Saturday, May 5, 2012

Weekend Links

Henry and his buddy Max yesterday morning, playing at the park.

This has been the best week full of so many friends and so much good food! And I'm just as excited for this weekend. Last night Hank, Henry and I grabbed Mexican food downtown, and then my cousin arrived from Tucson to run in the Whiskey Row Marathon this morning. Earlier today we got to cheer him on and admire all of the amazing, strong people crossing the finish line.

I hope you have a great weekend planned, too!

p.s. I wanted to thank all of you who gave such thoughtful responses to the Marie Claire link I shared via this post. It was so fascinating to be able to see what all of you thought- thank you!


Five Bamboo sent me a couple items from their shop and although they are a sponsor of mine this month this is not a sponsored post. I just wanted to take a minute want all of you to know how much I LOVE the pants and hoodie they sent over. I'm super picky about my workout clothing and the pants have been perfect for not just regular old cardio but for hot yoga too. For those of you who exercise regularly you know how hard it is to find great gear, and I was pleasantly surprised with how much I love them. They're definitely my new go-to workout pants (and hoodie when it gets cooler in the fall). And even better? Their products are made from sustainable bamboo and Five Bamboo strives to have a softer impact on the Earth. Awesome, right? ***Receive 20% off with code SWEETBAMBOO***

Sam Means' new EP, Nona, is out! Seriously, check it out. It's amazing.

This is such a beautiful post.

I'm definitely making this caprese quinoa salad this week.

Check out this Summer Abs Challenge!  

7 foods so unsafe even the farmers who grow them won't eat them. Yikes.

The ladies over at Mame Soy Candles asked me a few questions.

These gender reveal parties are SO over the top and pretty amazing.

A few items from my dress wishlist: one and two.

Have you checked out Vitality magazine yet? The preview issue is out now and their first official issue will be up this fall.

Strawberry banana cakebread. Henry would LOVE this.

What do you think of this admission letter to the "real world" for Boston College seniors? 

Just look at this rehearsal dinner! Lovely. 

Abi's blog is always so beautiful.

Some "Shrinko de Mayo" recipes for you. All of these look awesome!

Would you wear overalls?

15 clever ideas for Instagram photos.

Don't these orange-vanilla almonds look amazing?

10 gentle reminders. I love this.

And finally, a couple favorite blogs: one and two.


  1. Five Bamboo sounds so fun!!! Also, I'm definitely checking out that 7 unsafe foods link - I'm all about learning more about foods that we eat and should or shouldn't eat... Some can be so scary...

    Finally, I LOVE that anchor dress. It isn't something I'd wear (I rarely wear dresses) but it's SO pretty and I love anything nautical!

    Happy Cinco de Mayo!

  2. Love the clever ideas for instagramphotos! I saw the shrinko de mayo recipes the other day and I agree, they look amazing.

  3. fun links as always!

    happy sunday.

  4. good grief ... i feel like a goober because i never would have considered popcorn unsafe. lucia loves it. guess i am getting an air pooper stat.

  5. I love checking out weekend links, and that top picture is beyond cute!!


  6. I always enjoy your weekend links too =)
    Thanks so much for sharing (and including a link to my site)


  7. Catching up and just saw that you linked me! Thanks<333

  8. Woohoo I love weekend links!
    Have a good one :-)

    xo Sari