Friday, June 8, 2012

Weekend Links/Madewell Event

swim class at the Y  Flashback Friday: exactly one year ago- Henry's first swimming class!

Happy Friday! This week has been so much fun. We had house guests for a few days and got to enjoy some delicious food with great company, and I'm still on cloud 9 from having so much hang out time. This weekend should be great too, full of family time and The Swellers show on Sunday.

I also wanted to take a moment and tell you guys how much we are loving our Mame candles. The girls sent Hank and I a couple to try out and we've really been enjoying them. Right now I have the Farmer's Market scent burning in our kitchen. They're soy candles, so they burn cleaner and last longer, which is always a plus. I am not usually a candle person but these scents are so, so great and don't smell "fake" at all- they're really lovely. And better yet, they are made locally in Arizona.

And speaking of Arizona, if you are in the valley, I'd love for you to stop by and say hello next Tuesday, at a little Madewell event I'm hosting at Scottsdale Fashion Square. I'm pretty flattered they would ask me to do something like this- I'm definitely not the most fashionable person out there, but I am looking forward to picking out some of my favorite looks and hopefully meeting some readers, too! There will be delicious sweets and really great clothes at a discount for any of you who want to shop, but I would really love to meet you either way! Let me know if you're planning on stopping by- I think it's going to be a really fun evening and I'm definitely looking forward to it.

I hope your week has been a good one too. xo


20 ways to give without expectation- so inspiring!

Tattoo Etiquette from a Tattooed Mom. Nicole rules, seriously.

Roasted Green Chile and Tomatillo Enchiladas. YUM.

These little girls are absolutely amazing. And so is the blog I found them on- Katy is one of my faves!

This bracelet is number one on my wishlist.

5 Ways College Accidentally Prepares You for the Real World.

I love this quote.

Pave Life is one of my new sponsors- they are a really awesome site with discounted tickets to events in the arts! I'll be doing a neat giveaway with them soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

Yay Sarah! I can't wait to watch these shows.

Have you ever tried cauliflower crust pizza? I sure haven't, but I'd love to! Thanks, Lesley!

Guess what? You can watch Marie Antoinette for free right now on Hulu

Come sail away.

I really enjoyed Brandy's post on Hot Yoga. It's literally changed my life these past two months so it was amazing to read about it from her point of view too. 

Isn't this inspiring? 

I love reading friends' Currently posts. Here's Jessica's! I love her blog- pop over and say hello.

This "It List" is great- loving those anchor flats.

The Forehead is the New Canvas. Hmm...

I love this "Letters" idea!

This recipe for spicy potato and black bean burritos looks so good.

A beautiful, raw, and honest post over on Sarah's blog.

Seek Adventure. I love this!

This summer salad looks perfect.

Discover some new blogs through my sponsors: Chocolate Milk & Mustard Seeds and Old Lady is Awake.

Some sales just for my readers: 15% off at Adventurer Vintage. Use code "SOMETIMESSWEET." Also check out Cake Spy to receive 15% using code "Sweet15."

And finally, some blogs I've been loving: one, two and three.


  1. Henry's first swimming lesson! He looks so wise in that shot! Loving the inspiration list xxx

  2. Thank you so much Danielle! I hope you have an amazing weekend! xx

  3. Have an amazing weekend! I found a few good blogs to follow from your list!! Thank you! ;o)

  4. Thanks for the Mame candle info. I am always looking for a new brand of soy candles to try. They definitely burn a lot nice than regular wax candles.

    Great links! :)

  5. I really like that letters idea :)
    Treasure Tromp 

  6. Thanks for linking/loving my blog :). Have a fun weekend!

  7. I love the generosity of your link lists. Always so much to explore and love. Thank you!

  8. I always devour your weekend links, especially your new blog recommendations! thanks for the entertainment :)

  9. I loved your links extra this week! And happy to find some new blogs to follow. Thanks!

  10. Wow! Those two little girls are amazing!

  11. I have been following your blog for over a year now and I absolutely adore it! Your weekend links are always so fun.

    Have a great weekend!

  12. I can't wait to check out all these links.

    Amanda Rose

  13. Sorry if this is a repeat question - but what kind of hot yoga do you do? Is it Bikram, or more like a heated vinyasa?

  14. Catching up on blog reads tonight and what a surprise! I love your weekend links lists and I'm so excited to be included in it this week!! Thanks lady! xo

  15. Love the links! And that is the cutest picture of your guys! I didn't know henry took swimming lessons when he was so young, I've been wanting to sign Judah up for them but am worried that he won't know how to hold his breath underwater, now I am going to look it up (to see if I can still sign him up) :-)

    I was telling Natalie I am so tempted to have our flight home stop by Arizona to see you all!