Saturday, March 10, 2012

Weekend Links

Flashback Friday! Here's a photo from our honeymoon back in 2008. We traveled to French Polynesia for 10 days in paradise. This was taken on the island of Moorea, from our relaxing spot in our lounge chairs. You can see our bungalow on the right! I want to go back...

Happy Saturday everyone! Today is a good day- it's Scarlett's 1st birthday party! My friend Natalie's little girl turns one and we will be celebrating at Joe's Farm Grill, which is the perfect spot for a March picnic on a cool, breezy afternoon. 

I hope whatever you find yourself doing today you get in a little bit of fun, a little bit of relaxing, and get a good dose of fresh air. Here are some links to check out in the meantime!


Check out my current favorite blog!  And another new favorite too.

Are you guys familiar with Lisa Leonard's work? She's a new sponsor this month and I love her stuff, particularly this pennant banner frame. Cute, right? Right now Lisa is also extending 20% off anything in the shop with coupon code "connect20," which will expire March 15th.

Also- Kintage is offering 10% off with code "sweet!" Keep that bookmarked for their grand opening.

Baked rhubarb oatmeal. Yum!

If you're looking for some unique, handmade jewelry, check out Miss Mal. So many great things for spring/summer.

And on the topic of handmade jewelry- just take a look at this amazing DIY from Jen. Wow!

Why being sleepy and drunk are great for creativity. No wonder I created such "wonderful" poetry in college!

Someone hurry up and have a baby girl so I can buy her this dress! Adorable.

Check out Gadchick, Issue #2! Such a good read.

The 20 most beautiful bookstores in the world.

I LOVE this iPhone cover.

Jess went to LA and visited Toyota. Sounds weird, but it's actually very cool! I'm excited to learn more.

Quinoa mac 'n cheese. This looks great.

Wouldn't this book be the perfect component to a baby shower gift or even as part of the decor?

These scarves are so, so lovely. I can't even pick a favorite.

Sponsor love! Say hi to some of the people that help support Sometimes Sweet- Juniper, Kooter & Flo's, and Vanessa!

40 secret iphone features and shortcuts. I learned a couple awesome things from this article. 

I love Holly's post on Orla Kiely's Spring/Summer fashion.

And speaking of Orla Kiely...this is AWESOME!

"Punk rock and pregnant."

5 Ways to Find Happiness in Nature. Another inspiring article from Tiny Buddha.

And finally, doesn't this recipe for watermelon lime sorbet slices really get you in the mood for summer?


  1. ooo la la. That picture is pure paradise! My fiance and I are still trying to decided where to take our honeymoon, hopefully some place sunny and beautiful! :)

  2. oh my goodness. I would DIE to honeymoon there. Beautiful.

  3. i can' t wait to try the sorbet! better belieeeeve i pined it. ;)

    love, rach.

  4. holy moly!! that watermelon sorbet looks DELISH!!!

  5. Thanks for adding the quinoa mac and cheese recipe on my blog to your site! It is delish! Hope everyone enjoys!
    -Leanne :)

  6. that necklace diy is fantastic!
    hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

  7. I love love zara's baby clothes. I need that dress from my baby girl!

  8. Hey! That's fun, the blog with the watermelon lime sorbet recipe is written by a woman from Minnesota (where I'm from). I did a couple of cooking presentations with her and her kids at the Minneapolis Farmers Market this past summer - they're a super great family! Interesting little coinkeydink =]

  9. I just LOVE your blog, especially your weekend links! It's one of my favorites and I look forward to it each weekend. You have such a beautiful little family. Thanks for sharing! ♥

  10. I work for Toyota + thought it was so cool when I saw Jess instagramming about it :) It really is a great company to work for! I really enjoyed the Gadchick issue :D Thanks for sharing ♥ I always love these posts.

  11. OMG the honeymooooooon!!!!!
    we went to Bali for ours which was equally as gorgeous, but there is something about the idea of sleeping in a bungalow on the ocean that just makes me googly eyed!!! Looks amazing girlie!

  12. Oh geez me again...WHAT THE WHAT! I hadn't even clicked on all the groovy links (i was so in to that honeymoon photo) and how freakin' cute are you to link us up!!! Aw, i need to give you a big hug RIGHT NOW.
    Please come back for a cupcake and coffee date!!


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