Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Clean Like a Mother

Method Summit March 2012

Do you remember this photo from my method trip to San Francisco? See that guy with the guitar? Well that's Noah, and he's official spokesinger for method. Annnnd, he's pretty much awesome. We actually got a surprise concert from him and it was a ton of fun. You can't help but smile when he gets going with his singing, rhyming self, and from the videos we were able to preview, you won't be able to stop from giggling either.

method will be debuting a new video each month to celebrate their "method of the month," so you'll get to see Noah in all of his glory on the regular. This month, Noah is singing about method's All-purpose cleaner...which I love. We use this cleaner everywhere and I promise you, it's that good. You may even want to sing about it...

And even better? This month under the "Perks" tab on method's Facebook page is a $1 off coupon for all method products, ready for redemption at all major US retailers. We buy our method at Target, but there are a ton of places you can find it.

And for all my Canadian readers, instead of printing the physical coupon, you will be able to get $1 off any method products available by clicking here and using the discount code "CLEANME." Something for everyone!

Happy method of the month day, everyone! Let me know what you decide to use your coupon on. I think I am going to stock up on some more of that Lime + Sea Salt handsoap...mmm...

*this is a post sponsored by method but all opinions expressed are my own. I still haven't met a method product I haven't loved! 


  1. I love method's products!! The last product I used was their body wash Sea mineral and I was in love with it! I loved the shape of the bottle and its smell. It was too much or too less but perfect. I'm hoping to get their laundry detergent for my boyfriend.

  2. my plan was to buy enviro friendly products as the products i am using now run out. i will for sure keep my eyes open for method products! they look great, i just hope they arent too hard to find here in canada.

  3. This is fantastic! I'm going to be singing this tomorrow. Noah sounds like he could be a part of Flight of the Conchords!

  4. Thanks to YOU, I am a method customer now. :) Love it

  5. This song and the fact that stuff looks lovely makes me wish it was available in the UK!

    1. I take that back, I just googled it and it IS available in the UK! So excited!!