Thursday, June 14, 2012

Literate & Stylish: Missi from Messy Missi

The premise of Literate & Stylish is simple, and the post is short but sweet- every Thursday I'll be showcasing a lovely lady and her favorite book. She'll share a few pretty photos showing off her personal style, along with her book of choice, and tell us why she loves it. 

from Missi, of Messy Missi

The Contortionist's Handbookby Craig Clevenger

When asked to do this I got very excited.  Then I got to doing it and it was harder than I thought!  First, as an avid reader, I had to pick a favorite book which is like asking me to pick a favorite child.  Second, I am about the most awkward person ever in front of the camera.  Trying to take a picture of myself where I did not look like a wooden nutcracker soldier was a challenge.  And finally, since I have purchased my kindle and had a baby, many of the hard copies of my books have been donated.  I wanted to do a book that I actually had.

I ended up picking The Contortionist's Handbook.There are many things that make a book fantastic for me and this book has many of them.  It is set in Los Angeles, includes a medical aspect, and is a bit dirty.  The Contortionist's Handbook has a deceiving title but is still a great read.  Johnny or Paul or Daniel or whatever identity the protagonist has decided to take on to avoid being placed into a mental health facility after accidental overdoses, is a closet genius with a talent for forgery.  Much of the story is set during an interview with an evaluator in a hospital after another one of his overdoses.  As he carefully feeds his evaluator the correct answers to keep him from being held for additional time, you are invited into his lonely world of drugs and lies.  While keeping who he truly is a secret from the world, Johnny only chooses a select few to open up to about his past life.  This book caught me from the first page and I read it quickly.  It is not an emotional or dramatic novel.  It is just a good book.  It sucks you in, spits you out and you feel better for doing so.  I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation, Missi! I am definitely adding this to my summer reading list :)

  2. I haven't heard of this book until now, and it sounds like a really interesting read. Thanks for the recommendation! (and I totally know the feeling of trying to pick a "favorite" book - hardest thing ever!)

  3. this actually sounds very good!
    thanks for the recco

  4. That sounds amazing! I just put it on my list of "to reads!"

    Christen :>

  5. Love that her copy looks so well read! I am definitely adding this to my list! Thanks.


  6. I like this because I haven't heard of it. It's great hearing about new books :)

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  7. Oh I love this book! It's so well written, and I'm glad someone besides me has heard of it, read it, and enjoyed it! I usually recommend Celvenger to people who really like Chuck Palahniuk. Mostly because I think his writing style achieves what Palahniuk strives for, but often falls short of.

  8. This book sounds great! I am adding it to my must read list, thanks for sharing :)

  9. thanks for having me! xoxo, missi