Thursday, July 26, 2012

NY, I Love You.

The story of the past week starts out almost 10 years ago, when I met one of my most favorite people in the entire world, Emily. I was 21 and freshly graduated from college, and newly living back down in the Valley with Autumn and Shirley. It was an amazing summer full of going out and being young, and enjoying the "in-between," those months wedged right between receiving my degree and figuring out what I wanted to do with my life.

Emily and I met through friends, and after exchanging many messages over Myspace I went with one of those long-time mutual friends to her house. It was serious friend-love-at-first-sight and we clicked into inseparable mode immediately, spending every waking moment together that summer running around Phoenix, going to shows, baking vegan treats and being silly as only two young girls can be with little to no responsibility in their lives. I was assistant managing the Aveda store at Fashion Square then, so I was enjoying the easy life of summertime retail hours, and we would stay up late every night giggling and talking to boys on AIM and just enjoying each others' company. It was amazing.

But the next year came and I met Hank, and she had things going on, and life took over. We drifted. But I thought of her all the time and missed her more than anything. And so as fate would have it we reconnected and realized that nothing had changed at all. We were still those same girls, and our friendship was still there. Over the next seven years we'd work hard to get back to where we were, and now looking back I am so grateful that we didn't give up. I feel lucky to have so many amazing memories with Em over the past decade and feel so fortunate we are always making more.

Emily is one of those people that lights up a room when she walks in. She's beyond positive, never speaks an ill word about anyone, and she inspires me in every sense of the word. She's truly a soul-mate sister of mine and whenever we're together a part of my heart feels whole again. I'm so grateful for our friendship.

And so this past week I spent five days in New York with Em, at her and her wonderful husband Jesse's place in Brooklyn. I'd visited her in NYC numerous times but this was by far my most favorite trip yet! One of the best things about visiting Em is that she is just as health-conscious and fitness-oriented as I am, so any time I am with her we make time for working out and eat mainly healthy with a few treats here and there. I love that I always go home feeling better than when I arrived, and it's just so neat we're always on the same page.

So I left on Friday morning pretty early, after having an extra-long goodbye with little Henry (I cried, he was like "BYE MAMA!" and all smiles, of course! haha). I flew on a direct flight and headed straight over to Em's, and got there around 8pm. Our original plan was to stay in and catch up, but some of our friends had some celebrating to do, so we decided to head out for the night.  We ended up having SO much fun, and it was great to toast to our friends' success and run around Brooklyn for awhile. We ended the night in Chinatown at a karaoke bar singing Barbie Girl at 3am, so I think it's safe to say night #1 was a success.

The next morning we woke up and walked over the Williamsburg Bridge and into the city to take a class at Physique 57. It was awesome and I worked so many little muscles I didn't even know I had. We ate lunch at one of my favorite spots, Souen, then walked around some more before headed back to get ready for the night. That night (Saturday) we were celebrating Emily leaving her job and starting on a brand new adventure, so a whole bunch of friends got together and we ate dinner at Taco Chulo. We spent the rest of the night sitting around and talking, and it was a really wonderful evening.

Sunday morning was Coney Island day so Ashley, Whitney, Emily, Jesse and I took the train out to Coney and spend the day on the beach and riding rides. I surprised myself and actually rode The Cyclone. Let me tell you, it was horrible. I'm glad I did it - I mean, when else will I be able to ride an 85 year old rollercoaster?- but it felt like being in 10 car accidents, all in a row. Ouch! After Coney we were so exhausted so we grabbed some Mediterranean food and went to bed a little early.

Monday Emily, Ashley and I headed down to the Jersey Shore. It was amazing. It took us hours to get out of the city in our rental car but it was still great to just sit and talk. We were stuck behind a truck with a huge ad for rice on the back, so if you're curious about any details regarding a 10lb. bag of Basmati rice I'm your girl! NJ was awesome though- one of my favorite place in the world- and the rain waited until we were on our way home thankfully!

