Saturday, May 19, 2012

Weekend Links

birthday weekend This photo was taken just about one year ago! Henry looks so, so small.

Happy weekend! Yesterday we had a playdate at our house (4 toddlers are quite the wild bunch!) and then had a fun double date with our friends and our kiddos at one of our favorite Mexican spots. I stayed up way too late watching Parenthood while Hank had band practice/a night out with his friends, so this morning I was exhausted but still had a great time out and about. We went on a long walk and did the Farmer's Market with Veronica and Max, I have a hair appointment in thirty minutes (lighter? shorter? maybe!), we have some bike riding planned for tonight, and then tomorrow we'll be at a block party downtown to benefit the Whiskey Row fires. Busy, busy. But it's a good kind of busy!

Tomorrow morning I'll be posting a recipe that Henry (and we) absolutely love, so keep your eyes peeled. Have a great Saturday!


Lemon basil pesto pasta. Yum.

An inspiring list of healthy foods on one of my favorite blogs.

A walkable roller coaster. Say what?!

I posted part one of my summer reading list yesterday. Be sure to add any picks from your list too!

My friend runs a shop selling adorable items for little ones. Check it out!

Congrats, grads! You don't know anything.

Anyone with a local Joe Fresh want to pick these babies up for me? And a million other things for Henry while you're at it?

A bunch of DIY inspiration. Really, really pretty inspiration.

Anyone throwing a party needs a glitter banner, right?

Scarlett Johansson on body image.

Phoenix, Arizona made soy candles? So awesome.

Why hello there, Greek Yogurt Cheesecake mini cupcakes!

Okay now this is awesome. The On The Way App finds places (really cools places) of interest "on your way," while driving on trips, vacations, etc.

I like this workout shirt DIY.  

Henry needs this fox!

I really, really love Melissa and her blog. It's such a source of sunshine for me.

New Year's Eve is far away, but this printable questionnaire for little ones is too cute.

How to be a Good Mother. Loved this essay.

How amazing is this bathing suit?!

I've been getting back into running, so Jen's running posts have been inspiring me!

Don't forget this month Sometimes Sweet readers get 20% off Five Bamboo apparel.

This black bean hummus recipe looks so good- and so easy to make!  And this chocolate chip walnut cookie recipe looks just as delicious and simple to prepare.

I love my partners this month- Anthacus ApparelThe Fortunate Plight,  and Vitality Magazine.

Here's a great blog post series on having a healthy pregnancy.

I'm such a sucker for a good wedding video.

A great article on releasing judgement.

And finally, two "old favorite" blogs I'm loving even more than usual right now: one and two.


  1. your weekend sounds great -- thanks for the links!

  2. Such a cute photo of you and your family! Such fun links too, thanks for sharing!

  3. I've barely been checking blogs lately (is it just me or does it take FOREVER to go through google reader?!)...but it's funny that the one afternoon I decided to take some sitting time I see your links post and that DIY workout shirt tutorial...I saw that very same thing here: a while back and I've been turning just about every old shirt into some sort of tank top, haha! I need to stop before I don't have any t-shirts left for the cooler weather! Love it! Also, we might head down to the Whiskey Row benefit tomorrow after my class, so maybe we'll see y'all there. ;)

  4. Thank you so much for featuring my DIY Workout Shirt! I am hooked on your blog. You have fabulous taste! Health & Happiness xo

  5. I am so making that workout shirt!! Thanks for sharing! I always enjoy your "links" posts!

  6. I love the Scarlett Johansson article. And I love the idea of On the Way - there's not much listed in the UK yet, but it's got so much potential.

  7. I really like the photo, you look so happy there (:

  8. Great links and beautiful photograph! Happy weekend to you, xo.

  9. "and remember that it's your privilege (i.e. parents) that got you here. Your responsibility as a privileged person is to not be a Republican." This made me lol :D have a great weekend :)

  10. Such great links this week! =) I need to try that tank top DIY, the graduation post is awesome, and the article on judgment really made me stop and think. :)

    Thanks for sharing, and thanks for including my recipe as well.

    Happy Sunday =)

  11. Thanks for sharing that Scarlett Johansson article. I bookmarked it for motivation on days when I am feeling particularly lazy ("I feel better when I take a little time to focus on staying active.") or when I just feel discouraged with my body.

  12. thanks so much danielle for sharing my pregnancy series! i love your blog. have a great week!

  13. Always impressed by your link ups. Thanks for sharing - I loved reading through!!