Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weekend Links

Dino dudes! @autumnloop  
Henry and Carter! This photo captures Henry's personality to a tee. 

Here are some links to enjoy on this wonderful Sunday. I'll be back with a "Currently" post to start this next week of blogging. I'm excited to get back into the swing of things as this whirlwind summer winds on down. I feel like I have so much to share! I am going to be focusing more on our everyday - something I don't share enough of here, at least in my opinion! I'm excited.


If you read one thing on this list, read this article about creating even in the face of criticism. I loved it.

Halloween is a little over 2 months away.

Now I am actually not a fan of Trader Joe's Cookie Butter (crazy, right?) but I'm sure many of you are. Check out this Cookie Butter Cookie recipe.

My pal Jenny is a hairstylist and has recently started a blog where she shares tips, tricks, and some awesome tutorials.

Stop by and say hi to Caitlin and Jess! Both of their blogs are really different but hold one similarity- they are super honest and share a great little slice of their lives.

On raising a powerful girl. Thanks for the link Christine!

And...on raising successful children. Thoughts?

Loving: this bag, this dress, this top, and this blog.

Okay, I am officially missing the lake with this post.

How great do these meals look? Inspiring.

Loving this hair tutorial.

10 images of inspiration: meet me by the water.

Little bits of everyday.

Vegan no bake peppermint patty bars. These look awesome.

Avocado cucumber soup. Simple and healthy.

Henry the flying baby!

Jigsaw is having a huge sale. Check 'em out - they're a wonderful sponsor of mine. And speaking of sponsors, pop on over and say hi to Mame and The Sunglasses Shop too!

Blogs I'm loving right now: one and two, and my favorite YouTube channel too.


  1. I am so excited that Halloween is only a few months away!!!! :) eek!

  2. Thanks for the link, pretty lady! Very sweet of you. :)

    Great list as always!

  3. I just love your weekend links always! thanks for sharing!

  4. Ok now I'm obsessed with that youtube channel. Also that girl looks a lot like you, Danielle!

    Her voice is so fun to listen to. Is that weird? lol

  5. I am always looking forward to your weekend list! Everything is always interesting!!! Thanks so much for sharing! And by the way, I really enjoy reading your blog! You are a great writer, Danielle! :-)

    Have a lovely day!


  6. That is such a good parenting article. I definitely agree with the idea of balance between autonomy and parental instruction/motivation. The image of hanging back while watching your toddler walk/climb is spot-on. We just taught our 20 month old to swim, and it was the same thing. We allowed her to kick and struggle underwater a bit, (reasonably, of course), and we allowed her to feel a bit of fear, but we were calm, relaxed, encouraging, and present. And soon enough, it became fun.

    Parental authority/motivation has to come from a sincere place of wanting your children to be their best selves, to be fulfilled for themselves, in their own lives, rather than from a lack of personal (adult) contentment. We cannot be affirmed or fulfilled by our kids, not in that way. I think we also need to define success, strike that balance between a total cultural definition and giving room for that subjective success that all people need to be happy and authentic.

    Thanks for the links, for maintaining such an uplifting, interesting space on the web. Enjoy your beautiful family!

  7. That jux site looks really interesting to me. Maybe I'll have to make one. Lovely links as always!

  8. EEEk Halloween! Your son is so adorable.

    Amanda Rose

  9. Love the hair tutorials on Jenny's blog, thanks for the link! :)

  10. Oh man, I had so many thoughts on that NY Times article. I'm 5 months pregnant with my first kid, so this sort of stuff has been starting to weigh on me recently. That article just reinforced this notion I've had that being a parent doesn't mean you have to do so much parenting. It comes naturally and I just need to sort of let things happen as they may, with the right amount of support. Let's see how it works out though ;)

  11. Love the Halloween link!! Such great diy projects... I can't believe it's so close. It seems like just yesterday I was buying my unborn son a costume on the day-after-Halloween sale. Time really does fly after having a baby!!


  12. Just came across your blog and wanted to tell you that I love it. You have such a darling little family. Little boys are the best! :)

  13. So cool ! I Really love the hairstyle! :D
    Also I really like the smile and wave blog, the cucumber recipe AND Zoe. I've been following her for like 2 years or so and she's amazing! She has a lovely style and I think she's really funny! Thank you so much for the tips!!

    Love, Saar

  14. Thanks for the awesome links again Danielle! I loved the powerful girl article. It was excellent. Seems I'm doing things right with my girl! I tell her often how brave she is. I give her positive messages all the time and hence the reason why I named my website what I did. So she'll always be reminded to be gutsy : ) She doesn't find worms icky at all and how timely to read this post now, 2 days after my daughter showed me a worm which was struggling to dig into the dry earth under her swingset. I took her and her trowel down the backyard, worm in hand and we dug it a nice hole in some soft earth. As for white dresses, I learned my lesson there. She is so hard on her clothes - wears the knees out of just about everything!

  15. Wow I am just reading this (my morning blog catch up)
    Im honored your mentioned my blog!
    thank you sweet friend

  16. Thanks for the love Danielle!! I really appreciate you mentioning my hair blog. Hope you are having a fantastic day!! xo

  17. I am loving that Youtube channel you mentioned! You two pretty ladies could almost be twins! :)

    I am also SO ready for Fall and Halloween. It's my favorite time of year!

  18. hi Danielle! Glad you liked the post about raising powefull girls and shared it for your other readers :) Take care!!

  19. I'm obsessed with YouTube videos with hair tutorials. The ones I always find are from 12 year olds. Why can little girls do their hair and makeup so much better than me?? What happened to the awkward years that we had to go through?!

  20. Beauty videos are such a rabbit hole of awesomeness.....a while back i was looking up those Revlon Lip Butters and I swear HOURS later realized I had been watching hair tutorials and eye tutorials and lip reviews ahhhh! haha. Your "Meet me by the water" Lake Love made me smile. We were just at my parents lakehouse with Wolfie (you prob saw all the instagram pix) and it was just SOOO relaxing and fun and made me want to pack it up and move away from the big city!!! xoxo