Tuesday was my last full day and it was a jampacked one- Central Park, a delicious lunch at Le Pain Quotidien, some shopping at Lululemon and ending the afternoon CrossFitting at Black Box NYC. We did Fran and for those who are familiar with was brutal. We walked out of there so happy we did it though and ready for my last night in town! We ran home, got ready, and went out to Roberta's to meet friends for pizza and to soak up the last bits of hang out time. It was a perfect night and a perfect end to this trip.

The past week was awesome. I missed Hank and Henry like crazy of course, but it was also so amazing to be able to have this time to myself and recharge. I'm thankful for it, and so grateful for Emily and Jesse and all of my favorite NY people who made my visit that much more special. My heart is so happy.

Here are some photos from my trip. I decided not to take my big camera around so I could soak up "living it" more than documenting it, but I did try and take 5 or 6 photos with my phone everyday. Here they are, all in one place! Enjoy.

Waiting for my flight. See you soon NYC! Already missing my boys so much but excited to see @smellmilly and ready for a great weekend! ✈ Tonight. @roary_ @lukelanter @capturethisnyc @austin_calhoon Our night in a nutshell. I love @smellmilly! Pre-5 miles! Let's do this.  @smellmilly So excited to finally try a class here! @smellmilly One of my favorite spots. So good!  @smellmilly @jesse_lindmar That's a big burrito. Love! @smellmilly and Megan. @ashleysblack is such a beauty! Headed to Coney! @youngjohnkimble Happy! @smellmilly @jesse_lindmar @ashleysblack @youngjohnkimble Beaching it. Loving these high-waisted bottoms! It felt like being in 10 car accidents, all in a row. Untitled Good morning to me! Peanut butter/banana oatmeal with chia seeds. Delicious. Jersey shore bound! @smellmilly @ashleysblack My favorite! @mrslaurengrant @kathy489 @hank3 About to go on a spinny ride that would make me throw up. So instead I shall be the Mom on the bench, holding everyone's belongings! @smellmilly @ashleysblack ❤ @smellmilly @ashleysblack's first time having Rita's! Today was so wonderful. Still regretting not getting an airbrushed tee but there will always be next time. NJ, I love you! Vegan donuts and ice cream. They even do donut sundaes. @smellmilly approved! I could eat a salad every day of my life and be happy! This one was especially delicious. Central Park. Before my first encounter with Fran. #crossfit Ok so this place was awesome! Vegan, gluten-free. All sorts of amazing! Last night in NYC. Love these people. @ashleysblack @jesse_lindmar @roary_ @smellmilly @austin_calhoon Sweetest @roary_. Follow him. Love this photo @ashleysblack took last night. Already missing NY! @smellmilly @jesse_lindmar @roary_ @austin_calhoon Good morning! Waiting for my car to take me to the airport- loving the view of the Empire State building from Em and Jesse's.

at the airport, waiting for my flight // celebrating these wonderful guys // our night in a nutshell // pre-5 miles // so excited to finally try a class here // lunch at Souen- vegan and macrobiotic // Em and Jesse // a HUGE burrito // old friends are the best friends // babely Ashley // Coney-bound! // the hat club // Cyclone time // beaching it on Coney // Wonder Wheel // banana and peanut butter oatmeal with Chia seeds // Jersey Shore bound // my favorite // Ashley and Em about to rollercoaster it up // Mighty Mouse! // their very first Rita's // photobooth fun // love NJ so much // Dunn-Well Donuts. Vegan. Delicious! // one of the best salads I've ever had // Central Park // Black Box NYC CrossFit. Pre-class // delicious vegan ice cream from Soft Serve Fruit Co.- just fruit and water with a bit of agave // Roberta's with my favorites // sweet Rory // end of my last night- love these people // last view of the Empire State Building from Em's window in Brooklyn before I left Wednesday morning


  1. Wow...looks and sounds like you had a great weekend! I totally need to make a NYC trip soon! Glad you had a blast! :)

  2. Looks like you had an amazing time! I really enjoyed reading your Tweets at they popped up, too. I love New York City with all of my heart. Even if it does smell like pee, sometimes.

