Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Links!

coming up on 8 years together with this guy <3

So even though Sunday is winding down I think it's still okay to call these Weekend Links, right? It's been a good, productive weekend which is just what we've needed and we (okay, Hank!) have checked off so many things on our around-the-house to-do list. That always feel so good. We finally hung our new bedroom curtains we've had in the box for months and those alone changed the entire feel of the room. I'm so happy with how it turned out.

I hope you had a great weekend too. I have some fun things planned on the blog this week, and in the meantime, here are some links to check out. Enjoy!


How amazing is this custom monogram? Get your own (for FREE!) here.

Best post I've read all week on one of my most favorite blogs - 5 Things I Know at 25.

Have you signed up for the Phoenix Blogger Conference yet? Unfortunately I won't be attending but I wish I was able to! It looks really, really great. 

Go say hi to Missi...I love her blog. She and her family are the cutest.

If you didn't already love Emma Stone, you will after seeing this video. Adorable.

Touch a Truck. Does your town do anything like this?

Okay, here is a no-heat curls tutorial that actually looks like something I could do! So cute.

I am IN LOVE with my new Poppy Love planner (shown below).  It's perfect. And call me nerdy, but I can't wait to spend some time tonight filling it out. It's just so pretty and inspires me to be even more organized. I'll be using it to map out my blog posts, and I love how much room you have for each day.


The Best Drugstore Lipsticks. Such a great post and so informative! 

I love Carl Sagan and I love this quote.

Dena's shop had its Grand Opening! Congrats, Fishers!

From my wishlist: loving these anchor print shorts.

If you have stretched earlobes, check out Hey Buddy Gauges. Back in the day my ears were stretched and I would have died over some of these. 

40 Books You Won't Be Able To Put Down. Have you read some from this list?

I LOVE these bracelets. And this ring

I'm not much a sweet-drink kinda gal, but this Fresh Lime Freeze looks like the perfect summer refresher.

This DIY Crochet Knit Necklace Tutorial is AMAAAAZING.

Sponsor love: check out Jamie's jewelry site, say hi to Dani (and her cute baby bump!), and

One of my dearest friends' weddings was featured on Vera Wang- seriously check out Emily's dress! Amazing.

I love Kelli Murray. I'm so happy to have her as a sponsor this month- she is SO talented.

This would be the sweetest Mother's Day present for any Mom.

Have you watched The Shine Project video yet?

So obsessed with this home tour. It's perfection.

Lately I've been trying to have an open mind and say yes to new things, so this was just perfect.

And finally, this week I asked my readers to send me some of their posts they were most proud of from the past week! I thought it would be fun for all of us to find some new blogs to explore. I received too many links to share at once, but here are a five. Thank you all for sending them my way! Enjoy!
  1. Lauren took a roadtrip through Scotland.
  2. Hot Fudge Cheesecake. Need I say more?
  3. Jennifer is giving me serious garden envy (and loads of inspiration!).
  4. Paris in film. So lovely.
  5. Megan sent me a link to a particular post on her new-to-me blog, and I pretty much fell in love with the whole thing
Have a great Sunday evening!


  1. Okay, I just laughed out loud at Emma Stone and her awesome dance moves. What a wonderful girl. Thanks so much for including me in this post!

  2. I ADORE Emma Stone!!! My friend and I got to attend the premiere for "Easy A" and getting to chat with Emma was one of my favorite celebrity encounters ever - so down-to-earth and funny, she was just an absolute joy.

    Also... Kelli Murray is wonderful. Love that gal. <3

  3. I would love to see any other ideas you have for Mother's Day gifts too.

  4. SO glad you put that 'touch truck' link up my daughter loves trucks and I am excited they have it here this year! Excellent...

  5. All of those links I absolutely love! Especially the Emma Stone video! I even downloaded the monogram and found two new blogs to follow!

    Thank You
    Amanda Rose

  6. i saw those heart bangles and the anchor shorts on pinterest and i LOVE them too. so cute!
    i discovered kelli murray's blog through yours and she's now one of my daily reads.

  7. Yet again, such great links.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Wedding Chicks! I used one of their free invitation suites for my wedding invitations and they elicited the best reactions. I knew that was a WC link before I even clicked-thru. So great!

  8. thanks for including our film photography in your roundup.

  9. Lovely post!
    Gonna check out the links now :)

    Hope you'll have a wonderful week!
    Love, Sari

  10. thanks so much for including my road trip photos post in your links! i always love your links posts, it always gives me a bunch of new stuff to look at! xo

  11. Those no heat curls really are awesome! I use that method ones in a while with my hair. I have a hard time getting curls to stay but with this method it really works well! I don't even need really damp hair. I usually do this with just-turned-dry hair.
    BUT,, It does take some practice to get the curls to look even. But all in is REALLY easy and it really works great!!!!! Don't forget to show us the results ;) I'd love to see you in curls! I think you would look awesome. :)

  12. Part of me hates you for showing me Hey Buddy Gauges. I know what my next paycheck is going to!

    - Angela Marie @

  13. I love the books list. I only read 4 books on the list, so lots of new ones for my to read list.

  14. Ha ha, I always feel giddy over the prospect of filling out a new planner.
    Did you know Prescott does a Touch a Truck kind of event for police cars? I went to the Starbacks in the Gail Gardener Walmart parking lot one day and there must have been 50+ police cars parked there. I was actually afraid there was a stakeout of some sort going on. Then they turned all of their sirens on at once and I wanted to kill someone.
    Luckily for someone there were a lot of cops around.

  15. Goodness gracious, what do you do? Just keep a bazillion sticky notes next to your desk with cool things all week? Getting lost in this post and loving it. Loving the Emma Stone video. My hometown definitely does a touch a truck event. What an awesome quote by Carl Sagan. Project Shine - I want one of those shirts. And a Freckled Italian. Awesome. I'm sending this post over to my mother. Thanks for sharing!!

  16. Thanks for posting about the AZ Blogger Conference! :) Wish you could make it but you'll be with us in spirit! :) :)

  17. Thanks for including our monogrammed round ring in your links :)

  18. I always love going through your links. This week's links were great, too! I loved the Emma Stone video. And all the jewelry. Those heart bangles were adorable.