Friday, April 20, 2012

Weekend Links

We enjoyed the most perfect spring day yesterday! Sunshine, iced tea, and watching big bulldozers. ha.

Happy weekend! This one is going to be a good one because tomorrow Sarah arrives for a sleepover, then Sunday we have a birthday party and some other fun things planned. I actually had a hair appointment this evening to take care of these crazy blonde roots (did you know I was a natural blonde?) but my adorable hair stylist is currently going into labor! So, no hair appointment tonight...but for good reason. Instead we picked up some Thai food and then I caught up on some Gossip Girl while Hank met up with some friends for coffee and pool. It's been a great Friday.

I have a shorter than usual list this week, but all of these links are wonderful. Have a great weekend, everyone!


Dena wrote one of the best posts I've read all week: "Those Boys."

Ashley from The Shine Project sent me these awesome cards where the basic idea is a "pay it forward" kind of thing, but one you can actually track, so you can see what other good deeds your kind action sets into motion. Awesome, right? Read more about Pass It Forward here.

Enter to win the prettiest Kate Spade bag from Modern Kiddo. Or don't, so I have a better chance! ;)

Are you a tea drinker? If so, you may find this article on the chemistry of tea interesting!

Love this arrow cuff bracelet.

Cigarettes and yoga. I already shared this one from my friend Carynn via my Facebook and Twitter, but it's a must-read. I love it.

The prettiest iPhone case I ever did see.

Do you already read Kelli's blog? It's one of my favorites. And stop by Vanessa's too- she always had such interesting posts from recipes to DIYs to product reviews.

Katie never ceases to amaze me. This peony hand-painted wall is to die for.

Loved this round up of the best video beauty tutorials. 

I'm not a drinker, but if I was you can bet I'd be all over Kaelah's delicious-sounds concoctions.

Meadow Creek is a sponsor of mine this month - pop over and check out their lovely jewelry!

And finally: I love Amber. Especially when she vlogs! (even though I hate the word vlog.)


  1. I love your pictures, you are so gorgeous! And I also love the arrow cuff bracelet and that iPhone case! Have a lovely weekend! xo

  2. i was so amazed and impressed by that wall katie painted for her nursery. she is so talented. and i have you to thank because i found her blog through you!

  3. i have that iphone case in black!

  4. O_o That iphone case is to die for!!!!!!! thanks for sharing...and that article about tea is so interesting. Love it

    Happy you had such a wonderful day. Hope you have an even better weekend :)


  5. Thank you for sharing your "link love". I enjoy finding new blogs and inspiration! I LOVE the post from Dena "Those Boys." I can SO relate! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. I have enjoyed my Shine Project cards. They are so sweet.

  7. Agreed! Vlog is a terrible word. Love the links.. as usual!


  8. I hate the word vlog too. yuck. Love the links! That wall Katie painted is amazing.

    Have a nice weekend!

  9. Thank you for the linkie love mama! xoxo

  10. Mrs. Hampton that awesome iPhone case is on amazon for way cheaper;)

  11. As always very inspiring links
    Thank you

  12. I too loved the Cigarettes and Yoga post this week!
    Also that iPhone case is wonderful!

  13. You should post more links next time! I can never get enough.

  14. I never would have guessed that you are naturally a blonde. Even though you can't get your roots touched up, I'm sure you rock the blonde roots very well :)

  15. Once again, I'm off to look at these links!

    Thank You!
    Amanda Rose

  16. You are so dang sweet. I LOVE YOUR FACE and just all of you really.

    Vlog is sort of a weird word. At first I hated saying it, but with the amount of times I've used it, I'm sorta used to it now. haha.

    Happy Sunday sweet friend! <3

  17. Hi. Thanks for sharing the peonies (gorgeous painting, what talent!) and the iphone case. I'm not the type that has to have many things, but I'm really compelled to buy that case!! And yes, the word vlog sucks. It sounds like a really cheesy bad vampire from a B-movie saying "blog" with a terrible accent, Lol. :P