Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Big, Fat Post About Nothing

1st Day of Summer my two favorite guys

Hello and good morning! I don't really have anything special to blog about today, which is kind of weird, but maybe that's pretty special all on its own. I was reading back in my Livejournal last night as I was writing a post about it, and I realized how much I missed this. Just writing about nothing in particular, really. As much as I love posts with some sort of deeper meaning, wordy posts that kind of paint a picture in your mind, sometimes I also really love a big, fat post about a whole lot of nothing.

So right now I'm sitting here at my parents', waiting for Henry to wake up from his nap so my Mom, H. and I can go shopping for a bit. It's so hot down here in Phoenix that there isn't much else to do. Even the pool is too hot mid-day! Henry had a rough night of sleep last night. He's typically a great sleeper, but last night was one of those nights where he just did not want to stay in his crib. My parents actually have a room for Henry here, complete with the same crib we have at our house, so sleeping over is no big deal. But last night he would not stop crying and couldn't calm down (you know that cry where they can't even catch their breath? So sad.) so he slept with me in the other guest room. As much as I love sleeping cuddled up next to him, every time I let him sleep with us I stress that I'm backtracking his great sleeping-on-his-own habits.  But anyway, he started rubbing his eyes and acting really tired around 7:30 this morning (we woke up at 4:45, yikes!) so I put him down in the crib for a nap. And now it's almost 9am and he's still asleep.

Hmm, what else? I leave for NYC next week, which is really exciting, although I started to kind of freak myself out yesterday thinking about being away from Henry for four whole days. I've done two before, but never this long, and I'm a little worried I'll be sad most of the trip. At the same time though I'm also beyond excited to spend time with Emily, and have a few days of solid friend time. We have so many fun things planned- Em is a total health nut like me so she'll be taking me to tons of different fitness classes around the city, and since she's vegan I'll get to visit some of my fave NY spots and enjoy lots of healthy food. Yay!

I'm down here in Phoenix for Natalie's birthday celebration that is taking place tonight. We're doing dinner at AZ88 later this evening and I'm excited to finally try it, and to celebrate one of my favorite girlfriends. Natalie and I have know each other forever, been friends with so many of the same people, but it hasn't been until very recently that we've really become close friends. It's weird isn't it, to know someone for such a long time but never really know them? I am always so slow to really let people in, which I think is a good thing, but it's funny to me to think that we could have been having this much fun all along!

Some other things going on in my world: on the hunt for new running shoes (loving all the new, neon Nikes), so excited for Hank to go on a little tour next week, freaking out over hearing my sister's baby's heartbeat- I still can't believe she's pregnant!, absolutely loving my lighter hair and excited to go even lighter this Saturday, having the WORST DAY EVER...followed by the best day, and feeling thankful for both because in my wise, old ways (ha!) I know you can't have one without the other.


  1. I'm in the exact same mood today. After five days without being able to blog and feeling like I wasn't keeping up, I am only in the mood to ramble about how insane those days without it were. Ps... new to your blog but just loving it! xo --Sara

  2. It's way too hot for anything here right now. It drives me crazy. The girls and I hit the pool in the morning and I try and think of as many indoor activitiea as possible. It's nuts.

    My C has been having trouble sleeping lately too. Two nights ago she woke up at midnight screaming and wouldn't stop... finally she wore herself out and slept. Last night she woke up at 3am and wanted to play... lol. I don't know what her deal is.

    Sorry, I ramble.

    I hope you have lots of fun the rest of the week!!!

  3. I'm leaving for NYC in a month! I can't wait to hear about all the healthy places to eat that you go to, so I will have some ideas. Great post :)

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  4. I had a night like that with my daughter last night.. she was up screaming and making herself have the no noise/breathing cry :( I couldn't make her sit through it and just cry it out and though I always feel like I'm backtracking, since she loves sleeping with us so much, but she always seems to transition back easily enough at least! Hope Henry sleeps better tonight <3 Have a good day and an amazing trip to NY xxxooo -Brea

  5. Aw say Happy Birthday to Natalie for me!

    We pulled Judah into bed with us last night, Scott took today off (because he has been working so much lately that he has a ton of overtime and wanted to spend a random day at home with us) so last night we looked at each other and I said "Judah is going to be this little for a little while longer" and he knew what I was thinking and said "lets bring him to bed with us!" now we normally don't sleep well at all with him in the bed with us because he tosses and turns or snuggles up to us so close that I feel like Im sometimes suffocating, but its nice to have him around. I know the future Jess will one day miss these sleepless nights of just smelling my sweet boys hair :-) also when we do bring him to bed with us it doesn't mess up his sleeping schedule :-) each child is different though.

    Have fun in New York!!! Sounds like your going to have the perfect four days!
    Hope you guys get to stay cool today and your able to find some cute things while your out shopping

  6. Funny- I agree there is a pressure to always think up "something" to post about, especially in your case with such a successful blog. My husband always tells me it's just a journal and if nothing is on my mind to skip it or just write about nothing... It is fun to hear your random musings too :)


  7. I enjoy reading whatever you choose to share, even in this case "nothing". Have fun in New York!

  8. I love reading your rambling posts!

  9. Haha I really enjoyed this post!
    First of all : The neon nikes? Go for it ! They are awesome! :D
    Secondly I really hope you enjoy your trip to New York !! I can imagine it must be hard leaving Henry alone for four whole days! But he will be very happy to see his mom again and I'm sure he'll be in safe hands while you are away! Also Happy birthday to Nathalie and I'm curious to see your new haircolor!
    I really really enjoy reading your blog!! Thank you!
    Love, Saar

  10. Just about Nothing great !

    Xxx Sharmayne

  11. Haha I enjoyed the 'about nothing'. Maybe I'm too nosy! Enjoy NYC x

  12. Loved this post. Such a fun read. I also love your blog!

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  14. hi danielle! i've been a long time reader of your blog and i finally thought i'd say hello! what caught my attention tonight was your comment about running shoes .. i am a runner and i have to recommend ASICS to you (2100 series). nikes look great, but as far as support and overall performance i have had the best experience with ASICS over other brands. for someone like me who gets knee pain pretty easily i value a good quality shoe. of course, different people prefer different things but i just thought i'd throw my two cents in :) good luck in your search!

  15. aww Livejournal! I miss those days! I wonder if I can still get into mine...I sometimes forget how long I've been blogging.

    IF you do visit some good vegan restaurants would you mind sharing them? I live in NYC and I'm still not too well acquainted with the vegan scene. It'd be great to find out about some new spots. <3