Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend links, on a Monday

saturday morning hangout
an old photo of Madeline and me taken in 2008- look how tiny she was!

So my wisdom teeth are officially out, thank goodness. I got them out Friday morning and what was supposed to have been a 45 minute surgery turned into a 2.5 hour ordeal due to my "stubborn roots" or something- it's hard to remember since I was still foggy from being put under.  To be honest, it was much worse than I anticipated and the past couple of days have been more uncomfortable than even my c-section recovery, however crazy that may sound. But on the bright side, I keep focusing on the fact that they're out and now, the worst is over! I had an appointment today with my oral surgeon to check on healing, and he assured me my numb chin and lower lip should return to normal soon, and my mouth is looking a-okay. Now I'm just focusing on being extra careful to avoid those dreaded dry sockets. I'm so thankful for my parents who came up Friday to stay with us, taking me to my appointment on Friday while Hank worked and helped to entertain Henry all weekend.  I was sad to miss all the fun since I was stuck in bed, but I know we'll have another soon when I'm feeling 100%.

While recovering the past couple of days I've been watching a few different things for the first time- Gossip Girl and Gilmore Girls (love both of them!), and I also watched two movies- My Week with Marilyn and Young Adult. And after so much "relaxation" all I want is a busy day filled with errands, a trip to Target, a big sandwich, no mouth pain, and my nice, unswollen cheeks back. ;)

Whatever you did this past weekend I hope you had a great time. I figured I would share some links today, even though it's Monday. Enjoy!


I posted the winner to the Kelli Murray Art giveaway, so check here to see if you won!

Anita is doing a Shop My Closet for her fashionable daughter Lola Birdie! This week she put up jeans and shoes, and next week maybe she'll be selling some of Lola's amazing dresses or tops. Bookmark it, or follow Anita on Twitter for updates.

Carrot cake pancakes. These looks delicious!

My favorite blog post from the week.

Wouldn't these be adorable favors for a party? Pie to go!

A wonderful essay about being a Mom...and baking bread in a random lady's house. Weird. But it's a great read.

Ireland is at the top of my one day must-visit places, and so, I am totally loving these photos.

Hello, dream bikini. Why do you have to be $200?

Passionfruit has launched- I'm sure you've seen it all over the internet! If you take ads on your blog, you will want to take a look.

Win a Pioneer Woman Cookbook over on Heather's blog.

The Top 20 Bites of 2011 in Los Angeles...I would have loved to see this list before our trip, but luckily we picked great restaurants for every meal.

Oatmeal Lemon Creme Bars. As soon as my mouth is healed I will definitely be making these!

Whenever I want to look at pretty images, I go here.

I love checking out my readers "Currently" posts, like this one!

The Art of Being Happily Single. I passed this along to a few of my single girlfriends and they loved it. It's a good read.

Like Juniper (one of my sponsors) on Facebook and be entered in their giveaway.

My friend Jess took her daughter Rowan camping! Too cute.

Want something else to do with you Instagram photos? How about putting them on custom tiles?

20 quick and healthy snack ideas.

And finally, here's my new favorite blog. Thanks Liz!


  1. ugh getting your wisdom teeth out is the worst. I remember the pain! Awful.

    I hope you're feeling back to normal soon!

  2. Sorry the healing process has been so awful for you. I've never had my wisdom teeth out but dread the day it has to happen! Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Having your wisdom teeth extracted sucks, but there's no getting around it. I had two of mine out in October (on has not 'dropped' and the dentist informed me that I was only born with three out of the four!) and the extraction was quick and easy, but the recovery was harsh. There was a sneak attack snow storm on the day of the extraction and by the time I arrived home, I couldn't get back out to get any of the lovely pain meds the doctor had prescribed. Also, the power was in constant danger of going out. Not the best experience of my life. :)

    Loving these links! The internet was made for inspiration and overspending. I made my own little version of your "Currently" post on my blog. I'm hoping to keep up with it on a weekly basis. (Always a challenge). It's called, Monday Night Digs. Have a beautiful week. ♥

  4. Ooooh, I'm going to be giving that Top 20 Bites of 2011 in LA link a little looksie...good luck with your wisdom teeth! I was out of commission for like...a week. The meds were awful, the pain was horrible, and I swear a got a little chunk of peach stuck inside one of my felt like the end of the world, but I pulled through. You can do it!!!

  5. I always enjoy your links! :) thanks so much for linking to my giveaway!

    ps, My friends and I used to have Gossip Girl nights! I am so behind though, missed the entire season of the last one, will have to catch on netflix. It's better watching all at once anyways, no awkward cliff hangers!

    hope your mouth is feeling 100% soon. Like I said, it took me 10-14 days :(

  6. I had my wisdom teeth pulled 2 days before Thanksgiving my senior year in High School. Stink! My mom actually made me my very own Thanksgiving dinner a week early. Mom's are the best. (And that essay on being a mom has got me cracking up!)

