Thursday, February 16, 2012


my current favorite photo of Henry

Obsessing over: printing out all of the photos I've taken of Henry over the past 15 months. I was looking through an old photo album at my parents' the other day and realized that I have nothing physical like that to have as a keepsake. I doubt that one day in future Henry will sit and peruse my Flickr account when he wants to see baby photos. So my plan is to go through all of my photos month by month and print out 3 copies of each. I'll make 2 photo albums (one for him, one for us) and then have an extra copy for any projects, etc. he may want them for. I'm not a scrapbooker, so these are just going to be old-fashioned albums. I'm excited, even though the task seems completely daunting considering the amount of photos I've taken!

Working on: This is just my hobby (NOT a job), but for some reason, I catch myself feeling weird- like I'm not "keeping up with the Jones'" once in a blue moon. And that is too often for me. By the way, I have no idea who the Jones' even are. It's weird though, and I started thinking about this when I caught myself apologizing for an Instagram collage in a recent post. Who am I apologizing to? And why? This blog has a large readership, yes, but why in the world would I apologize to people for sharing photos of my happiness- albeit not the best quality photos, but still, why? I share a little of everything- beautiful photos from my DSLR, some from my point and shoot, some from my phone, so I'm just trying to shake off this idea that I have to measure up to some weird ideal I've gotten stuck in my head from who knows where. All of the blogs I love are a mix of everything, yet all of a sudden I had a strange guilt for not producing posts with great photos, all the time; like I was copping out using Instagram photos. Over it now though, and I don't expect to feel that way for oh, about another 6 or 7 months! ;)

Thinking about: how excited I am to get tattooed tomorrow! It's been awhile, and I couldn't be happier about adding something really, really special to my thigh. Let's be clear though- I am not excited about the pain- I hate hate hate getting tattooed, and it only gets harder the older I get...but I love the outcome so in the end it's worth it. I'll wait and share what I'm getting via a post later on, but just know that it officially brings me fully over to the literature-nerd side, as if I wasn't already there. Excited!

Anticipating: a fun weekend. Tomorrow night is tattoo night, Saturday is Carter's 2nd birthday party, and Sunday Hank, Henry and I have a fun family day planned.

Listening to: Lately I can't stop listening to Neko Case. Do any of you listen to her? I've loved her for a long, long time and have fully enjoyed all of her amazing projects she's partaken in with that incredible voice of hers. My most favorite album of hers though is Blacklisted, but oddly enough I'd never gave her newest album, Middle Cyclone, a listen. While in San Francisco Alex mentioned that one of his all-time favorite songs was "This Tornado Loves You" and now I can't stop listening to it. Neko Case is amazing and and I firmly believe she is one of the great voices of our time.

Eating: sweet potatoes. So many sweet potatoes! I always love them, but lately I've been on a one-a-day kick. I usually like to throw a couple in the oven for dinner- Henry loves them too! I prefer mine with butter and sea salt, but adding cheese and broccoli is delicious too. Fun fact: sweet potatoes have been said to increase the chances of having twins or multiples! Seeing that my Dad is a twin I better lay off once we start thinking about baby #2...unless we want #2 and #3 at the same time! ha.

Wishing: that air travel was free. There are far too many faraway friends I'd like to visit.

How about you? What are you up to today? Feel free to do your own "currently" post on your blog and link back in the comments! And thanks again to my dear friend Megan for providing the original inspiration for these posts.


  1. random trivia: that phrase "keeping up with the Jones" comes from the late 19th century. The Joneses in question are actually Edith Wharton's (the novelist's) parents.

    Hope you have a FUN weekend!!

  2. i adore neko case. star witness is one of my favorite songs ever.

  3. Love Neko Case.
    Don't worry about feeling like you're not keeping up or not doing a great job because you're doing AWESOME!

  4. I know exactly what you mean. I have two full sleeves and I really think the pain gets worse and worse each time I get tattooed! Does it also make it worse for you when you know the artist? I have that problem too!

  5. Hi -

    I've been reading your blog for a while now and whole heartedly agree with you that it's unproductive to feel the need to keep up with the Joneses. Your blog is lovely and honest- don't apologize for it! One of the main reasons I enjoy the blogs that I read is that they are authentic and genuine.

    If you like Instagram collages, go nuts! (I love them and do that on my blog too!) The thing is, it's the reader's choice if they want to continue following a blog. If they've got a problem with you sharing things that make you happy, then they don't have to read it.

    Also, YES to Neko Case. Her voice is amazing, the end.

