Sunday, February 12, 2012

Love Stories: Heidi & Chad

For the next week, I'll be sharing super sweet love stories from around the internet. I hope you enjoy reading them- I have four more to share over the next few days.  Today we are hearing from my long-time friend Heidi and Chad, who also happen to be the cutest couple in the entire world. You can stop by Heidi's website and say hello, and you can also check out her Etsy shop.  Both Chad and Heidi have been featured on Tattoo Tuesday as well, if you want to click on either of their names and have a look. You might also recognize Chad from his now-defunct, hugely popular band Scary Kids Scary Kids where he played guitar.

How did you and Chad meet, Heidi? How long have you been together? When did you know he was "the one?"

We’ve all heard about falling in love with the “girl/boy next door” as a silly/cute movie plot. Honestly, I never really wondered, “How am I going to meet the man of my dreams?” I would say mostly due to me being so young and living for the moment. I remember the cool popular guy in middle school who every now and then took the same bus as I did in the mornings to school. I was always a little timid to say anything to him directly, but with friends around I’d be able to throw a silly one liner and peak out of the corner of my eye to see if he even slightly cracked a smile.

I was the preppy girl who was the “girl next door” type...and that’s exactly what I was. Chad was my neighbor. I’d be sitting in my room on my bed and see out of my window him skateboarding outside intensely practicing his tricks, obviously having no idea I was crushing on him from my bedroom. Sounds kind of creepy from an outside perspective, but I can assure you it was a schoolgirl crush. The kind where you think you are SO out of someone’s league but cant help but wonder as well as have those little nervous butterflies when in his presence. He wore the huge JNCO skater pants with the pockets that went clear to floor, shaved head, sloppy shirt, & thee cutest squinted-eye smile. Not sure exactly what my little teenager mind was thinking about his style at the time, but I myself had no room to speak.

My heart stopped one time to see him helping my mom from the car into the house with our groceries, if you could only imagine your crush walking into your house and talking with your mother. At the time it was a tad mortifying, nerve racking, but now thinking back it makes me smile knowing that this is a cute fond little memory of our love story.

Another encounter was odd & a little wild for an 8th grader at the time; my mom was at work and I had another neighbor friend over who invited Chad to my house. The game of “Truth or Dare” unfolded (as it did often at this age somehow) and fast forward to Chad and I having our first kiss in the pantry. Awkward & so unlikely for a prude like myself but the opportunity came & I didn’t pass it up!

Chad moved away and I never confessed any sort of yearning for him so that was that, or so I thought. We ran into each other again 3 years later when I was working at a movie theater & he was just passing through with one of his friends. Fate would have you I worked up some courage to re-introduce myself as his old neighbor and exchanged a few smiles. We eventually started conversing via internet/telephone, and here we are 9 years later.

I don’t want to jinx our relationship or have to knock on wood but I can’t picture myself without him (I know that sounds pathetically generic). But we have gone through so much together, growing up together, and admittingly had plenty of ups and downs as being with a dude who was seriously pursuing the music industry had its obstacles.

Even though we have not committed to marriage it is in the future, and something we get asked about time and time again. I won’t lie, I do think about marriage often, I daydream about my dress & everything that goes along with a beautiful wedding day. I know the day will come, and I am happy with that for the time being. I guess I can say we are just enjoying being with each other and working towards the array of different goals we have, as well as waiting until we are more financially fit.

What's a typical weekend like for the two of you? How about a date night? 

We are hands-down homebodies. We enjoy nights in by the fireplace, him playing his videogames, while I knit a beanie. A date night usually simply consists of Mexican food & Redbox. I figure he had many years where he was out on the road and had a ton of people around him all the time that it’s nice to be able to completely relax and have quiet time, so staying at home is satisfying. As for me, I hardly drink or get the urge to “party” so hermitting has been my best option, but I’m sure to make an appearance out with the girls every blue moon.

 What makes your relationship work? Or in other words, what's your secret to a long-term, loving relationship? Any advice?
I think a big factor that makes our relationship work is our like personalities. We can be so shy around others but be the dumbest, goofiest, weirdos in front of each other. He can still make me laugh so hard that my stomach hurts and I can do the same to him. He also still takes the time to tell me I’m beautiful every chance he gets. He asks me how my day was, we engage in each others' daily lives. We obviously want the best for each other.

I think the secret to a long-term, loving relationship isn’t a secret at all. It just has to be the right formula.

1. Compatible personalities/common interests (duh).
2. Be attracted to each other (sounds shallow) but I really feel its what keeps the fire burning in a relationship. You gotta be HOT for each other ;P
3. Make sacrifices- give him/her the last bite (for lack of better examples), know how to compromise & most importantly communicate
4. Keep it coming with surprises- something as little as giving him/her a backrub when they are least expecting it.
5. Have future goals/similar focuses you both want to work towards. Discuss important factors so you have no surprises years down the road.
6. Effort from both parties is a must. No relationship can continue to exist without this.

*Forgive me if I forgot anything from this list. I am not a relationship expert by any means but only speaking from my own experience.

I think people must realize they are in control of their own happiness. Not everyone will have a storybook romance; this I know- but if we think that’s what we deserve, go after it.

I am with a like-minded inspired individual who gives me space to create & grow & I do the same for him. I am simply here for him and he is here for me. With all that said I am overjoyed to know we have so many more milestones in life that I cannot wait to conquer together.

Happy Valentines Day Lovebirds!
Xo Heidi & Chad (Cheidi….lols)


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