    I'm cat-sitting in a lovely apartment a block away from Central Park for an entire week. Can't wait to live it up rent free!

  3. Looks like you had an amazing time, I've just come back from a trip to NYC and can't wait to go back again! Love your sunglasses, too. x

  4. Danielle,

    I would like to thank you for your blog. I'm a french mum and every time,I take a great pleasure to read your posts ! It's a real good time and a good way to better know the USA and lovely people like you. Your post on your week in NY was amazing. Thank you and have a good summer !

  5. lol 'maybe a drink will make you pretty'! thats so funny.

    great pics! you look so pretty :)


  6. I like your story `cause everything you told looks my present feeling. Now I am 21, freshly graduated, preparing for master`s program in the university and have fun from life spent it with my girlfriends. One and a half year I was in the close relationship, and hope that man is for me. But Destiny, unfortunately, think in other way. Thats why this summer I spend with close friends, especially. two of them - Iren and Mary. Hope, that like in you story the next year we will meet our husbands, boyfriends but our friendship will still be strong!

  7. Oh I really like all the photos!
    And I love your lace dress!
    The color is really cool!
    I live in Belgium but I hope to be able to maybe go to New York city one day too! Thank you for all of your lovely posts during summer (and the rest of the year) !!
    Lots of love from Belgium!

  8. Ah Coney Island. Haven't been in forever. So it's not totally bulldozed.

    I once peed myself on the Cyclone. A little bit.

  9. After I rode the Cyclone for the first time, I vowed that would be my last. Did you like it?

  10. I'm going to New York the second week of August and seeing these photos have made me even more impatient!!

    I'm glad you had such a lovely time.

  11. Please. I need that bathing suit!

    P.S. Amazing post. I love NY!

  12. It was lovely having you visit the studio. We hope to see you back at the barre soon!


    The Physique 57 Team

  13. Aw this looks so fun! I'm a little jealous you got to take a Physique 57 class! I used to be a dancer and dance teacher so I've been wanting to take one of their classes since the day I first about them!

  14. I'm glad you had such an amazing trip! This makes me want to visit New York even more now (I've never been there!)

  15. Looks like so much fun!! What did you get at Lulu?

  16. That pink dress is just the cutest! There are a few places that you mentioned that I'm excited to try when I go to the beautiful NYC in a little over a week. Love the photos, and I really hope to find a friend like the one you were talking about. One day :) Have a great weekend!

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  17. I just got back from a NYC trip as well. Def fell in love with Brooklyn and Coney Island. Good eats is all I can say!

  18. Glad to hear you had a great trip! I'm going to NY too this fall, I'm looking so much forward to it! P.S. fun to read about your karaoke time with Barbie Girl - it's made by a Danish band, not really my taste though, but fun for karaoke :-)

  19. Looks like you had a great time! I love NYC, but have never really explored Brooklyn, which I would love to one day! Seeing how much fun you have all the time really inspires me, it seems having a baby doesn't stop you from continuing the traveling/girls trips, who watches Henry while you are gone? I know how much work my 18 month old is, ie energy you need to keep up with him, so I always feel guilty for leaving my parents/husband more than a night...but after reading this post maybe I should :)

  20. Aw, I love seeing posts about NYC; they always remind me of how many things I haven't yet seen or done even though I've lived so close all my life. I seriously salute you for riding the Cyclone - I've wanted to forever but just can't muster the cahones to do it!

  21. Your trip sounds awesome, I love friends like that too. Also, that is such a cute bathing suit!

  22. #1) The second to last picture TOTALLY reminds me of a 90s sitcom cover shot, awesome. #2) Talking to boys on AIM was pretty much the greatest thing ever. #3) Direct flights are awesome

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