    Finally, I think it's nice that you give credit to people who inspire ideas for your posts- sadly, that's something I rarely come across in the blogosphere (which is a shame because it's a nice way to give your audience some new reading material.)

    Stay lovely,


  6. I understand how you feel regarding the blog. I feel the same (but with photography). Except photography IS my job. But the frustration is the same.

    I only have one tattoo but I already know I'm not a huge fan of getting tattooed. In the beginning I was like "oh this isn't so bad..." and a few hours later "MOTHER OF GOD, WHEN DOES IT END???". But I plan on adding to my collection, for sure. As soon as I can.

  7. 1)Your blog is one of my favorites because its lack of glossy photos and "buy this!" posts make it seem much more authentic than many of the others I follow. :)

    2)Oh, Neko Case! What a dreamboat. I love Fox Confessor Brings the Flood the most, but Blacklisted is a close second.

    3)Sweet potatoes seasoned with rosemary, sea salt, and butter on top of plain oatmeal is a dream come true.

  8. Such a cutie he is! I feel your pain, I get the same bad feelings every few months and I hate that! Oh and Neko Case and sweet potatoes are favs of mine too...let's be friends haha :)

  9. Love that Neko Case - I listened to her all the time in college.

  10. I saw a post on young house love recently about their family yearbooks they make each year....might be easier than printing them all :)

  11. I love Neko Case! I've never seen her live but apparently she's really awesome. On my list of must-see performers. :)

    Jealous of your tattoo appointment! I'm narrowing down what I want my next piece to be right now and I'm PUMPED.

    Also, your feelings of less than about your blog.. I love your blog. So keep doing you- instagram collages and all! Every blog that starts trying to be something else or work on a formula loses my interest. It starts to feel distant and impersonal because it's not as genuine as it could be. We're all good at our own thing and draw people in based off who we are, not who we admire, you know? So we all just have to do our own thang!

  12. Danielle, thank you so so much to re-introducing me to Neko Case! I haven't listened to her forever and this song is amazing. it's on repeat now, haha. you're awesome, have a great day :)

  13. :) That's funny about the yams. I've never heard that before. Secretly I sorta want twins, but I sorta don't haha. I LOVE your blog!!! Don't worry ab "keeping up". Some of the most "kept up" blogs that I follow don't interest me as much anymore.

  14. @anonymous

    I have no idea where your comment went but here's the original that was sent to my email:

    "'Having a maternal history of twins or other multiple births increases your chance of becoming pregnant with twins considerably.'

    Maternal. Doesn't matter that your dad was a twin.

    So, did you read the article you cited for your yams reference?"

    I didn't know that twins run on the maternal side! Good to know. Hank is adopted and supposedly his biological Mom was a twin, so I guess we still do have a chance. Although after having one, I feel like two babies at once would be a little nerve-wracking. And no, I obviously did not read all the way through the article- I'd heard about the yams thing a million times before so I googled it, a ton of results came up, I skimmed over this one to see that it suited my purpose, then shared it here.

    1. It doesn't get passed through the dad at all, so it would have to come from the women on your mom's side - that being said, it's not just genetic, so supplements (yams, sweet potatoes) COULD increase your chances!

      I'm on a super sweet potato kick these days as well, and it's mostly because of you! Your Instagram of your dinner the other night sparked a craving that has snowballed into a one-a-day addiction (sometimes 2!).

      Have fun with the tattoo! I only have 3 and the one on my wrist (the most prominent of my ink) is a literary reference - welcome to the nerd club!


  15. I *adore* Neko Case. I listen to her all the time... such a pure, clear voice and a great storyteller to boot!

  16. Henry is so cute! I love the idea of creating photo albums. Sometimes it's nice to have something classic like a legit photo album to look through instead of all digital. I love these kind of posts and did my own :)

  17. I just posted some instagram collages along with a whole debate about whether or not they're worthy on my own blog yesterday. I really do love them but I also appreciate "better" photos. You are totally right though- these are our spaces and the whole point is to do what we want for ourselves and not feel pressure to produce a full magazine layout every day. Your blog looks amazing btw and I'm sure if I did have so many people reading and looking at what I put out there I might feel that pressure too.

    Neko Case is my favorite- amazing!

  18. Ahh! Good luck with getting tattooed tomorrow! I can't wait to see what your getting! I'm actually going to get a tattoo in a couple of weeks! I don't like the pain either, but I love the outcome just like you and I'm sure everyone else!

    Little Henry looks so adorable and I can't believe how big he's getting!! Where does the time go?