    PS. I DO like Juniper! That's my daughter's name so I laughed when I read that :)

  7. Gilmore Girls all the way! Sadly, I'll need to start planning for getting my wisdom teeth out too :(

    Here's the link to my "Currently" post! Thanks, Danielle!

  8. Ahhh getting your wisdom teeth out is horrible!!! I hope you feel better! <3


  9. feel better soon! i am soooo terrified of going to the dentist for even a cleaning, i'm so bad with it. i can't even imagine going in for a surgery like that. my BT is as big as your madeline in that picture. she's only 5 months but not even close to being done growing. her feet are huge!

  10. Jen had her wisdom teeth (yes, teeth and both were impacted!) removed RIGHT before Christmas Eve. :( I can tell you that it's a pretty speedy recovery!!! I hope you feel better soon and now I'm off to clicky-click through your linky finds!

  11. Gilmore Girls is my most favorite TV show of all time. I have watched the series multiple times and it never gets old. I suggest watching that before Gossip Girl. Although Gossip Girl is wonderful in the begining couple of seasons,it gets bad.

  12. i always love all of the links you post, these always keep me occupied for a while!

    sorry to hear about your wisdom teeth. i was really lucky because mine grew in before they were pulled, so i didn't need surgery, but i remember the dentist saying, 'well, if we can't extract them easily, we're going to have to cut you open and remove part of the bone, just so you know.' and i started FREAKING OUT, but my mouth was numb and i looked like a drooling fool. i still drank a ton of milkshakes and watched so much bones.

    Lauren @ Hello, Hunters!

  13. i mentioned on your instagram that i just got one wisdom tooth out on saturday morning. i can't imagine having more then one out. ugh!!
    i don't remember the rest of the day but the meds almost seem worse then the jaw pain! i've been dizzy and had an upset stomach ever since. hope your recovery is going better!! going to watch young adult today... been trying to think of movies to laze here and watch!
    Take Care!

  14. Are you enjoying Gossip Girl? Another terrible/wonderful, out of control show that I indulge in. Hart of Dixie that's also on the CW is one of my new favorites, too if you're ever in need of more crazy television ;)

  15. I must agree with you, after having 2 c-sections (one scheduled, one after a 24+ induction) my wisdom teeth removal was still the most painful recovery! I did have dry sockets, but people never believe me when I tell them it hurt the worst. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  16. Hi Danielle! This is probably the first time I've ever explicitly promoted my blog, but... If you like Ireland, you may like a few of the photos I've taken! It's not updated as often as I'd like, but there are a few Irish gems in here:
    Hope you enjoy!! Fi

  17. Gilmore Girls is definitely in my top 10 favorite shows of all-time, I'm so glad you've started watching it. It's so witty and heartfelt and I love the strong female characters. I have been bed ridden the past couple of days with a migraine and sore throat and I Love Lucy is ALWAYS my go-to show when I feel sick (it's my favorite and always makes me feel better for whatever reason!) so I understand the impulse to find a comforting show. I hope that you feel back to normal quickly! :)

  18. I didn't want to be too discouraging, but having my wisdom teeth out was pretty bad. I didn't feel back to normal for at least 2 weeks. But everyone is different. I hope you start feeling better. I ♥ Gossip Girl. Have you watched Pretty Little Liars? It's my favorite!!! Those instagram tiles are awesome. Thanks for sharing :)

  19. Ugh, my dentist keeps telling me mine will have to come out one day - I'm terrified!

    What did you make of Young Adult? I really couldn't decide whether I liked it or not (I posted about it here - - shameless plug); I think it was a bit too close to home for me!

  20. I LOVE gilmore girls! It is the best tv show ever - I watch the whole series every fall. I'm glad you started watching it!

  21. TBH, the link to the happily single article and mentioning that you sent it to all your single girlfriends is a bit condescending. I really enjoy your blog, but something about you "throwing a bone" to your single readers/friends assuring them that hey, you can be happy being single even though I'm oh-so-happy being married with a kid rubs me the wrong way. :/

    1. Ahh Kat I totally see how you could feel that way. I should have prefaced that better- I had just had a big discussion with a bunch of my girlfriends over dinner and we talked about so many of the things in this article. So when it was sent to me I had to send it along. I didn't mean to across so crappy and I feel bad about it.

      Thanks for your comment <3

  22. Thanks so much for the link Danielle! (pie boxes :))

  23. I had my wisdom teeth out on Monday, so I understand how you feel. Wish you a speedy recovery <3

  24. Hope you get to feeling better soon! And thank you, thank you, thank you for posting the link to The Art of Being Happily Single...I just found myself single for the first time in years and I have been looking for something like this!