Thursday, May 24, 2012

Literate & Stylish: Abi from Vanilla and Lace

The premise of Literate & Stylish is simple, and the post is short but sweet- every Thursday I'll be showcasing a lovely lady and her favorite book. She'll share a few pretty photos showing off her personal style, along with her book of choice, and tell us why she loves it. 

from Abi of Vanilla and Lace

Wasted: A Memoir of Anorexia and Bulimia by Marya Hornbacher

Wasted is a raw and compelling memoir written by Marya, about her life-threatening struggle with anorexia and bulimia. She talks honestly about her love affair with hunger, drugs, sex and death. She recreates her experiences and illuminates the tangle of personal, family, and cultural causes underlying eating disorders. As you would probably guess about a book on this subject, it is heavy and heart wrenching at times.. as she describes her hell on earth and ultimately ends up hospitalized at 52 pounds. It does, however, end well and positive. In my opinion it is a must-read for everyone, whether you can relate a little or a lot. It is beautifully written and brutally honest.. and it quite literally changed my life!

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  1. Abi is so lovely. Gotta love a fellow Portland girl. I'm compelled to read this book, although now that I have a little girl I'm not sure it would read the same as it would have prior to becoming a mom.


  2. I love that book! I've read it multiple times. Excellent choice.

  3. Cool idea! I love it! Definitely going to check out your other Literate & Stylist posts!

  4. I love that book - definitely one of my favorites. I also love Vanilla & Lace and this feature on your blog :)

  5. I love Abi, she is one of my favorite bloggers, so naturally I was so excited to see a book choice of hers. Im interested in picking this book up now for sure. Thanks for this awesome feature!

  6. wow, that sounds like a really powerful book. thanks for sharing.

  7. I am so drawn to books like this, fictional or non. Or books where people are mentally unstable (the panic room) I think I was a psychologist in another life! ;)

    Can't wait to pick up this read!

    xo, Meghan

  8. That's the joy of books that are so intense- they can really change your life, even if the stories are hard to take. x

  9. Oh, that sounds like a great read! And Abi is lovely! Love the hair!

    Cathy Trails

  10. I love this feature and completely respect the thoughts and opinions of all who contribute to its success. However, as someone who has read this book and has a less than stellar opinion of it, I would like to say that if you currently or have in your recent past suffered from an eating disorder, this book can be VERY triggering and disturbing. I do not deny the eloquent style or gripping story, but this book is a pro-ana go-to even though I'm sure the author never intended that to be the case. Just saying.

  11. I love this idea! I'm a new reader and blogger and was wishing there were more book readers out there! It turns out there are :) Thanks for this feature, I love it!
    Kitty & Buck

  12. This is my favourite book ever, I used to finish reading it, flip it over and start again. I need to find it and re read it I think!


  13. I love this feature! Is there anyone to submit yourself to be feature or do you had select women from various blogs you read?

  14. Just gotta say thank you for this great series! As I was at the bookstore last week with five different books in my hands, and only room for one book in my bag to travel with this weekend, it wasn't until I saw the cover of Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close that I decided to put those five books down and choose that one. My decision was a direct result of this series. It ended up being just as great of a read as I hoped for and now I can't wait to pick up a few more books found through your Literate & Stylish series :)


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