  19. Okay I was just feeling the same way earlier today, I read a few blogs recently that were talking about how they don’t like how mamas post so many of their IG pictures on their blogs. This really hurt my heart because I love IG, I love the way I can edit my pictures on the application, I love my mama friends in the IG community and allot of my family members (that are scattered all over the US) do not have IG. So they don’t see the pictures or the explanations of what Judah is doing in each picture. So I am very guilty of using my IG pictures on my blog. I’ll add in some that I didn’t share on IG but nonetheless my heart hurt when I saw people were criticizing others for using their IG pictures. Then I started obsessing over my blog thinking is it silly for me to keep a blog (I’ve had one since the livejournal transferred to word press days but recently started my current one after Judah was born). My heart started to lose the joy of blogging.

    But lets not over think what people think. They know we are mamas, and we love our babies so they have to put up with a few IG pics ;-)

    Can't wait to see the new tattoo!!!
    Henry is just as cute as can be; I love that shirt (or is it a bib) he is wearing.
    I’ve had a few sweet potatoes that have been sitting on my counter so I can stick in the oven, its just been a crazy work week with my husband and our dinner schedule is a bit out of whack. I like the broccoli and cheese idea.

  20. I didn't think the "big blogs" would feel they need to keep up with the jones'. I kinda thought you were the jones'! I thought it was just us little blogs who looked on with envy. Please stop over thinking, your page views prove we love reading.

    1. Hey Bettina!
      Haha. I definitely do not think I am a Jones. However, I think any blog, big or small feels this way from time to time. I do every so often. <3

  21. i often think that as well about photos... i have SO many from high school era that are printed, but once I became digital, not so much, they all rest within my computer and i've lost some from crashes, so you'd think I'd learn!!

    also wishing airfare was free right about now!

  22. I agree with Bettina!
    I love all your features and never want 'love stories' to end

  23. Neko Case is my hero. Also because she was a guest programmer with Robert Osborne on Turner Classic Movies. And I thought she was extra rad after that. Especially since that is a life goal of mine. To guest program on TCM with Robert Osborne before he dies. What a dream. :P

  24. I love reading your blog! I've been sugar free for over 2 weeks now thanks to you and my skin looks great. I am also doing the oil cleansing. LOVE it! Do it!
    This has nothing to do about what anything you wrote, I just wanted to vent/share... I think I have a modcloth addiction. Oh my gosh I need to give up modcloth for lent. When I get off work (teaching first grade), all I want to do is shop online.Does anyone else feel this way?I feel so guilty.When I click the paypal button I feel instantly gratified then so freaking guilty. I cannot stop! The sad thing is is that I don't even go out much like I did in my 20's.So, why am I buying all these clothes?! I am 31 and could care less about going to bars anymore.ahh!

  25. I love your currently post! I started doing them too on my blog, your blog gives me so much inspiration for my own blog and just in life in general! Love reading your blog daily!

  26. Neko Case, Rilo Kily, and Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins are in heavy rotation on my spotify account.

  27. i'm hooked on your blog & love your currently posts! i just did one as well,

    i hope you have a great weekend!
    lacey :)

  28. I recently caught myself feeling anxious because I was doing a lot of posts WITH NO PHOTOS AT ALL! *gasp!* Would readers desert me for my picturelessness?!

    Actually, though, those posts were the ones I had put thought and time and effort into writing and my readership figures increased. I guess people visit my blog for the words a lot more than the pictures.

  29. Love these posts! Although I'm always a day late (due to "over sea" reasons)....

    Here's my currently post :)

    still hope you tattoo appointment goes just swell :)

  30. I'm a huge Neko Case fan too. I've seen her live, once, and it was amazing. Blacklisted and Fox Confessor were my two favourite albums for a long time, but since getting pregnant, Middle Cyclone has been on constant rotation. Something about it is just so perfect for me right now. <3

  31. I have to say, I just started reading your blog a couple of weeks ago, and I already love it! Trust me, you're keeping up with the Joneses, and then some. I also really enjoy the pieces you write for Hellogiggles!

  32. I decided to do my own "Currently" post, too.

    xo - Heather.

  33. I love love love Neko Case! I have seen her live twice and both times were perfection! I think my favorite song on Middle Cyclone is "Prison Girls" although "This Tornado Loves You" is classic. I really love Blacklisted too. "I Wish I was the Moon Tonight" is so so good!

  34. I love love LOVE Neko Case. My sister introduced me to her music years ago and I've loved her since. One of my ABSOLUTE favourites.


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