totally listen to the same song over & over until I finally get sick of it too. & oh gosh... Sister Wives. So addicted to that show.

  32. I love how you give reasons for your answers!most people don't
    And I thought it was funny you had birds on the shirt in your picture(:

  33. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  34. Participated!

    Thanks for the questions, it's nice to blog like that. Some things I never ever thought of!

  35. Joining you in the NJ pride, lady! Glad to know that at least someone else in the big wide world realizes that NJ is more than Newark and Jersey Shore. :) I live near Philly... farm country! I'm excited for spring, all the farms start to "sprout," and everything is this very unique shade of green you only see for the first two weeks of spring. It's so lovely.

    I did a post of my own; thanks for the blogging inspiration!

  36. Oh boy Reading Rainbow was one of my favorites too!! A classic!

  37. oh my gosh! we have a lot in common!

    1. i have to admit that this weekend, i went and bought 15 bags of the mini cadbury eggs. they sell out so fast and i can only find them around easter (they make a christmas ornament bag, but i rarely see those!)

    2. i listen to 1 song on repeat all day long. if i hear something on the radio or on tv, i will soundhound it and play it on repeat for probably 2-3 weeks. ha. my fiance hates it! but i can't help it.

    3. i am deathly afraid of birds. i don't know what it is and i cannot attribute my fear from anything in particular, but birds scare me to the point that i almost faint. so i know how you feel!

    anyways! what a fun post!

    come drop by allister bee soon!

  38. i am also addicted to all of the reality tv show you excited about the new season of bethanny ever after! "all he has to worry about is washing his big ball sack." seriously?! lol.

  39. i swear we are kindred spirits...from rap and hip hop to bad television! haha. you're my kind of girl!
    thanks for tagging me, love! i can't wait to start working on my answers...

  40. So fun! I love this. Made me realize a few things about myself while trying to type 11 random facts :)

  41. The fact that you named Aesop Rock on your listening list just made my hip hop heart so happy =)

  42. I played along! There were only 10 questions but I found # 11 on TART :)

  43. Oh my goodness, Cadbury mini eggs. I also have no self control when it comes to those things. Any other chocolate treat I can try to talk myself out of eating. but not Cadbury mini eggs

  44. i am from nj as well and my husband totally thought it was all like newark, too. how wrong i proved him! nj pride!

  45. whoohooo!!! this is my very first link-up! Fun!

  46. Linking up!

  47. So I will also listen to songs on repeat until I get so sick of them I have to change the iPod or radio station when they come on. Also, Cadbury mini eggs for life! Love those things!

  48. My answers to these questions are so similar to yours, its eerie. And omg, luvs baby soft and sunflowers!!! Junior high favorites for sure... totally forgot about them. Hilarious.

  49. reading rainbow...swoon. i wish EBN and i could watch together now!
    here's my take:

  50. Ok. #3 and #6 are so me. My husband often comments that I have some song lyric super power. Also, I just saw the Mini Cadbury Eggs in the store the other day. I had to practically run away from them to the produce section before I started piling bags into my cart. So good.

    And reality TV? Me too. Terrible. The Bachelor drives me nuts now because Ben is being so annoying. I can't seem to figure out when Sister Wives is coming back, I hope it IS coming back.

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