Saturday, February 11, 2012

Weekend links

Picnik collage1

some of my Instagram photos from the week: enjoying a beautiful day at the park // the perfect avocado - always worth documenting // choosing a book to read aka pulling all of the books off of the shelf // a typical IG self-photo // bath-time with Daddy // making Hank lunch // Kindermusic class // our front door // "button" for February photo-a-day

It's Saturday, the weather is beyond beautiful, and we are about to begin a busy, busy day. On the agenda: a quick workout for yours truly, an afternoon and early evening birthday party for Alana and Erin (yay for joint celebrations), and dinner for Sarah later in the night. Of course three of my favorite ladies would all turn 30 in the same week! This reminds me that I need to charge my camera...

I'll be back later to share another love story and some birthday photos, but until then, here are some links to check out. Enjoy- and have a wonderful weekend!


Dying over James' and Aubrey's wedding photos. Gorgeous.

This is the best blog post I've read in awhile.

Is it possible to fall in love with a paper shop?

In the spirit of Valentine's Day here's a round up of free printables from Creature Comforts. Trust me when I say that these are CUTE.

A personal library kit? Why not!

Check out Karl's round up of the top 10 films of 2011. Have you seen any of 'em?

10 pink lipsticks to wear this Valentine's Day.

Fascinating article about friendship (and ending one) on the NY Times, found via Liz.

Attention guys: how to dress for a date like you know what you're doing.

Live in NYC or traveling there soon? Alicia Silverstone of The Kind Life updated her list of vegan friendly fare.

Valentine's Day in a box. Adorable.

MK&A are my favorite, and this video is great.

Check me out over on Katie's blog re-sharing my kale chips recipe! Yum.

Hey Moms, here's a great list of activities for kiddos ages 1-3.

Loving this wallet. A lot.

Pop by a couple of my awesome sponsors and say hi: one, two, and three!

I'm definitely curious about The Oil Cleansing Method, and this post was really informative.

And finally, two of my favorite blogs: here and here.


  1. Iiii love that post about from Just by Living...finally a blog post I can 100% relate to. Have a great weekend, friend!

  2. Love your insightful, honest, and informative posts! :)

  3. your hair looks fabulous in the self portrait! i love it swept to the side like that. stunning. and that dress is amazing. vintage?

  4. I have been doing the Oil Cleansing Method for about 2 weeks now and honestly my skin has never felt greater! My husband is also doing it (we have totally different skin types) and he loves it too.

  5. been doing the oil cleanse method for a few months now. LOVE it. i was so skeptical. considering you already have perfect, glowing skin i think it can only get better by trying it out! :)

  6. I clean my face with oil! I just use straight almond oil with a little bit of tea tree oil (for the antibacterial properties) and that's it!

  7. I can't read a sentence that starts "Alicia Silverston of..." and not expect it to end with "Clueless"

  8. Great photos and the children are so cute.


  9. <3 you are seriously just the sweetest. Thank you for including me.

  10. That's great collection and i really love it and i really enjoyed my weekend and i hope all of you also enjoyed your weekend.

  11. So much fun. Thank you for such a cheery blog!

  12. I've been using olive oil as a body & face moisturizer for years, but had never heard of oil cleansing. I will definitely be giving this a try! Thank you! :)